Aug. 19th, 2017 06:24 pm
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Here's my beaded dress post! I didn't plan on doing that today. And then I did.

Also, I sort of want to change my blog style to one of the ones that has the newest entry largest and then a picture and blurb about the others, but none of those seem to have the pages tabs, and my blog would be pointless without those. I hate it when I want to find something on a blog and there's no indexy thing. Like the tutorials tab. How do you know what tutorials are there? And it's way different than tags. So, no change it is! And no, no absolute way am I doing something more complicated than Blogger. You think I post infrequently now? So yeah, it's staying :)


Aug. 19th, 2017 02:54 pm
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So, how do I start my first weekend of the kids' school year?

By doing mostly nothing! Mostly because I realized I hadn't Roomba-ed my bedroom in an embarrassing amount of time (it's the world's easiest vacuum--you push a button and eat your lunch) so I cleared out the desk chair and nightstand, and plants, and under the bed boxes, and various other movable things that I wouldn't have had to move if I were Roomba-ing regularly and Roomba-ed. Koshka remained in his cat cup (heated bed, though I'm not running the heater in the summer) as the Roomba bounced around him. If only one of them would ride it. Anyway, after that, I still ate my lunch while it was going and blissfully ignored it. Some things about the modern world are pretty ok :)

Then I cleaned the cat box. Ew.

But now I'm running the wet version of the Roomba and things are looking much better.

Sewing forecast today is doubtful. I'm not worried about deadlines yet though. But, one more row of knitting and I change colors! And now I really want to make a pence jug, but not the one in the FB historic knitting community knit along or the one on Knitty. There's a beaded one I found on Pinterest that I really like and looks like it'd be really easy to chart out. And I have some knitting books on Google books that have pence jug patterns...

But after that little furniture moving interlude, back to nothing!

*still amused*

Aug. 19th, 2017 03:36 pm
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bedgown lining

I did finish the lemon print skirt today too, but the wacky lining was more important to document. xD And I recounted; it's 19 pieces.

ugly bedgown: in progress

Aug. 18th, 2017 11:56 pm
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I did get the short skirt for the rational dress hemmed yesterday, but not the trousers, oops. Today was intended to be Bedgown Prep Day though, so I did that anyway. It is indeed prepped! I basically looked at the one in Costume Close-Up and drew out a similar shape right on the fabric, to measurements that seemed reasonable.
bedgown pattern
The only real difference was to make it proportionately longer (closer to the knee than hip), and taper the sleeves a bit toward the cuff. Other than that...it's basically a T-tunic, how much variation can there be, right?
bedgown cut iut
Since a navy wool bedgown is pretty much the most boring garment imaginable, I decided to make the lining a little more interesting to keep myself from falling asleep while sewing it. I put the lining together entirely from bits of linen (and a couple cotton) from the scrap bin. I think it ended up being 18 different pieces? So that did make it a little more fun. ;)
bedgown lining in progress
It also meant that it took most of the afternoon and evening to put together, but hey. I did make sure to put the same fabric on the ends of the sleeves so I can cuff them up if I want without looking stupid! The actual construction sewing will probably take less than half the time the piecing did, but I am amused, so I deem it a win. And now I can call it my Amazing Technicolor Bedgown (even though it's just white and red and blue and tan, but...artistic license).

CoCo 2017: Friday

Aug. 18th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Before I forget everything, I better finish my recap.

Friday I dressed in my white striped Regency dress. I had a red ribbon in my hair (the one from Snow White) but managed to lose it by the time I got downstairs. My hair is just too slippery! I attended Trystan's "Suffragette Fashions" lecture and Abby Cox's "Finishing Your 18th C. Look" lecture. Buuuut mostly I just hung out and socialized with people. :)

I wasn't the only one in Regency that day. We discovered we all colour coordinated too!

Needless to say, after this I wanted more Regency stuff, like new dresses and more accessories! What you can't see very well in this picture is that I picked up my new necklace from Dames a la Mode and am happily wearing it here. It's olive green and so shiny and sparkly. Love it!

I got ready for the Social pretty early and wandered around looking for people. Ran into a big hat twin! This is Breanna (sp?), whom I met last time. We were both ready to support the campaign for women's suffrage! (Although, we kind of look more ready to go to a women's suffrage garden party or something...)

