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The corset and chemise. The dress dummy is set at 34" bust and the corset is still tight on it. This is a good long as I don't gain any weight back!

The dress and sleeve panels I tried to pin the sleeve together to give everyone a good idea of how it should look when it's done....and the pins kept slipping. I promise I will bead it at Pennsic. The threading idea that I had just wasn't working. I'm going to see if I can use some thin wire or something to get this to work....

So, I'm going to finish packing up and get some sleep.


Jul. 31st, 2008 10:36 pm
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So I've tried to bead the sleeve panels together and that so is just not going to happen. I'm going to go to Michaels in the morning and see about some wires to maybe use those instead. I might try the heavy antique silver thread I have here but I hoping to use that in another project. Either way, I'm going to be doing the sleeves at Pennsic. The corset is done. I'm about to finish the Atlantian mullets. I might get Mom's dress done too. That would leave the Eleanor dress, sleeves, and partlet. Oh the fun...
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I have a few pictures up. The dress embroidery/couching is done, thank God. It's not perfect but I don't think it looks bad either.

The front of the dress I haven't finished adding pearls to the partlet and I haven't added the eyelets to the back of the dress either. I should have the pearls added by the end of the week, hopefully. I'm starting on the sleeves tomorrow.

Back of dress Like I said, I haven't put the eyelets in so hence major gaping and ripples. I was more focused on getting the couching done then worrying about eyelets (which I can probably sew in the dark. in the night. with no one else around. not for miles....).

There are couple more pictures up on my flickr account if you want to take a look. Please, comments/suggestions/ect are really helpful. I'm still willing to take things apart to get this dress looking correct!
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The purple Scottish Italian dress is almost done. I finally figured out how to pleat the back without having to cut it up. It looks nice now.

I created a pattern for my Mom's kirtle. It *should* fit her perfectly but I'm making it out of the blue cotton first just to make sure (and so she'll have a nice cool blue Atlantian gown to wear on Sunday of War Week:-) ). She also loves the 12th c ish Green dress from the butterick pattern and really wants that so....[ profile] padawansguide? That's what shall become of the green silk velvet. I promise to take out the princess seams and make it closer to the 12th c...because I just wouldn't be able to stand it otherwise.

Anyway, I cut out the canvas for the bodice of the kirtle. I'm still debating on whether or not to use the purple cotton for lining or just regular old muslin. Given that I think this would be best served as an Atlantian dress, I'm thinking the muslin (that, and it's lighter than the purple cotton for the summer).

I also worked on the pink Eleanor gown. 11 more of those rounded designs to go on the back and the dress is done! I decided to go ahead and make the back match the front and not do the back like the shoulders. Instead, I'll just do one panel for the sleeves that is "embroidered" since that's the way it looks in the painting anyway. I do have pink pearls for the sleeves and I know I have the three strands of black pearls I bought from [ profile] fabricdragon last year in a basket, I think. I need to remember where I put them.

In non-sewing news: I did see Becoming Jane last night. I rather liked it. A couple of things (dresses) made my eyes go "huh?" but all and all it was pretty cute. Then again, I know next to nothing about Jane Austen's life.
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What happened was Mom told me Dad wanted to go see the "caber tossing" this weekend and I figured that spending the weekend with my Dad on Father's Day weekend was probably a far better way to go. After all, the hassle just to get to Hagerstown, only spend a couple of hours, maybe 3, and then have to go home because I need to let Miss Ginsie out? It's just not fair to Ginsie when I could take her and spend the day with my family while listening to great music. And then there is the whole paying versus non-paying thing I mentioned.... That just keeps getting me more and more angry.
So, Potomac Celtic Festival it is. I should have the purple linen Italian Scottish gown done in time (hehehe) for that. I did work on the partlet for the Eleanor gown. I need more trim. I think I've already used about 20 yards or so. I didn't really count. I have plenty, I just need to make more by sewing the ribbons together.
After I get the partlet trim done, I'll sew up the Italian Scottish gown. That won't take long at all since that doesn't require much handsewing at all; only the eyelets. The rest will all be machine.
After all of that is done (this week), I'll get back to the 18th c stuff that seriously needs to get done next week. I might make a 1790's gown first out of this red and white striped cotton I bought a couple of years ago just for a late 18th c gown. I have 13 yards of it so I know I have more than enough and considering it's July, a 1790's "patriotic" gown would work well...
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Here's the Eleanor dress picture again. Look at the "puff" in the sleeve to the right (her left) that is in towards the torso. There isn't any gold trim on it. There also doesn't look to be any on the sleeve to the left either except for the front facing panel. Now, I think I could get away with just doing the front panels of the sleeves but I might be crazy enough to do the front and back panel (every other panel) of the sleeves.
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I put up my old pink bodice if anyone is interested. If you are going to Sapphire and want any of the items up, just tell me and I can bring 'em.

