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May. 24th, 2017 10:04 pm
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 but I don't have that much to post about?...lets see working on my dress for reading. Ended up going with the vogue that looks modern for one very stupid doesn't have sleeves and I'm feeling lazy. 

Otherwise I've ordered pettipants, a paper parasol and shoes. I bought a hat and purse with [personal profile] jennylafleur  several months ago. 

Work has been nutty as we're moving at the end of June so there's a lot of packing, planning, decisions etc happening. I haven't been there for long enough to view it as anything but a good thing, the nurses' who've been there 30 years seem more hesitant about the changes. 

My garden is off to the races, we've had a fair amount of rain which has limited my weeding which is not such a good thing....mmm I think I'll have to post a better entry tomorrow.

Basically All of May

May. 24th, 2017 08:35 pm
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2 - Or, Round House Theatre

Delightful fanfic about Aphra Behn. Three hander in which only the actress playing Aphra has only one role, so it's total farce, and the major supporting characters are King Charles and Nell Gwynne. Holly Twyford as Aphra, Greg Linington in the male roles, and Erin Weaver in the female roles. Including Nell Gwynne in boydrag hitting on Aphra Behn. The whole play is fanservice. Loads of fun, but also looking honestly at what a woman trying to get ahead must give up - Aphra is singleminded because she has to be and mindful of the risks she takes because there is no safety net. You can be the king's mistress, or you can be successful in your own right, but you cannot be both. (You might be able to share Nell Gwynne, though.)

6 - Ragtime, Ford's Theatre

Third time! From good seats this time, with Kristin. So glad I could bring her to see this production because my god, that cast!

6 - Fun Home, National Tour

And since I was downtown, I walked over to the National to lotto Fun Home. They do "lotto losers" $35 tickets if the show isn't a sell out, which is hella useful info. It was nice to sit further back once in order to get more of the panorama of the staging, and this performance really confirmed for me that I was attached to this cast. And then I got to talk up Ragtime to Robert and make sure he messaged Tracy for tickets.

8 - Demetrius, ReDiscovery Reading, Shakespeare Theatre Company

New Peter Oswald translaptation of an unfinished Schiller about the False Dmitri. Important thing here: Oswald is fabulous. I loved his Mary Stuart, so this was a must-see, and I wasn't disappointed. It's a weird play, but a great and moving central performance by McKinley Belcher as Dmitri. Schiller's conceit is that Dmitri doesn't know he's not Dmitri - the ID is made because he's the right age and has an imperial medallion, but the man he thought was his tutor was really the assassin, who hedged his bets by killing the true heir but keeping a false spare in a monastery on the chance it might prove useful. There's a great scene where this poor young man - his name turns out to be Yuri - is debating what identity even is. As a monk, he took the name Grigory, but unlike the other monks, he had not put off a former identity but instead found himself without any identity at all. There's a lot going on, but it's a really fascinating look at meanings of identity and loyalty and power.

12 - Fun Home, National Tour

Back to the front row! This time, Caroline Murrah was on as Joan, which was fascinating. She's double cover for Joan and Middle Allison, so as you can imagine, she's wide-eyed and cute and not the walking sex object that Karen Eilbacher is. (Every time Karen smiled at me at the stage door, I wanted to melt into the sidewalk because I felt absolutely unworthy to have been on this earth with her.) What this means is that Caroline's Joan is only a little further ahead on the road than Allison - her confidence is the only thing that separates them, and even that is somewhat put on, in that way that freshman year of college is where you can try on identities because you have no history with any of these people. It makes the first dorm room scene work better, honestly, and it makes the Joan/Allison relationship feel more real, that it's not (admittedly one of my favourite) slash tropes of the extremely hot and rather louche older one playing the erastes to the adorable, naive eromenos. Roberta Colindrez and Karen Eilbacher are older, hot, louche, far too amazing to be legitimately in a love relationships with dorky Allison; they are an avatar of education into the lesbian world. Caroline is just another college student. It really fits more with the way this cast feels thoroughly lived in and neighbourly.

14 - Kaleidoscope, Creative Cauldron

Matt Conner and Stephen Gregory Smith's new show, a vehicle commissioned by Florence Lacey to explore some of what her family went through in living with her mother-in-law's Alzheimers. It's a hard sit that doesn't explain what's going on - it goes in circles and lets the audience get as confused as the main character. She's a retired actress, and her daughters have found that as she gets worse, she only relates to them as if they are her director and stage manager. They take on roles in order to keep her calm and moving. I was halfway through before I realised the cast is all female, which shows there should be more cross-gender casting in other things because it can be so damned seamless. Flo is excellent, and while I was feeling rather detached and lucky to be so, watching her decline really got to me. She is very, very good, and the boys have put together a show that is disorienting but also funny and at times joyful. But it is a hard sell and a hard sit.