The rest of the day and the Social behind the cut )

After the social was the Pink Princess Party and the alternate quiet party. I spent time at both and enjoyed myself. I had some drinks and wore a tiara and hung out on people's beds and didn't take any pictures. It was great!

(Note: Once again, please let me know if you would like me to take down any of my pictures of you. I am totally happy to do so.)

Moving along...

Aug. 18th, 2017 05:32 pm
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Just a few rows of green number two left! I'm glad I didn't have enough dark green for two repeats because I think 1 and a half repeats of each color will actually make a better size. I might even just do one of the yellow at top. We'll see!

But I'm excited to get to the next green. I'm glad I'm enjoying this because I wasn't before. I'm currently enjoying this more than sewing, so I'm letting myself work on it and not worry about sewing :)
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There’s an extension for that. A reminder of all the pieces I had made.

And now totally new model with 16 pieces (well will be when I make the blace support for the smaller hilt.

So pretty. And to show they are indeed separate pieces!

Next I am going to use the Bender extenion as that’s what I used for vetress. I’ll have to make sure the ends are definitely straight so they do not affect the greeblies.


I am so happy with these I can’t say how much 🙂 I wish I’d rememered all the extensions I’d used as there are a few very handy one. I hope the threading ext. works. It is going to help me hold the saber in place.

See those long pieces at the end? They are l shaped braces to hold the end cap in place. The screw has been made to go all the way through the model into the corresponding button and counter sunk button respectively in the long and shot sabers.

I think i have a light source sorted. It’s a but spendy but actually within budget so I may hit the “buy now” button on the torch and batteries and charger.


I just need to figure out how to rewire a torch intended to be used with an aluminium body that acts as part of the circuit. I think.

But I wired up my mini hilt last time so…. Also- I can print a battery holder- I have seen some on thingy verse so I think I can use then to help make one that will fit in this. I’ve also figures a way to help strenthen a few weak points in my hilt 🙂


Very next things to do:

Add a tiny stop to the screws. mothers to the button and counter sunk piece.

Get my curves! Get them to full length including straight ends. These are done as lines outside of a group- so I will need to group my components, then make a curve then fingers crossed!

then slice (and I have a tool for that now 🙂



Aug. 17th, 2017 04:31 pm
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The new sequins arrived today and I noticed they had the same label as the other sequins I bought so I dunked one in water and it started to dissolve.


I really assumed the 1980s sequins would be different than the 1920s sequins. I guess not.

Although, it looks like there are matching 3mm and 5 mm modern ones that I didn't see last time I looked...

ETA: I'm feeling much better now, after the initial yet another order didn't work out feeling. Things wrong in the mail always have an outsized emotional impact! Plus, I've now had a croissant, and started a frappuccino, and have seen how adorable the Charmander Pokeball diorama that also arrived today is :)


Aug. 17th, 2017 11:30 pm
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Apparently hats was the theme of the day. First I made a sort of bonnet with a fabric crown.

lila bahytt_sida

Another photo )Then I lined my straw bonnet.

bahytt med grna band, fodrad

Takign selfies while trying to show off the bonnet is NOT easy.

Ahsoka hilts

Aug. 17th, 2017 08:27 am
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I have actually had to redo alllllllllllll of this. Luckily it’s going much faster now. Note: use right click to reverse faces. Trust me you’ll need it a lot.

But this is why I have been so quiet online lately. Relearning the skills I used for Ventress after not using this for a year or so? Tough! Especially when some of the guides are a bit incomplete.

For example for cale? you click the tool click the diagonal and start typing. No right click, no typing into a text. It’s a bit counter intuitive but I think it’s a bit more accessible this way too? Anyway. Saved me at least a little work- by allowing me to copy components from this file into my at true scale new hilts. And then using them as a guide because I change so much!


pants are still weird

Aug. 16th, 2017 10:54 pm
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I've been poking away at the trousers over the past couple of days, and now they're almost done, except for hems...mainly because I was too lazy to go find the boots I'm going to wear with it to make sure I hemmed them the right length.

I find them extremely amusing; I put them on today and just started giggling. Probably doesn't help that my butt is stuffed with my chemise! Not uncomfortably stuffed, but definitely ridiculously stuffed.
1860s trousers  trousers 2
(I have managed to cut off my feet in photos but as the trousers aren't hemmed anyway, that's no great loss.)

