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I was just lurking a bit online, reading people's journals. And wow, lotta complaining going on out there. I don't know if some people are just naturally miserable, or if things really are that bad out there and everything is constantly overwhelming?

At any rate, I did come across this today, which is worth keeping in mind.

Despite things being stressful and depressing at home, I'm trying to stay positive and direct my energy into things that I can control and that make me happy. I cannot control how other people feel. I can work on projects that bring me some happiness. I cannot change my living situation right now. I can plan events and work on costumes.

I was thinking about the idea of choosing to be happy earlier today, after [personal profile] malterre posted an article on Facebook where a fellow from Ireland said that one of the things he doesn’t like about America is that we smile too much. America – I have the opposite complaint for you. You guys smile way too much. It's annoying! How can you tell when someone means it?

When people smile in Europe it means something. For example, because Germans don't go around looking like an American toothpaste commercial when I was with them and they smiled, it lit up the room – you know it's genuine and you can't help but smile back, because you are genuinely happy. You've shared a joke, or a funny story or you are in love etc.

While I get his point, I’m not about to stop smiling. It makes ME happy to smile. I want to smile too much. I don’t want to be the old lady with permanent frown lines, who complains about every little thing. I want to focus on the little joys in my life, not collect my small woes and daily grievances and hold them to my breast, as if they were precious things worth holding onto. I'd much rather hang onto the beautiful little things that happen in my life, bunnies and rainbows and a child's smile.

Five Little Things - Tuesday

Jun. 27th, 2017 09:08 pm
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1. Crazy thunderstorms today. I love wild weather. We had heavy rains, and eventually hail. Very loud on the flat roof at the office.
2. Instant messaging with a friend I don’t get to see very often.
3. Rainbow on the way home!
4. Leftover chicken pies from faire. Yay for not having to cook.
5. Feeling contented.

(no subject)

Jun. 28th, 2017 03:57 pm
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I’m in the midst of reading Blood Sisters: The Women Behind the War of the Roses by Sarah Gristwood. There are too many Margarets and Elizabeths (a plethora!). I am grateful for Cecily of the Yorkists because I can at least keep track of her.

Anyway Richard III has just been killed and the Tudors are just getting started. I’m thinking of watching The Hollow Crown again while everybody is still fresh in my mind.

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Jun. 28th, 2017 03:44 pm
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NAME: Kimi
AGE: 28
INTERESTS & HOBBIES: Writing, Loki/Tom Hiddleston, Pokemon, disability rights, swimming, Harley Quinn, cartoons, kid stuff, Disney Junior, cold weather and more.
LOOKING FOR: Nothing special, tbh. I'm not going to be really picky as long as people are willing to read my thoughts and such. I'm basically just looking for some new friends and what not.
ANYTHING ELSE?: My journal is going to be based around my life, but it will also have disability and mental heath talk as well. It will also be a place for me to vent my thoughts too. Also, make sure you let me know when you add me because random adders tend to make me nervous. D:

(no subject)

Jun. 28th, 2017 03:14 pm
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Name: Mer/waketosleep
Age: 31
Country: Canada
Subscription/Access Policy: Subscribe away; I subscribe back if I'm paying attention. I grant access sparingly but my locked posts aren't super common, and are more detailed/specific personal life stuff that I don't want to end up in google results.

Main Fandoms: Star Trek Reboot (at least historically), GenKill, Star Wars, Marvel
Other Fandoms: I randomly touch down in different TV/video game fandoms, and I consistently lurk fics on some pairings but don't post about them.
Fannish Interests: I write.
OTPs and Ships: Kirk/Spock, Brad/Nate (GenKill), Darcy/Hawkeye, Steve/Bucky, random ships that I seize on when they catch my eye. American Gods is starting to have me shipping Laura/Mad Sweeney. *facepalm*