19 - Timon of Athens, Folger Shakespeare

Robert Richmond directly Ian Merrill Peakes in the title role. I was so excited the moment it was announced, and this time it actually surpassed my expectations. Weird play, but a deeply moving production. Modern dress, with Katie Tkel playing a couple roles that were certainly originally male and Antoinette Robinson as Timon's steward. Some additions that are making it more heartbreaking - Timon has some OCD tendencies and a horror of being touched, so flinging bitcoin into people's accounts is really the only way he can express his love. And his decline is heartrending. Ian is so good. SO GOOD. Also, this thing is sort of a remix of Coriolanus - Timon runs off into the wilderness holding a grudge against the city that did not appreciate him, while the soldier Alcibiades is exiled on bullshit reasons and comes back with an army to sack the city. And there is no happy ending, nor tragic one - Richmond cuts it off at the end of Timon's last speech, so we know he is like to die, but not how, nor do we know if Alcibiades takes the city or if the city repulses him. A weird play, but not especially because of this cut. I kind of want to go back because I really felt this one.

20 - Building the Wall, Forum Theatre

This one I did not feel. The problem was almost certainly that this was an "event" - a series of theatres are rushing this into production as a response to Trump's election. (there's a reason plays go through a development process, maybe.) Also, that I already saw this play: it was call A Human Being Died that Night. Seriously, both plays are about a black academic talking to a white supremecist in prison in an attempt to understand his crimes. They are also staged the same way, only you'd think Eric Messner, not being chained down stage left, would have an easier time of it than Chris Genebach, who was chained the floor stage left. The trouble is that this "future history", to quote Mike Bartlett on his King Charles III, doesn't work, while the real past does work. The references in Building the Wall are ripped from the headlines last year, but they don't feel like references these characters would use a year in the future. The timelines don't work. The justification doesn't line up. And the character Rick is supposed to be an everyman who ends up doing unspeakable things because he feels trapped in a system that says to do unspeakable things. But Eugene de Kock was an everyman - also with a father with a drinking problem who gave him the belt when he deserved it - who found a role that society wanted him to take and deeply regrets that his role turned out to be in the service of evil. De Kock is compelling because his apologies appear sincere and he wants most that the decision makers be punished too, not that he get off the hook for any of the atrocities he committed. Rick isn't really there. And the details don't line up. The whole thing does build to a decent payoff, but I feel like that payoff was written first and the play constructed around it. The construction is flawed. I had to come home and watch American Gods to get some actual decent drama after this mess.

21 - Jesus Christ Superstar, Signature Theatre

Joe Calarco directed, so it was going to be interesting. Joe's work tends to have a distinct point of view - he's definitely more in the auteur model. His Assassins is still one of the best things I've ever seen. His JCSS basically throws out any previous staging ever and goes back to the bare bones of a concept album that got out of control, allow him to construct the story he wants to tell, which is the story of a movement. We start by watching a functioning religious community - the priests accept offerings and bless their parishoners of all ranks in life. And then a member of the Jesus cult drops his hood and throws a punch and the whole thing collapses into chaos. We're watching a Jesus who is in way over his head while this cult is being run by Mary Magdalene and Judas, and Mary isn't getting any of the credit she deserves. Everything's All Right is Mary preaching to the faithful, anointing them and calming them. And Jesus at several points just grabs the microphone from her without even noticing that she's stopping a riot. I Don't Know How to Love Him is her commiseration with Judas, shared, about how difficult Jesus is but that at least they're all finding a life in service to each other. She is holding the whole cult together, and getting no respect for it. Crazy well done. Got to see Vinny Kempski go on as Judas, which was great - Vinny is still my favourite Melchior in Spring Awakening, and his Judas was excellent. Fun extra staging is that one of the priests (not Annas or Caiaphas - an unnamed one where there's usually a council) is actually fascinated by Jesus breaking up the most convincing market in the temple I've ever seen (the priests are fully involved - it's religious commerce, not a lease agreement with cock fighters) and sneaks away to watch him further and take part in the Last Supper. She's been uncertain since Annas and Caiaphas decided Jesus must die, and she gets a visual story contrasting with Judas' story. The visual that there's no easy answers, but that Jesus is certainly compelling and that makes him dangerous. Also adored Sherri Edelen as Herod - a middle-aged white lady is not who you wish to displease when you're working customer service. Why are you not turning her water into wine?! She wants a talk with your manager right now.