I saw that ebay has changed the way they calculate feedback now. I don't like it. I think the old way, feedback only counting for a each seller rather than from each item, was a lot better. And then there is the whole sellers can't leave negs thing...umm...yeah. Bad. Just bad. I think people are slowly trickling out of ebay finally.

I did work on the partlet last night. I had to go to Plan B part one 1a though. Michael's didn't have any of the gold woven ribbon but they did have a different gold woven ribbon...and tons of it. So I bought up every roll they had (3 rolls with 15 yards each) plus some more of the blue ribbon. I sewed the blue ribbon to the gold ribbon last night. I'll finish putting the ribbon on the partlet tonight and then start working on the dress again.

I also bought "button" fresh water pearls to go on the partlet since all I have are potato and round fresh water pearls. They are a bit bigger than I wanted (8 mm) but they go with the partlet so well.

Now to go to work and write up the handouts inbetween beta testing and meetings! :-)
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I started sewing the partlet. I really did. It took a bloody hour to get one inch of the ribbon sewn on correctly. Um...yeah, no. That's when I came up with plan B. Here is a picture of plan b. What exactly is plan B?
Plan b is, rather than sewing the edges of the blue ribbon down with gold thread to mimic the look in the portrait, I took a wider, flat, gold woven ribbon and sewed the blue ribbon on top of it making....trim! What I want to do is sort of pin the woven pattern of "trim" down on to the partlet and then sew the pearls on top of the cross sections which will secure the trim to the partlet, not ruin the silk nearly as much (holes! all sorts of horrible holes in the organza from trying to sew that bit on). This lovely plan also takes a LOT less time. I think I can be finished with the partlet by late tomorrow night if I'm good.
Plan B is so much simpler than evil plan A. Plan A was just evil...
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The dress back. The reason it looks THAT pink a lot of photos is because it's changeable silk. The threads going one way are that pink, the threads going the other way are silver. It makes the dress overall look like a very nice carnation pink.
Anyway, I've done the borders for the couching/embroidery. I changed the trim which helped a lot. This trim doesn't fray (okay, all trim frays but this kind is easily stopped).

The front. My original plan was to make the borders come to a u-shape in the front and just continue around back. However, I went back and looked at other 1540's/1550's portraits and all the portraits show the trim/embroidery just going straight down and terminating at the sides of the waist. They don't join together.

Jeannie's veil. Actually, it's just the nice big circle I cut out and the trim laid out around it to make sure I have enough. Jeannie is very lucky. I thought I only had a little over 3 yards. After looking through all my trim (I have a suitcase and a box full of trim.), I found another yard. I only have 6 inches to spare but that's plenty to go around the edge of the veil. This was trim I bought YEARS ago for my Ever After Just Breathe gown but I didn't like it for that dress. :-) So, Jeannie gets it.
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Before and After. It looks a bit better but it's still bugging me.

[Poll #1187971]
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Actually, it's a problem with the couching/embroidery/whatever you want to call it. The cord I'm using is fraying at the ends a couple of hours after I attach it. I've tried tucking the end under but that doesn't help. I might go to the old stand by of clear nailpolish but is there any other ideas out there? In order to slip the ends under the bodice and re-sew them in, it would mean taking apart the dress the way I have it sewn. If I have to, I will, but I'd like to hear other options/ideas/thoughts first.

I might end up using a different, thinner cord for the decoration part of the embroidery. I've only finished the outlines for now. The thinner cord is the same color so it won't be glaring, just a thinner cord bound on either side by a thicker cord.

If anyone wants pictures, just ask. I'll take 'em tonight probably.

Quick note

May. 11th, 2008 09:34 pm
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I think "awl" is really the Elizabethan pronunciation of "ow". I decided to not work on the couching because I've seen a couple of portraits that make me think my placement of the embroidery and the actual placement are two different things. So I decided to work on the 56 eyelets. I've gotten through 22 of them. Ouch. My fingers do not like me right now.
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It's not THAT pink and the skirt is sticking out funny because I pulled it that way. I wanted to show that it wasn't a pencil skirt. My dress dummy doesn't have hips and everything falls perfectly straight down on her. I have hips. Things do not fall straight down on me.