Favourite Movies: Alien series, Terminator series, Looper, Mad Max series, 28 Days Later, most of Melissa McCarthy's movies, the Bourne trilogy, North by Northwest, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Casablanca, The Good the Bad and the Ugly, American Psycho, the True Grit remake...
TV Shows: Fringe, Oz, Parks and Rec, B99, GenKill, Chewing Gum, Slings & Arrows, Arrested Development, American Gods, Man in the High Castle, Venture Bros, Bojack Horseman, The Middleman, Fargo... I love TV
Books: Jasper Fforde's books, Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister (Gregory Maguire), Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, the Discworld books about Death or Moist von Lipwig, Downbelow Station (CJ Cherryh), A Lion Among Men (Gregory Maguire), Bridget Jones' Diary
Music: Foo Fighters, grunge, new wave, Missy Elliott, MIA, The National, Heartless Bastards, The Heavy, Sloan, Blood Red Shoes, CAKE, k-os, Garbage, Florence & the Machine, Lauryn Hill
Games: Mass Effect, Uncharted, Borderlands, Assassin's Creed (shut up), Fallout: New Vegas, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, Minesweeper. I just finished Persona 5.
Comics/Anime/Misc: I got pretty into some of those primo storylines in Marvel Now but I haven't had time to read comics in ages so there's a stack of unread issues of Ms. Marvel etc. I did make time to read the first stretch of Ryan North's Squirrel Girl, though. I also try to keep up with the WicDiv and Sex Criminals trades.

Other Info: I've been on DW for years but quit posting when Tumblr killed journaling. I want to get back into it if it has a heartbeat again. Expect AO3 shares of new fic I write and random posts about whatever media I'm watching, with less frequent, slightly more personal posts about things like life updates/craft projects/complaining about law school and law students and the law (I'm heading into 2L). Some of those I lock, depending on their content. I'm also open to discussing my adventures with ADHD.

I picked some tags for things I enjoy that you should feel welcome to talk to me about!
ETA and then I went through the post and added bold tags so you can read it!

Back to Basics

Jun. 28th, 2017 04:45 pm
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I had stopped my shodo lessons while I was doing physical rehab since my right side and shoulder were in a lot of pain. I called earlier this week to make sure it was okay (although I had let the teacher know why I would be out for awhile). He was pleased to see me back. However, I've slacked off and it really shows, so he decided to have me review the basic strokes. Over the next week, I'm supposed to look at each (there are 27 in this system) and see how they can be broken into three actions, then three more actions (which may be a bit hard with some of them like the dots, LOL).

It's frustrating to step back like this, but it needs to be done. I've picked up some bad habits and cheats, which cannot continue. You can cheat a bit, but when you get to something like sosho (cursive) script, the earlier cheats will come back to bite you in the butt.

The old teacher who was coordinating the Nihon Shuji classes out of New York City seems to have retired, as has the one from Colorado that my teacher first studied with). I've contacted another NY school that has a distance program that seems to be the Nihon Shuji one. We'll see what comes of that. If I don't hear back from them, there is a school in San Jose that does the Nihon Shuji distance program, and I will check to see if I can work with them. My teacher has covered a lot of things with me, but he likes working with the Nihon Shuji structure.

(They asked him if he wanted to open an official school a few years back, but circumstances made it difficult for him. He helps with a martial arts school and the calligraphy is a sideline. I'm unusual in that I'm not interested that much in the martial arts side of things.)

My brush that has served me well these past two years is about to give up the ghost. Brushes can and do wear out, especially with awkward beginners who press too hard and twist the fibers! I'm hoping I can establish a connection back with Nihon Shuji because the supplies are reasonably-priced. Things on Ebay are marked up a considerable amount.

Trying not to nap--my sleep schedule is messed up again!


Jun. 28th, 2017 04:03 pm
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I'd like you to take a moment with me to appreciate the absolute insanity of the person that embroidered this extant coat.


This person actually took the time to weave that lattice. A regular lattice is basically just a pair of grids laid on top of each other with the corners couched down. This marvelously insane person actually wove each layer of threads with the next to create the lattice, no couching. On a 1/4" lattice.

Crazy. Awesome.

Reading Wednesday

Jun. 28th, 2017 02:50 pm
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I'm finally caught up on book reviews, so I can go back to regular Reading Wednesday entries, more or less.