Joe is also wrestling with what the script means. If Jesus goes to his death because the end is foretold, everything is foretold, then WTF does that mean for our world? His Christ is tormented on the cross by images of what has been done since, both in his name and in his lands: Klan, ISIS, Westboro, soldiers with guns aimed at women in hijab. If he dies to redeem the sins of the world, we have a lot of sins, and he should be tormented by the depth and breadth of them. And so he is.

I was surprised how much I loved this one. Joe can be really hit or miss, sometimes between scenes in the same show, but this one really hit me.

Some Imagination Required!

May. 24th, 2017 04:54 pm
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So today I was daydreaming about my version of the Worth sketch I posted about earlier. See tag if you're that curious. But I decided I didn't really want to do that exact dress, but more of an inspired by. Honestly, there were a few things that I didn't really want to figure out (I really just wanted more beads) and then a different dress started forming in my mind. Today, I think because there's another Fabric Mart silk sale without steel grey silk taffeta, it started playing around in my mind again. I almost never sketch dresses, and when I do, it's usually because I'm doodling one that I've already made. And thinking about it, since smart phones, I haven't even really done that. Anyway! Here's my sketch that needs imagination to not make it look totally cheeseball.


The idea is a rain cloud. Cheery for a ball, no?

Basically, it's a standard 1860s ballgown bodice. The sleeves are basically the same sort of inverted cup as on my gauze ballgown, but the front will be shorter to reveal white puffballs of chiffon with strings of silver beads hanging from them. Clouds and rain, get it? Yeah, white clouds don't rain, but eh. The bertha will be more white puffs with beads separating them. The top of the skirt, more white puffs! With a draped net overskirt with lots of beads and then a back chiffon train like a rainbow. The skirt itself will be just below knee length, so some tying up of my hoop will be necessary. And I don't think I have a petticoat that will work. Hmm.

Basically, what I'm saying is, if I want new things this year, I really need to get to work!

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May. 23rd, 2017 11:24 pm
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I used most of my brief time at home today quite wisely, and was able to cut out the mockup pieces for the bodice of the pelisse and sew them together. Mostly because I didn't actually have time to go grocery shopping, so that's been pushed to tomorrow. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not called to rehearsal tomorrow, but I likely won't find out till the morning. If I'm not, I should be able to try the pelisse on, and see if I have to make any adjustments. If it fits right, then I may do a mockup of the lower sleeve, mostly just to check length. And then I can cut it all out in my silk!

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May. 24th, 2017 12:25 am
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I guess I'm cherishing my last week of freedom by doing basically nothing, LOL. I did finish mulling the spoon bonnet form yesterday so at least that's out of the way.

For Reading: pettipants came in the mail yesterday (I have a pattern for 1940s knickers but decided am too lazy to sew them; I have no doubt that Amazon will now be recommending old lady underwear to me), and snood and paper parasols today, so I'm all set except for 1/ attempting to refresh the faded straw hat, and 2/ sunglasses. Well, and 3/ the dress, of course.


May. 23rd, 2017 08:14 pm
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I beaded yesterday and I beaded today and plan to bead more tonight. Also, I have no idea how I went through a box of beads in two days. Not only am I not doing nearly that much, it doesn't seem possible to do that much!

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May. 22nd, 2017 10:33 pm
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I wanted to start on the pelisse in the 1.5 hrs I had between work and rehearsal today, but first I had to put several hooks and eyes on skirts laying on my sewing table, then clear off the rest of the sewing table. Which naturally meant that after ironing the mockup fabric, I ran out of time. I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow afternoon, so there likely won't be time then either. But there's a possibility that I won't be called for rehearsal on Wed, which would be awesome, because then I could see a show a bunch of friends are in, and have a little time beforehand to sew. And this weekend I'll have a four-day weekend, so my goal is to sew for pretty much the entire time, and finish the whole pelisse. If I do, I think there's a chance I might get to the Elizabeth Swann dress before CoCo. 