True color pink. This is the back of the dress. It's pretty voluminous in the back but I think it's supposed to look that way.

I didn't sew up the inside when I took these pictures. I just don't have the time right now.
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I managed to go through the sewing room. It's clean now. The living room isn't. It has all the stuff I want to sell on Saturday in it. If you like fabric, you'll want to be at this yard sale. I have a brocade, corduroy, silk organza, lining fabric, crinkle cotton, and a ton of scraps for quilting. I also have some old garb. Some of this stuff is total renn faire. I think you might be able to get away with one or two pieces at the SCA but the vast majority? Renn Faire. Even then I think the pink princess Italian gown might get laughed at. Hey, I bought it almost 10 years ago now! It's the reason I started sewing my own garb!

I did work on the Eleanor pink gown. The skirt is properly pleated and attached. I need to sew up the inside. I had to cut 2" off either side of the front at the lacing point. It was way too big. It's now down to where I can wear it properly. It looks so much better now. I'll post pictures after I get the inside sewn and the eyelets in so everyone can see the actual shape.


May. 7th, 2008 10:45 pm
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I only got to sew the back of the bias trim on to the neckline of the Eleanor gown. I had a choice; do sewing or actually look through that stuff upstairs for your yard sale on Sat. The latter won. Sorta. I finished doing all the rooms upstairs so I now have five boxes of stuff to sell ready. It looks like this will grow to ten or so. I need to go through everything in the sewing room and the living room still but most of that should be pretty easy...hopefully. I'll go through it tomorrow.

I did get rid of one bag of garbage after going through the rooms. The rooms still look a mess but at least I know what the heck I have now.

Like I said, the bias trim (all pinked even) is full attached. I might just pin the skirt for now to the bodice because I'm curious to see if the bodice might be a bit too big. I've said it before: I'm squishy; my dress form isn't. I'll punch out a few eyelet with the awl, lace it up, and then see if it fits. If it does, I'll sew it up. If not, I'll cut the sides a bit.
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The above is a link to a close up of the pinking along the bodice edge. I had sewn it on to one side and then flipped it and pinned it to the other to see how it looked/what corrections I need to make. Honestly, it looks okay to my eyes.

The bodice before the bias trim was added.

So, tommorrow, finish up sewing on the bias trim, sew the eyelets, and then add the skirt. Then to do the embroidery....
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The skirt to the gown is done. I'm not sure if I'll add embroidery to that. I really don't see it in many of the portraits from the time but then again, very few paintings show the hems of the gowns. I think the bodice might be enough for now. There are more photos of the skirt and the sleeve pattern are up on my flickr account. The link above should take you there without any problems.
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Cut out the bodice, skirt, and sleeves from the pink silk. I decided to go with a sleeve pattern similar to the sleeves of the Woman's Kirtle in Patterns of Fashion (pg 110). I cut it into the four panels. I'll cut the lining, cotton/linen, tomorrow. (BTW, all linens and blends are on sale at Joanns right now. I got some lovely heavier weight Linen/Rayon in a pretty pink for a waistcoat for the Priscella the Pretty Pirate outfit. It was $4 a yard.)

I have just enough fabric left to do some bias tape for the sides and the neckline. I'm using regular old duck cloth for the inner lining.

In other news, I took apart the watermarked silk 1500's Italian. I ironed the skirt to get a better idea of how bad the watermarks were...and they are bad. Luckily, I think I can cut the skirt in such a way no one will see the watermarks. The fabric is just too pretty to through away!
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I did something sewing related! Woohoo!

The pattern I'm using for my gown. I'm a bit bigger than she was. :-) I tried modifying an existing pattern and that was a no go. I then tried draping and that just came out really funny. So I took the draped pattern and pinned out all the bad stuff to get this pattern. This pattern looks and fits right.

The fabrics I'm using. I've since ironed the organza on my new ironing board. (My old table top one is going to be on sale at the yard sale. $5 if anyone wants it.)

I did buy 9 yards of gold cord. I'll probably need a few dozen yards more but the 9 should work for the neckline of the gown. I do have some cotton/linen blend that I think I'll use for the chemise....

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