Please admire that none of my plaids line up anywhere, including the seam that I needed to get a piece long enough for the pattern shapes! Ummm, non-matching plaids are period?? xD (I really do actually match plaids on modern skirts and stuff, I swear.)
trousers back  trousers front closeup
Does this make my ass look big? (yes. definitely.)

trousers front again Admire the lovely totally-period (not) green cotton broadcloth lining...

back of trowsers And the somewhat-improvised lacing. The pattern called for a buckle and tab, of course...but the only little metal buckles I can get at work are the shitty vest buckles that don't have any real teeth, so there would be zero point in hoping one of them would hold my trousers up. Needle and Thread, of course, sells them, but I don't want to order a bunch of stuff I don't need just so they'll ship a buckle to me, nor do I want to wait til I actually go to Gettysburg to get it. So. Lacing and rings it was! At least I know linen tape will keep my trousers up. ;)

I'd like to get the trousers and short skirt hemmed tomorrow, then that'll leave me Friday and Saturday to finish a modern lemon-print skirt (another thing that's been laying around unfinished for waaaay too long) and figure out my bedgown pattern, which I think is what I want to bring to the stitch-n-bitch this weekend.

I think I meant to do something...

Aug. 16th, 2017 07:54 pm
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Work has been so incredibly stupid since going back that it's draining me in a different way than the beginning of a school year usually does. And then there's the world, so that doesn't help.

I meant to sew another seam, and then I thought about doing a blog post, and then I poked around on the internet, and I didn't even knit last night. Bleh.

I still want to knit...

On Statues

Aug. 16th, 2017 08:06 pm
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If the Confederate statues are so important, why don't they just purchase them from the city and erect a memorial park on private land? Removing the statues won't change history, but neither will keeping them up. The South lost either way. And it's not "erasing history" either. There are thousands of historical markers about the Civil War, all of which contain far more information than "Lee sure looks great up there on his horse!" The battlefields all have signs and often even entire parks dedicated to them. The Civil War is in no danger whatsoever of being forgotten in the areas where it was fought, and that's where people are arguing the loudest about the statues.

(A note about these statues: a lot of them were erected in the 1930s by white Southerners wanting to remind black Southerners of their proper place.)

So what about Washington or Jefferson? They had slaves! Yes, they did. But that's a separate conversation. They were presidents of our nation, not people who fought to break away from our nation. And so far the only people I've heard make that case are people who are trying to use the "slippery slope" fallacy, implying that a statue of a failed general is somehow equal to every statue of every person ever. And even if they were, taking down a monument is not the same thing as changing history. Once again, there are many thousands of historical markers. The Civil War in particular even has at least one entire marker series dedicated to it, in addition to all the state, county, and other markers scattered around the country. This argument isn't about suppressing information. It's about which people we choose to honor. (Maybe someday we'll discuss whether we care to honor all our former presidents, but that is not part of this current discussion. This is about the people who lost the Civil War.)

Now, as a white Northerner, I do not have a horse in this race. I am not bothered one way or another whether the Confederate memorials stay or go. But just because I personally am not offended doesn't mean it's objectively inoffensive. That's not how living in a society works. People are very passionate about this issue - on both sides. You're not going to make both sides happy, but removing the statues without destroying them is one possible solution. It might, at least, give people one less object to rally around.

Photos of the teal Regency gown

Aug. 16th, 2017 12:09 pm
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Today, instead of working I got dressed and took Rickard with me out on the lawn outside our house to takesome photos of my new regency outfit. This is my first attempt at rag curls, and except for curling too much hair I am reasonably satisfied. The lace cap was finished at breakfast this morning.

regency petrol fully dressed_front4

I will make a proper page for it over on my costuming blog, but not now, sicne I am - after all - supposed to be working :) Tonight maybe, though I'm going to spend most of the eveningover at Anna's plae, encouraging her to work on her transitional stays, and making a chemisette.

Shoulder seams!

Aug. 15th, 2017 07:03 pm
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I'm apparently taking the little by little approach with the bodice. I just sewed the shoulder seams and have no plans for more tonight. I want to knit.

A good thing about sewing like this is it puts off shaping the front and figuring out the front basque shape...