May. 22nd, 2017 09:13 pm
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This month has been almost a complete wash in terms of sewing. I've been reading pretty much all the time that I'm not eating, sleeping, or out of the house. However, my exam is this Friday, so I will finally get some sewing time after that (well, after the follow-up oral exam on Monday). Things I am going to do the week after I finish this exam (ie. the time before I have to get into reading for the next one):
  • read something for fun, a friend published a post-apocalyptic novella recently that I am looking forward to reading
  • finish up my silk ballgown, which includes adding the last bit of lace and putting in closures and making the overskirt+sash
  • cook delicious food, I want to make pasta and smoke some brisket or something (I watch a lot of Food Network)
After that, I'll have to get started on my suffragette outfit. I think I may have actually finally settled on a plan? I may do the 1910-1911 Tub Frock in Waugh's Cut of Women's Clothes:

The waist measurement is pretty close to mine and the rest isn't fitted, so theoretically I could just whip it up without having to do a mock-up or a lot of fitting. It has an interesting cut, which would add visual interest for my plain solid green fabric. And I could have a violet bow at the neck with a white lace collar to do the suffragette colours. I want it to be a quick project because I really want to get to work on something else...

Namely, 18th century stays! Because I want to do that. I have ideas and plans and that is where my brain is right now. I want to use the pattern in the Kyoto Fashion book for these stays:

This got a little picture heavy )
Thoughts/questions that I am pondering and would be happy to hear from you about if you are so inclined:
  • Can I get away with not doing a mock-up of my suffragette dress?
  • Should I use canvas for a strength layer of my stays? I can get it here and not break the bank
  • What should I use for the lacing/cording in the front top half of the stays?
OK, back to studying. Gotta review some poetry. Ugh.

Foiled again!

May. 22nd, 2017 02:50 pm
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I went to the museum site for the dress at work, typed in the accession number, hit search, and nothing. The search button didn't work. So, so far, Chrome on Chromebook and Firefox on a Mac don't work. Next try, Firefox on a PC! Then I think I have Internet Explorer? I also have Chrome and Safari on the work Mac, but I forgot to look it up until I only had a few minutes left of prep. Oops. A few years ago about half the sites I visited barely worked on Mac, but I thought that was over. Ordering on Fire Mountain Gems was particularly treacherous...

At least the little tiny picture gave a hint. I think it is apron front.

Oh! And I beaded for half an hour last night! Go me!

new ssd is great but

May. 22nd, 2017 08:46 pm
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I was trying to boot from my back up ssd in the first place.


That said, this one boots even from a forced shutdown (haven’t tried cutting power as per a power cut) so it seems to be a good solid drive for the OS. My old ssd is five years old, and while I probably have a few more years of write cycles I did need to get a new one.

I do however have a ridiculous numbver of drivers for my USB ports- I mean i know there are 8, two of which are triple ports (? in bios I see port 3_1, 3_2 etc.)

But yay! Allll my files are safe, so once I get those drivers over here I can start tidying the old SSD.

Only downside- my drivers for my USB 3 ports are a bit munted. SO I need to have a look at what is different in each system and see if I can get them working.

So the chipset for the controller is one manufacturer, the builder of the rest of the component is another. The chipset maker only has drives up to win 7, the rest of the component up to win 8 for the other controller, and win 7 for the former.)

So by updating win 8 to win 10 I seem to have been lucky the first time in how my drivers where handled. This fresh install did not.

So. It’s okay now that I can make hot ports and get my harddrives out quickly (my tower is not acccessible friendly!)



weekend progress report

May. 22nd, 2017 12:06 am
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Well, I was pretty busy this weekend and got basically no sewing done. I did get all the bones minus the CB ones, that I don't usually bother with a casing, just stick it in as I make the eyelets...but that's all. Tomorrow I'm going to finish mulling the bonnet and then get back to the 1940 dress and hopefully knock that out in a couple of days, provided I actually spend a couple solid sewing hours on it every day!

Stunning Edwardian Wedding Dress

May. 21st, 2017 10:14 pm
[syndicated profile] extantgowns_feed

Posted by Isabella

From the seller:

Dieses Nachmittags- oder Empfangskleid ist ein Traum aus Battenburg-Spitze, Seide, Tüll und Dekorations-Quasten. Hergestellt und getragen wurde das zweiteilige antike Kleid um das Jahr 1904 in den Vereinigten Staaten. Das Kleid stammt aus einem amerikanischen Museum. Die Museumsinventurnummern am Taillenband des Rockes und am Oberteil weisen darauf hin. Das Kleid ist überaus verspielt und aufwendig gefertigt. Mit der Battenburg-Spitze sind kleinere und größere Blättermotive gestaltet. Hoher Stehkragen. Dreiviertel lange Ärmel, die mit Tüll verziert sind. Hängende Zierelemente am Oberteil und am Rock aus Seide. Quasten runden diese Dekoration ab. Beim Gehen sollten sich alle diese Zierelemente bewegen und so dem Kleid „Lebendigkeit“ verleihen. Der Rock läuft in einer Schleppe aus. Sehr guter Erhaltungszustand. Der Tüll wirkt leicht angestaubt. Das Unterfutter des Rockes ist wohl erneuert worden. Kleinste Risse in der Spitze. Die Dekoration ist nicht inbegriffen.
Bust: ~ 80 cm
Waist: ~ 58 cm
Front Length: ~ 140 cm
Back Length: ~ 170 cm

From Google Translate:

This afternoon or reception dress is a dream of Battenburg lace, silk, tulle and tulle. The second-tiered dress was produced and worn around the year 1904 in the United States. The dress comes from an American museum. The museum's record numbers on the waistband of the skirt and on the top indicate this. The dress is extremely playful and elaborately crafted. The Battenburg lace features smaller and larger leaves. High stand-up collar. Three-quarter long sleeves decorated with tulle. Hanging decorative elements on the top and skirt of silk. Tassels complete this decoration. When walking, all these decorative elements should move and give the dress "liveliness". The skirt runs in a train. Very good condition. The tulle is slightly dusty. The lining of the skirt has probably been renewed. Smallest tears in the tip. The decoration is not included.
Bust: ~ 80 cm
Waist: ~ 58 cm
Front Length: ~ 140 cm
Back Length: ~ 170 cm

From Me:

So this dress was up at Augusta Auctions back in November. It reminds of a dress here that is probably from about 1903/1904. The faux bolero style was completely out of vogue by the time 1905 rolls around. The reason I believe this is a wedding gown are the amazing braids and rosettes on it.

More progress of sorts...

May. 21st, 2017 05:14 pm
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The bird print fabric is washing and therefore going to take up twice the space soon. I should iron it so it doesn't. I'm still ack about space and decluttering. Unfortunately, momentum was lost when I made my chemise dress and went out of town.

And I tried looking up the dress I posted about yesterday. While it popped right up, the pictures don't work. I can right click and see the picture as a 250 pixel picture, but I very much want to see more. I suppose I have three other things I can try looking at it on, but that seems like work. I'll probably wait until I'm at work tomorrow. Dreamwidth and Pinterest make it through the work filter now, so it should be easy.

I also made a few marks on my muslin, to remind myself to add a hem allowance for the neckline lining and where the straps go. Not that that's hard, but they just kind of go up on an angled back seam.

I should try my muslin on over the corset, but I probably won't. It's high waisted, a drawstring fit, and the 1790s cupped stays really don't change my figure much, so I'll take the risk. Sometimes it's better just to ignore the things that are getting it in your way. Well, as long as you can accept the consequences! I think I have enough linen for the lining if it doesn't work out though. Bad me. I'm a horrible role model!

I doubt I'll do much tonight though, besides hanging the fabric to dry over the shower rod. Makes ironing easier. I have got to get back into beading, so hopefully I'll do that. Don't you just hate it when you don't do what you actually want to do? Usually because you're doing something pointless that you really don't want to be doing, but is just kind of there. I've been doing that more and more lately. Sigh...

Snow White pictures

May. 21st, 2017 01:39 am
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I had an adventure in self-timed photography this morning, trying to get pictures of my new Snow White outfit, but I think I had a few that came out okay:

Now it's on to make a pattern-test pelisse, which I'm doing out of stash taffeta. Here's hoping it doesn't take too long!


May. 20th, 2017 08:05 pm
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I went ahead and posted about the orange plaid dress here!

So the updates are coming nicely. I need to finish my version of editing (cropping and choosing) other pictures, and then I can do more.

And I think that some enthusiasm started coming for the 1790s dress for Jane Austen. I played with the muslin, making sure it made sense (I'm super excited about the sharp V in back and know just how to make it work) and looked at the pattern from the An Agreeable Tyrant book that I'm using as inspiration. That's good! The annoying thing is I was just getting back into beading (and using the exercycle again) when I was sidetracked by an ovarian cyst. Ugh. Not super bad, I didn't have to call into work, but just enough to take all of my energy. I haven't had one like that in years.

But I think I do want to start that dress soon. I have a few other fun ideas for it.

