Getting Excited!

Jun. 28th, 2017 03:58 pm
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My Votes for Women temporary tattoo looks perfect, and I'm getting excited to start the dress. I hope everything goes as smoothly in reality as it does in my head! The current plan is to make my teens base bodice as usual and fold down the center back so it's the line that I want. Then put straps on it, hopefully just chiffon, but I'll do taffeta straps if needed too. Even backless, the bodice should hold up on its own because of the boning. It'll close with a few edge to edge hooks and eyes at the lower back. I'll make the skirt separately and baste it to the bodice. It'll close over the closure on the bodice, hiding it. It's similar to how I've done the other teens things I've done, so I don't see any problems I can't weasel out of.

I need to look through everything I have with pattern drafts to see if I have something with a teens handkerchief hem skirt. Not that I can't figure it out, but especially in periods where patterns were becoming common, I really like looking at them! I also want to find a flared base skirt draft. Although, now I'm thinking I might, depending on time, do something different with the skirt based on one of my original inspriations. Hmm...

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Jun. 27th, 2017 11:27 pm
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Other than performances, work, and rehearsals, I've been mostly resting my swollen foot for the last few days, but I have managed to get a little sewing done. The Elizabeth Swann underskirt is complete except for the hem, and today, I cut and sewed together my first mockup for the bodice. Hopefully, I'll have time to try it on before rehearsal tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it works!

Oh, and on Sunday, I went to an estate sale, and managed to snag nearly 6.5 yds of navy with red and white plaid worsted wool fabric. I got that, two wooden folding chairs for picnics, a large vintage hatbox, and some flowers to put on hats, all for about $12.50. I'm excited for the wool - I think it's going to be made into a bustle dress. 

skirt finished

Jun. 27th, 2017 10:52 pm
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My petticoat provided enough fluff at the hem that I'm able to squeak by without doing any hem facing, happily. I finished fussing with all the ties and elastic this afternoon; also decided it needed just a little bit of bum-padding to look good. The swags are a wee bit uneven, not helped by the skirt-wrangling I was doing immediately prior to taking pics of it. Definitely don't care enough to re-swag, though.

(Haphazard? What do you mean, haphazard??)
skirt 1  skirt 2

skirt 3
Well, alright, the front drape in particular is a bit wack...I'll think about redoing it.

And the innards, in case you were curious. I've discovered I like using a mix of grosgrain and elastic for the ties, especially the ones at knee-level. Makes it easier to walk! Never seen that on an original, but then I haven't really done a close inspection of skirt tiebacks (and I honestly don't care that much), haha.
inside skirt 1  inside skirrt 2
On to the drapery and train! Maybe! (I know asymmetry was very popular by this point, but dang, I'm really a symmetrical kinda girl! So I need to see if I can wrangle anything asymmetrical that I don't hate. Not perfectly confident in my abilities there, but...)

New dresses!

Jun. 27th, 2017 05:56 pm
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2017-06-27_05-57-48 2017-06-27_05-54-32

2017-06-27_05-53-20 2017-06-27_05-52-20


[personal profile] llyrafantasyfae took pictures of my new dresses today. Here are a few from my phone :)

tapes and ties

Jun. 26th, 2017 11:47 pm
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Got all the tapes and ties sewn into the dinner dress skirt today! At least, I think I got them all sewn in, haha. I still need to try it on with the petticoat to check that everything's doing what I want it to. I am currently suspicious that the skirt might want a stiff hem facing to hold it out just a little more than it's currently able to do on its own...but, again, petticoat needed to double-check that.

And now, beading...

Jun. 26th, 2017 05:58 pm
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On to beading again!

I do have another thing I want to make, possibly Thursday, but beading has to happen. I'm getting close :)

Re-made another gown

Jun. 26th, 2017 08:21 pm
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 In this case a 15th century Italian gown made from old rayon damask curtains in a fit of inspiration after my first trip to Florence in September 2015.
I've made a page about it, over here.

I love how the photos that Rickard took turned out.

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Jun. 25th, 2017 10:30 pm
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 I finished attaching the bertha to the bodice on Friday morning. Initially, i thought I was done, but I realized I need to add some hooks and eyes where the bertha overlaps, and then I'll be done.