Aug. 14th, 2017 06:18 pm
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It's been cut out for a little over a week, but I finally started sewing the checked 1850s dress today. Not much so far, just the basque parts to the side back pieces, and pinning the whole thing together. And I decided on hand sewing because it's way easier to do in small bits that way.

So far, it looks like the not really tested basque is going to work. It's hard to see without a hoop just how it's going to sit, but it'll be easy to make narrower or a tiny bit wider if needed.

For now, the front pieces are just cut extra long so I can shape them into a point. Then, shape the front basque based on that. Much easier than doing it in muslin :)
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#ahsokalives hilts are looking lovely. But there is an entity that skews when I try to slice through to make the hilts in short sections. I have a feeling it actually is SKU trying to tidy. So I’ll have to move the body of the hilts, erase one entity look inside and then close it all up before putting the cutting entity through.

So I am preparing for a day of swears. Yes. I do. I try to turn them into not obvious swears but sometimes it sort of slips through.

Right. Prep.

Also i’m allowed the glass topped TV table to use for my 3D printer! Woo. That means I can print with ABS as you need a well ventilated area. My workroom is, but I do not have any stable surface. Aside from my overlocker. I coooouuld use that. Actually. we’ll see. I want to replace the current heavy frame tv table out there with shelve for my molds anyway. The Togruta molds will be difficult but I also have a cunning plan (Trademark Baldrick) to help. Also the new position would be ideal.


Now to prep for the day as this is all very exciting.

(no subject)

Aug. 14th, 2017 01:50 pm
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I found that I really wanted to relax and binge on Parks and Rec for most of the weekend other than while I was at the theatre, since I was so tired after tech week last week. So I slept in every day, did a little cleaning around the house, and ran a few errands. I did do some sewing, though. The pieces for the bustle dress underskirt are all together - next step is the waistband, then a hem, then ruffles and it will be done. I also got an etsy order for Princess Sofia over the weekend, so I worked on that yesterday instead of the bustle skirt. It's almost done, but I forced myself to go to bed before I had finished it. I should finish it in about 30 mins this evening, and it will ship out tomorrow. I'm hoping I might also have the time/energy to pleat the skirt into the waistband, too. 

Rational dress

Aug. 13th, 2017 10:40 pm
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The events of Charlottesville have rattled me. I'm vacillating between deep deep sadness for my country and extreme anger. HOW DARE THEY. I try really hard to be empathetic, not see people as groups and listen to why people are so afraid that they believe something that is so completely morally WRONG...but...I'm out of patience. Rob and I have been watching the Ken Burn's Civil War to try and inspire me to sew for Gettysburg, and honestly it's creepy how similar some of the arguments and divisiveness are. Also interesting how dated the documentary feels.

But in talking to [personal profile] mandie_rw and [personal profile] koshka_the_cat I have decided that clearly what I need is a rational dress for Gettysburg...because what says "FUCK YOU WHITE SUPREMACISTS like dressing as a radical abolitionist feminist. And somehow wearing my values on my sleeve (literally) feels important to me at this moment.

This is Dr. Mary Walker, abolitionist, surgeon and all around bad ass lady. My plan is to use a rust colored plaid wool blend I have approximately 6 yards of. 
 I'm still waffling if I want sensible trousers for extra doofy ones.


Most of the pictures I've found seem to favor solid fabric but I did find this one which appears to be a check...and I'm calling that good enough.


Tentatively Done...

Aug. 13th, 2017 02:54 pm
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I think I've uploaded everything that I've been meaning to upload. I even uploaded the bustle dress I wore to Montana in 2013. I have no clue where the skirt construction pictures are and decided that was just going to be ok. I also uploaded the skating costume pictures even though I really want to have a snow photoshoot with that. I was surprised I had decent enough spencer hoodie pictures. I had only seen them on my tablet before and they all looked blurry when enlarged to the size I needed them. They looked much better on the computer and I found enough where I didn't have too weird a look on my face. I did upload the beaded dress pictures without remembering to photoshop the temporary tattoo out, so I probably should do that before too long. But other than that, a big job is out of the way.

I think I want to do the bird dress first. Or maybe one of the easy ones that'll just be a few pictures...

ETA: There were only two beaded dress pictures that needed editing, and it was easy once I figured it out. I used the eye dropper on my back next to the letters, filled them in with the paint can, and then used the smudge tool to blur it. Probably not the way someone who knows what they're doing would do it, but it worked :)

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