I found this dress on Pinterest with an interesting drawstring arrangement. Last I tried getting more detail I was on my phone. The pin leads to the main page of the museum, so I didn't search too much for it. I can't tell if it's an apron front with a drawstring on top of the skirt, or two drawstrings in a big piece. I think I want to do an apron front just because I haven't and I think it'll be interesting. Picture saved to Flickr below :)


And I just meant to post I had typed the orange dress. Is this a good sign? :)

learning so much about ssds

May. 20th, 2017 05:10 am
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Also windows. So I was really worried about installing windows on a new ssd in case I had to use my 8 disc and then have to update… but it turns out Windows 10 stores information about your hardware so you can change your harddrive and keep your current version of Win 10 so.. yay? Downloaded the iso already just waiting to afford the ssd.

But it does look like I have an error that power cycling can’t fix so I do have to get a new harddrive and you know, install the O/S.

On the other hand I should be getting my Marie Antoinette lace asap. Youshop charges by volumetric weight not actual weight- my lace is 1.5kg! So… 2 and a half pounds. Lighter than Elsa as it is lace not a solid sheet 🙂


After this run of bad luck I’m trying to not get too excited (rib, then virus, hen antibiotics, and all the resewing of projects this year, and the ssd failure.)

So if anyone is reading this and hasn’t “liked” my page please help by taking some of this excess of stash off my hands. I’ll put it on ebay and local auction sites soon.

I can guarantee you will not find the lace for cheaper, the taffeta is half he price I paid and there are no sales here in NZ that get that low.


(oh learning about partition typoes, about ahci, about the lifespan of an ssd which is finite and potentially will just stop- given how much I played my game on it and how many times I moved libraries of files… and that it is five years old I want a new ssd rather than risk losing the data on it.)

Also am typing on my netbook which is now linux Mint powred, with my usb keyboard and mouse and monitor so it feels like normal. I can cope for a short while until I get the new ssd. Luckily the stuff for my workshops are all on my site or newly thought of and written down.

So it may be time to warm up and then sew some more of my Cleves gown. I keep avoiding trying to create a document on my netbook because I expect it to overload- but it’s not actually doing too badly 🙂


May. 19th, 2017 05:33 pm
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I published the making of and blue dress posts!

The blue dress


The plaid dress is partially written. It shouldn't take long...

Living History

May. 19th, 2017 06:20 pm
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Today was our big educational annual event where we set up stations and school groups come and learn about how things were done c.1815. We have a lot of people in the group who have farms. This means that today I showed up and there were:
  • 2 ducks
  • 3 chickens, one of which was about 5 weeks old
  • a big, furry 5 month old puppy, named Roy! (half Great Pyrenees, which is why he was so big)
  • a little black LAMB-Y!!! OMG SO adorable!
So I had to work and stuff doing demonstrations on kids' clothing and dressing up volunteer kids in shirts and shortgowns and such. But during lulls and afterwards I spent a LOT of time petting the puppy and the lamby. :D
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Somehow I survived this week and after most of the stuff was picked up yesterday, and after I managed to pack all of Rickard's and Maja's stuff in the morning before my lecture today I didn't feel stressed anymore. I haven't done the absolute final packing with sthe stuff I'm bringing with me in teh car tomorrow, and I haven't finished my classnotes. But it's okay, I have some time to work on that tomorrow.

So I spent the evenign on the balcony with Anna, drínking tea and re-making an old liripipe hodd of Maja's, and my old green silk bliaut.
Maja couldn't pull the hood over her head anymore, so I opened it and made buttonholes and sewed on brass buttons.

Then I remade the neck opening on my green silk bliaut. The reason why it had such a deep opening was that I needed to be able to nurse Maja. But now when a) I haven't nursed for ten years and b) I fit into it again I unpicked the trim, shortened it and sewed the slit together.

I'm not bringing it to Double Wars, since Måns and I have chosen the late 13th-early 14th century as our period during our reign, but I might wear it to a picnic in June, which is a less official event.


May. 18th, 2017 08:35 pm
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The blue dress has a page. Unpublished, as of now. I want to give the ball gown a few more days on its own. Then I'll do that one and the making of, then a few days later the plaid. I want them posted near each other since they're both in the making of post.

I'm actually not as badly behind as I thought. Most older dresses just aren't going to happen. Maybe a sort of gallery type page to say I've done it? And I really want to wear my green plaid 1850s ball gown again. And the plaid 1820s, with good hair and no whooping cough face. I need more places to wear things. We all do!

No sewing or blogging tonight. It was awards night at work, so *thud*

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