What I've Read:

How to Paint Light - Gabriel Martín i Roig. Exactly what it says in the title, this is a short (ninety-five pages or so) book of techniques for painting light and shadow, with exercises from photographs and from famous painters' styles. I found it fairly useful, though I haven't tried any of the exercises yet. I was slightly offput by the dearth of realistic styles in the technique, mostly because a lot of it was interesting theoretically but not the kind of thing I would want to use, but I think it was still useful to read about techniques I'm only likely to try out in the course of experimentation. Also, of course the book is targeted to physical painting, not graphics, and I hadn't quite realized until this how much the ability to paint on different rearrangeable layers changes how you specifically handle light. So, interesting, useful to anyone who also wants to work on painting light, I wouldn't call it perfectly useful if you're only curious.

Clockwork Phoenix: tales of beauty and strangeness – Ed. Mike Allen. Reread of a book I haven't read since high school and only vaguely remembered. My impression this time is similar to my first; this is an extremely mixed bag like most anthologies, but the highs are particularly high and the lows particularly low. The focus is on a particular genre that I don't think I'm aware of a term for, which I might call a sort of hybrid between magical realism techniques – blase world description without a lot of explanation or explicit worldbuilding, surreal, almost dream-like logic in portions – with an underlying cynicism and often worldbuilding details out of cyberpunk.

So for instance one of the better stories, “Bell, Book and Candle,” by Leah Bobet, concerns anthropomorphized instruments of the Spanish Inquisition in the form of near humans, living in an ambiguously timed magical, sentient and fluctuating city that might or might not actually be in Puerto Rico; they have grown and gone on to become new people in the time since the Inquisition's destruction, and when they are called again discover they're now horrified by something they never thought remarkable before. Another story, “Mask of Flesh,” by Marie Brennan, deals with a fantasy version of a Mesoamerican city, with castes made up of different animal people; the protagonist is a member of a persecuted shapeshifter people, going in the guise of a low caste woman to seek a petition from the lord of the city for vengeance.

One of the major strengths is that many of the stories deal with cultural material not frequently found in fantasy novels, and several deal with gender diversity and sexuality. On the other hand, a lot of them are brutally if surrealistically violent, in ways both appropriate to the story and not, depending. (In particular “Akhila, Divided” contained a rape scene that was in my opinion totally gratuitous and there solely for shock value.) My favorites were the two stories I synopsized above, “The City of Blind Delight,” by Catherynne Valente, and “Root and Vein” by Erin Hoffman. My least favorites were “The Occulation,” by Laird Barron, “Choosers of the Slain,” by John C. Wright, and “Akhila, Divided” by C. S. MacCath,

What I'm Reading Now:

I started Ninefox Gambit by Yoon Ha Lee last week but haven't gotten very far; so far I'm intrigued by the worldbuilding and kind of bored by the slogging on screen violence, but I've only read one chapter.

What I'm Reading Next:

I've had Six Days of War by Michael Oren on my bedroom floor for nearly a year now, so I should probably read it and get it back to the library.

(no subject)

Jun. 28th, 2017 12:33 pm
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I'm having less allergy trouble today, but I slept very, very badly last night. I kept choking on post nasal drip, and my sinuses ached pretty horribly. I hope that Scott slept better than I did, but I don't know for sure. I didn't even try the c-PAP. I'm hoping that I can get back to that tonight.

I have to take Cordelia out to Domino Farms for a doctor's appointment. That means taking a cab, and given construction, I'm wondering if I ought to allow more time for the trip. Then again, maybe the cabbie will be sensible and get around that bit by taking 14 to 23 to Plymouth Rd instead of Plymouth Rd straight through. It wouldn't normally be faster, but right now, I think it is, especially in the middle of the day when the highway isn't backed up.

Scott will likely be able to pick us up after the appointment. He has PT at 5:00, so he's not likely to work late.

The appointment is the only thing we absolutely have to do today. We might have people over this evening for either Scott's Firefly game or board games, but I'm worried that I won't be up to it. I'm not sure if Scott would want to run without me. I feel bad because it's been a while since we got together, but I really do feel like crap.

I very much want to do some writing. I posted my Not Prime Time story yesterday, but I have something else, a treat for a different exchange, almost done. I also need to start two other stories for something else entirely.

Scott took Cordelia to Traverwood yesterday to renew her library card. The timing was bad, so the road he'd normally take was backed up for about three blocks from the four way stop sign at the bottom of the hill. He tried another route only to discover that that road doesn't currently go through, due to construction. Cordelia knew that but didn't understand what he was trying to do, so they got all the way out there and then had to come all the way back. I had wondered why I had time to shower and then sit around for another half an hour while they were gone, and that all explains it.