Yesterday, I tried on my first 17th c gown, which I made for my first CoCo gala in 2011, since I still have the pattern from it, and I'm hoping it will work as a base for Elizabeth Swann. It was a little large, but I think by taking in the bodice 2" and tweaking the neckline so that it's not to off-the-shoulder, the pattern will work. I haven't been able to work on it this weekend, because I was bitten by a ton of mosquitos on Friday night, and my foot has been hugely swollen, so I've been spending all my time at home icing it. Also, it's been insanely hot (today it got up to 99), and there is no ac anywhere here (including in my car), so other than the costuming event yesterday (which I will write about later) and my performances this weekend, I've been trying to do nothing. 

Blog posts

Jun. 26th, 2017 12:27 am
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Oooh I'm so posty! Well, made much easier by the fact that neither of them were about new dresses, just the events that I didn't have time to write up while I had my summer class. They're not terribly exciting (and mostly already recapped here), but here's the Reading air show post, and the Ebenezer Maxwell Mansion picnic.

I also did end up sewing a bit this afternoon: sewed the closures on the waistband, tacked up the swags of striped fabric, and started marking/sewing the tapes/elastics into the skirt. Got that about half done, and should probably be able to finish that tomorrow. After that I may derail the dinner dress sewing train for a day or so, just to finish off the pin-dot 1940 dress that has been draped over the back of a chair for three weeks (that I was reminded of tonight because I wrote out the Reading post)! Or maybe not. Heh. It's definitely warm enough to wear it now...

ahhh day off

Jun. 25th, 2017 11:28 pm
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 Today was my one day off after six on. Three more and then I go to Ohio for family reunion. Had a wonderful battery recharging day. 

Step 1: sleep in till 9:30!! 
Step 2: snuggle in bed with husband and dog
Step 3: make raspberry peach jam. (we're up to 25 cups of berries off our canes in a little over a week. O.O and the iron is I don't really LIKE raspberries so I'm trying to find ways to use them up. this is my third batch of jam. it did not set well and I am not a fan). 
Step 4. knit on Jenny-Rose's pineapple. Finished the first set of bobbles and halfway through the second. It's satisfying to watch it develop.
Step 5. two hour nap.
Step 6. sew one side of the first band of trim on my lemonade dress...FOR SEPTEMBER. yup that's me working a head. I know I just saw a pig fly by too. 

I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow. :-p 


Jun. 25th, 2017 07:22 pm
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Except for optional stuff, my Jane Austen sewing is done!

Last night I finished the fichu, not fichu, and fabric for a turbany thing. Only two had tiny hems :)

Sleeping on the run

Jun. 25th, 2017 06:10 pm
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I write this while sitting on the couch with Pan plastered to my hip. He's such a sweetie.

I'm on week 7 of C25k, and the intervals are officially over. Which makes me kind of sad, even though doing away with intervals is the entire point of this program. It's just that those walking bits were my favorite part.

The plan is to take a week off after finishing the program, then switch to biking until the Gran Fondo at the beginning of August. The trouble will be the heat. Running before dawn is no big deal - I stay in my neighborhood and use a flashlight, and remarkably few cars drive on the sidewalk to begin with. The bike, on the other hand, is more of a production. Even with my light, I have no interest in riding at night or even twilight. So I'm still working things out.

I went to a BCinDC meetup this afternoon. It was so nice to be able to bring books I'd recently read, thanks to the Friday write-ins with Kate, forcing me to catch up on my reviews. The group is meeting up again to greet a BookCrosser in town from Hawaii this coming Thursday, but I have no idea whether I'll be feeling up to driving to Silver Spring on a weeknight.

Not much else going on. I told my dad the other day that my life is basically exercise, work, and driving. My commute has been extra terrible lately. Usually I'm fairly zen about it but for some reason it's really been getting to me. Hopefully now that school is out things will be slightly better.

I'm tired. I try to avoid naps on Sundays, but I'll probably go to bed early. I've been drowsy a lot lately, to the point where my last two Saturdays have been spent mostly asleep. Which sounds great until you realize half your weekend is gone with nothing to show for it. Bill thinks it's mono, which would mark the third time having a disease you're only supposed to get once. But it doesn't really matter, since even if the test came back positive, the doctor would just prescribe rest and ibuprofen. I've already got that covered.
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Well that was fun! And by "fun" I mean fortunate...yesterday morning I was awakened at 6:30 by some very impressive wind and rain, and was pretty much awake for good when I peeped out of my front window and saw a third of the sycamore tree in our front yard was in the road...
that's a tree in my road
Well, that's a slight exaggeration, as it's a very large, tall tree. But the downed branch did in fact block off the whole road. And the pine tree in the back yard was somewhat decapitated, which mom and I didn't even notice til after the storm was over, since we were so focused on the tree in front.
tree on the shed yup
The interesting part is that it was so localized...around here, I'm in one of two towns that got hit like that (well somebody doesn't like Haddon Township or Collingswood!), with a swath of heavy damage less than two miles in length, and only about three blocks wide. Yay for 60mph straight-line winds from the remnants of Hurricane Cindy? We didn't have any actual damage (other than to the poor trees, obviously, and no power), but mom and I took a walk around 8:30, and there was a crushed car in a driveway around the corner, a whole tree down that took out the power lines a block and a half down, a knocked-over chimney and a squashed back deck a little further, and a utility pole down in the road a block from that. And the even bigger trees down that are in the local news story are about 5-6 blocks in the other direction. We didn't walk that way, partly because the traffic light was out on the main road we'd have to cross, and we didn't want to get squished, and partly because I had work at noon.

(And I got to work, expecting people to be all agog over the storm damage...and nobody said a word except for the two women who live in the same town as me, and were like, " do you have power, cause we sure don't" ! The store's barely three miles from my house, so that's how localized the damage was.)

The township was very prompt, though...we were amazed, actually. The branch in the road had been cut up and moved by the time we got back from our hour-long walk, and they came and took it all away during my 12-5 shift at work. And the power must have come back on right after mom and I left around 6 for our Philly Orchestra concert in the evening (the orchestra played the soundtrack to Return of the King while the movie played, which was fantastic. both because of the movie/music, and because watching that kind of movie with several thousand people is hilarious. I think Eowyn's "I am no man" line got the biggest cheer, but there was lots of enjoyable "woohooooooo!"-ing), according to the clocks.

We got back very late, as the traffic getting out of a several-thousand-person concert is always very fun, so I read in bed for a while before I got up this morning, and now am lazing about on the internet! I may poke at the dinner dress once the internet gets boring, but I make no guarantee.


Mid 1860's Red and Black Wrapper Gown

Jun. 25th, 2017 07:55 am
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Posted by Isabella

From the seller:
An antique original 1860 dress that has recently been found at a New England estate sale. The dress is made of cashmere and has a large red leaf pattern on a black background. The neckline, front opening and hemline are made of red cashmere. The front opening has black velvet piping and black velvet button closure. The skirt has a long back sweep.  It is fully lined with cotton.  The dress is in very good and sturdy condition. There are a few scattered moth nips, mostly to the back train. Bust 38 Loose fitting waist 30 Front skirt length 42 Back length 55.
From Me:

I love this wrapper if for no other reason that the use of colors. The print and the plain but vivid red border look perfect together.

1864 Fashion Plate

1862 Fashion Plate

Although I think this particular wrapper/morning dress is from 1864/1865, I wanted to show the 1862 one for the neckline.
[syndicated profile] extantgowns_feed

Posted by Isabella

From the seller:


A most becoming and charming rare American 1830 - 1840 grey silk hand stitched one piece gown with matching cape FOR STUDY. Recently de-accessioned from the Rochester Historical society in New York State, and still retaining its original identification museum tags.
The dress has a back hook and loop closure with long gigot sleeves and the waistline has cartilage pleating in back only and the front is decorated with pleating.
 The bodice is lined with polished cotton and the skirt is unlined.  Piping around drop armscyes, travelling across back  to waist line. Piping around waist line.
Bodice has 5 whale bone baleen stays.
The gown is in very good and sturdy condition.
There is underarm discoloration, and scattered staining, on bodice as well as skirt.
Two back closure hooks missing. There has been a seam opened up around waist line, probably a pleat, and easy fix.  There are two tucks to bring in the opening of the neckline, can easily be released.

None of the flaws are major and do not distract from the overall appearance of the gown. A rare and highly collectible early garment.
Bust 32"
Waist 26"
Length of sleeves 19"
Length of dress from shoulder seam to hemline in back 56".
A very attractive early 19th century gown.

Antique clothing is for display and should not be worn.

From Me:

There is no explaining the 1830's. There just isn't. It's the reason that the 1840's styles are so somber....
[syndicated profile] extantgowns_feed

Posted by Isabella

From the seller:

Offering an exceptional fetching Civil war era 1850- 1860's lady's dressing gown in ivory wool and cotton with blue silk insert trim, with white braided trim, machine sewn and hand sewn.
Recently de-accessioned from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.
The  bodice is piped at armscyes at drop shoulder. The gown is lined with ivory colored polished cotton in bodice and gauze in skirt.  Gown has original fabric covered button closures in front, and one side pocket. The long curved arm sleeves and flared at top and tapering to wrist.

The back waistline is gathered with cartilage pleating hidden by a large back split peplum.