Scott is going to be working Saturday. His company wants full production then in the hope that they'll be able to give everyone Sunday through Tuesday off. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because three days would be really, really nice. Also, given that he took Monday off this week, Saturday only makes a five day work week for him as opposed to a six day.

Okay, half an hour to come up with food for me and Cordelia and get everything ready to go...

Trying to Stay Positive

Jun. 28th, 2017 09:31 am
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Despite things being stressful and depressing at home, I'm trying to stay positive and direct my energy into things that I can control and that make me happy. I cannot control how other people feel. I can work on projects that bring me some happiness. I cannot change my living situation right now. I can plan events and work on costumes.

So, that's what I've been trying to do. I took the blue stays out of storage and started working on them again. I've managed to finish the boning channels, and I've made a list of all the boning I need to order, so with my next paycheck (if I don't have to buy a car), I can order the boning I need to finish it up. I used the same fabric that I used on these shoes, and I'm trying to decide what accent color to use for the binding and trim. I'm thinking a rose pink, but I haven't quite decided.

I'm going to start bringing some hand-sewing to work with me so I have something to do in my down time. Most days, I have everything completely wrapped up by 10AM, which leaves me with a LOT of time where I'm sitting and staring at walls. I've been working on drawing out the embroidery pattern for M's purple suit, and this weekend I'm going to get the coat pattern mocked up and fit so I can get things started in the fashion fabric pretty soon. I know it's going to take a while to get the embroidery done, since the embroidered waistcoat alone took somewhere around 130 hours, so I need to get started as soon as possible. There's an embroidered waistcoat to match this suit, as well, which adds more work, but that's alright. At least I have a backup waistcoat if I don't get the new one done in time.

I also need to draw out the (considerably more involved) embroidery patterns for M's red suit (he fell in love with some fabric in the stash, so it's becoming a new suit, too) and his green suit that I still haven't finished from the year before last. Maybe I'll actually get those both finished, too, who knows?

(no subject)

NSFW Jun. 28th, 2017 11:58 am

Books read in 2017

Jun. 28th, 2017 11:19 am
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[personal profile] rolanni
39. The Rule of Luck, Catherine Cerveny (e) (arc)
38. The Cat Who Saw Red, Lillian Jackson Braun (read aloud w/Steve)
37. The Girl with Ghost Eyes, M.H. Boroson (e)
36. Raising Steam, Terry Pratchett (read aloud w/Steve)
35. White Hot, Ilona Andrews (e)
34.  The Orientalist: Solving the Mystery of a Strange and Dangerous Life, Tom Reiss (e)
33. Mouse and Dragon, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (e)
32. Caszandra, Andrea K. Host (e)
31. Lab Rat One, Andrea K. Host (e)
30. Stray, Andrea K. Host (e)
29. The Cat Who Turned On and Off, Lillian Jackson Braun (read aloud w/Steve)
28. Apprentice in Death, J.D. Robb (e/l)
27. The Cat Who Ate Danish Modern, Lillian Jackson Braun (read aloud w/Steve)
26. The Face in the Frost, John Bellairs (e)
25. Hanged for a Sheep, Frances and Richard Lockridge (e)
24. Xamnesia, Lizzie Harwood (e)
23. Convergence, C. J. Cherryh, (read aloud with Steve)
22. Rock Addiction, Nalini Singh (e)
21. The Stranger in the Woods, Michael Finkel
20. Etched in Bone, Anne Bishop (e)
19. Rider at the Gate, CJ Cherryh (re-read)
18. Small Gods, Terry Pratchett (read aloud w/Steve)
17. Silence Fallen, Patricia Briggs (e)
16. The Cold Eye, Laura Anne Gilman
15. The Cat Who Could Read Backwards, Lillian Jackson Braun (read aloud w/Steve)
14. Memory, Linda Nagata (e)
13.  Bonita Faye, Margaret Moseley (e)
12.  Burn for Me, Ilona Andrews (e)
11. Snuff, Terry Pratchett (read aloud w/Steve)
10. A Taste of Honey, Kai Ashante Wilson (e)
9.  Some Danger Involved, Will Thomas
8.  Thud!, Terry Pratchett (read aloud w/Steve)
7.  White Tiger, Kylie Chan
6.  The Hanging Tree, Ben Aaronovitch
5.  Trading in Danger, Elizabeth Moon (e)
4.  The Wolf in the Attic, Paul Kearney (e)
3.  The Cat Who Saw Red, Lillian Jackson Braun (read aloud w/Steve)
2.  Inside the Texas Chicken Ranch: The Definitive Account of the Best Little Whorehouse, Jayme Lynn Blaschke (e)
1. Sand of Bone, Blair MacGregor (e)