The gown is in fair to good study condition.  There is underarm discoloration stains.   Fringes are complete and not missing. Discoloration staining on front on hem line as shown in photo.  Scattered very small pin size dot oxidation spots all over. Few small holes in tan challis and in blue silk trim. Few small brown spots on front blue silk trim. The fabric is rich and supple.
Bust 38", Waist 38", Sleeve length 21", Length from shoulder to front hem 57",  Length from shoulder to back train 69", Shoulders across back 15", Circumference at hem line 168-1/2".
In fair to good, presentable condition and a great display gown for study or display. A beautiful display gown.
A superb hard to come by dress of 160+ years of graceful life.
This is a wonderful piece to add to an early collection.

From Me:

I think the extant one is later than the one above from a fashion mag circa 1863, but the similarities are pretty obvious: the design down the front, the shape of the sleeves, ect. The only reason I think the extant one is later is the "tails" in the back which were more popular in the later 1860's/early 1870's.

The above are the original photos from the MET...and the reason I think it's really a pale yellow rather than an ivory. Or else, it's faded a lot since it's been de-accessioned!

Here is a lovely gown that was inspired by this extant one.

Tiny Hem Club!

Jun. 24th, 2017 12:58 pm
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OK, that's not a real club, but in August I was inspired by everyone's tiny hems, so decided to try it on the fichu for my bird dress. I was happy with the hem I got on the bias edge, nice and small,but not tiny, but I'm thrilled with the teeny tiny hem I'm getting on the straight. Look at it!


It helps that I'm using the absolutely most gorgeous sheer lightweight muslin voile or I'm not exactly sure what, other than it's stamped Made in Switzerland on the selvage. Hooray for finding it because I've organized the stash!

And the bird dress is done :)


Jun. 24th, 2017 09:05 am
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 Midsummer is a really big thing in Sweden, though Rickard and I haven't celebrarted much the last 25 years or so. As logn as the kids were small we went to some park where thye could dance around the Midsummer pole, but after last year Maja declared that she wasn't interested anymore. Which is perfectly alright, and which meant that today I was the only one going ot the traidtional midsummer celebration at Gunnebo House, with my best friend and her boyfriend and sisters , and their families.

Gunnebo is a lovely 18th cnetury house and gardens and whenever I go there I feel that we have to have another 18th or (early 19th century) picnic there (this photo is taken at an 18th century picnic at Gunnebo). Today there was of course both a group showing folk cancing and dancing around the midsummer pole for the kids. I took some photos from the dancing, because I like both the dancing and the costumes.

More photos )And Inger took photos of me wearing my now taken in folk costume:

Then we went to Inger's place and had new potatoes cooked with dill and herring, the traditional midummer food, but also barbecued chicken and corn and salads. And, as is the tradition, strawberries for dessert.
Maja and Rickard had arrived by then and we had a very pleasant evening. Despite the fact that it was raining and rather cold, but Inger has a roofed patio, and I put on my long wool stockings from the folk costume and a wool cardigan so I wasn't cold.

dinner dress progress

Jun. 23rd, 2017 11:42 pm
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I celebrated the end of summer session by doing nothing but sewing today. Or, well, sewing-related things, anyway. Mostly worked on the dinner dress, but I also unpicked everything that needed to be unpicked to hopefully fix the awful fit of the beige cotton print dress bodice. Took the collar off, took the sleeves off, took out some boning, and took out the side seams. Yay, that's going to be fun...later.

But, decent dress progress was made. I:
- scaled up a bodice pattern from Fashions of the Gilded Age. I was going to just buy the TV pattern, but I'm feeling miserly at the moment, and I have those books, so, might as well use them, right?
bodice pattern in book  bodice pattern in book 2
Read more... )

I don't think I'll have time to sew tomorrow (work, then Philly Orchestra concert in the evening), but I should have a good chunk of time free on Sunday. Maybe I'll try to get a mockup for this bodice fitted? We'll see.

So close!

Jun. 23rd, 2017 01:37 pm
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The bird dress just needs a hem and sleeve hems!


I am so proud of this back though! Of course it's hard to see in such a busy print, but to have finally done the V shapes in back and have the straps form a V feels like a technical marvel :)

And the sleeves were the easiest sleeves I've ever done. Despite altering the pattern for a deeper back, the sleeves with a corner from the original pattern fit perfectly and didn't even need pleats. Not that pleats aren't period, but it's also period to not have pleats, and something that's really too tedious to mess with so I was excited to not have them. I really like the no pleat look :)

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