(no subject)

Jun. 27th, 2017 10:17 pm
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✰ 30 persona 5 anthology
✰ 10 noragami
✰ 11 ffxv

here @ [personal profile] recondites

More teagown

Jun. 27th, 2017 09:05 pm
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It is considerably cooler today; it was just starting to storm when I walked in the door. Phew! I got my corset on and a petticoat and tried the gown on. Took out a tiny bit from the chest and neck and the soldiered on! It has a collar and facing and neck binding too :) I got really enthusiastic and cut a yard off of what was left and made a TON of binding, and I ended up needing only a little lol. Oh well, I like bias tape, and I love this fabric.

Pondering button options (I know for a fact I don't have enough of the same type), a waist stay and how I want to tackle the hem. I definitely want a facing, and I should probably cut off the hem allowance before I put that on. How deep should it be? 4"? 6"? I think I should put it on before tacking the facing down too, so it doesn't show at the CF. For the buttons, I need to get those on before I can do the darts. Trimming aside, this is a very quick project!

Eta: here's my current button choices. They're all small, 1/2" or so, but i have lots. Opinions?

 photo IMG_20170627_205751_380_zpsyiifcbbh.jpg

No sewing today

Jun. 27th, 2017 07:45 pm
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Tuesdays are just too much for me, unless whatever needs sewing is like already pinned together and sitting in front of me. I intended to cut out skirt panels, so nah.

I want to write something about how much Harry Potter means and meant to me, but: that too seems really fatiguing because of all the feels.

There was something I did feel capable of writing about, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Jun. 27th, 2017 03:03 pm
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We ended up at Palm Palace for dinner last night. The food and service were good, but even though I was conservative about what I ate, I ended up not feeling well due to a combination of gas and reflux. I think that the reflux was partly due to the gas and such, possibly even mainly due to it.

I slept badly last night. I never used the c-PAP at all because it seemed unwise with reflux and with me getting up repeatedly during the first couple of hours. I woke up with the sneezing and runny nose again, so apparently the c-PAP doesn't relate to that. Damned if I have any clue what's going on.

I guess I'll keep the extra appointment I have with my doctor next month (I was supposed to cancel it in favor of the scheduled follow up in August, but I held onto it in case something came up). My chances of getting in to see her any earlier are almost zero. I didn't want to keep that appointment because it Thursday during Art Fair. That week is pretty much the worst time to go to UHS all year long as all the buses will be both detoured and packed. My dentist appointment, in the same general area, is the Monday of that week, but that should be before the detours start. Official Art Fair is usually Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with set up on Wednesday.

The technician came today to do the tune up on the air conditioner. He says it all looks good (which isn't surprising given that the unit is only two or three years old). The woman from their office who called to let me know that he was on his way kind of freaked me out because she insisted that all of our windows had to be closed in order for him to work. Scott declined to shut the windows last night because the predicted high for today was 73F, and I can't shut most of the dratted things on my own (and Cordelia was still asleep). She assured me that the technician could close them for me. He was puzzled as to why she'd think it would be necessary. He said that that requirement is for when it's actually cold outside. That is, if the windows are open and it's 50F outside, it's kind of hard to get the AC to do anything so that he can see how it's working.

Anyway, that's done until the furnace tune up in the fall. We get the same guy each time, and I like him.

I've gotten the trash out. I'm holding out on the recycling in hopes that I can break down some of the boxes in the basement and get rid of them. I like keeping a few boxes in case of wanting to send a package, but we've probably got thirty Amazon boxes down there. We don't need that many, and I know there's room in the bin for at least some of them to go.

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