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I don't know if you read that the zombies already got [ profile] wereleopard or that the virus appears to be spreading. I know you have them where you are [ profile] thorninthefoot and [ profile] lizziebelle. Any west coasters? Or is it trickling down from out of Quebec into the US? If so, then it is as far south as Virginia (where I am). I don't know if it's made it to North Carolina or not.
I've turned off the lights and only have this one computer going. I think the virus got a few more in the office. However, since it's a stomach virus, they tend to feel sick before the change and head out towards the restrooms. Since you need a badge to get in and zombies can't operate badges and key codes, they can't figure out how to re-enter.
Actually, I was having fun earlier with the radios and playing music really loud through the door. See, we have a camera outside the door and the screen to view it is inside the office space. So I was playing elevator music as loud as I could and all the zombies that were outside the door just started swaying back and forth in place together. It was amusing for a few mintues....then I switched it back to the news to see if there is anything moe on this situation.....I wonder what would happen if I switched it to 14th c medieval music..... Gonna go test a theory...
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I don't know if you've read about the Tunnel fires and power outages here in DC. Or about any of the other odd stuff that is being reported so let me tell you what is not being reported...

There seems to be some sort of virus going around. It starts a bit of a stomach upset. After 12 hours, people turn pasty pale and look to go to sleep. They aren't asleep. Don't believe it. I saw with my own eyes what happened downstairs. I'm glad I work in a badge controlled office right now because the creatures these people become have yet to figure out how to punch in codes to make the badge readers work.
Right now, we are all keeping on lookout. I'm up pretty high and I don't think these...these "zombies" for lack of a better word can come through windows on the 7th floor. There are only a handful of us in here. I'm thinking of closing my office door because I just heard that our Secatary has a bit of a stomach thing....

So, please, if you live in the DC area (or if you don't, please listen because I think it's spreading) stay inside and stay armed. I don't know the exact numbers yet but it looks like around 70% of people are infected at this point with this virus...based on street views and my offfice statistics.
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Okay, maybe it's just my office playing a joke on me because it is Friday the 13th and all that but no one is here. I mean there are a couple of people around but most the office is just out, empty. Yes, it's toward lunch and all but even the server dudes aren't around...and they never leave. (Don't even get me started on how there seems to be a problem with servers. They keep acting up! and the guys thought it was funny to have, rather than an error message, "Brains R Nom")
So, anyways, I'm at work and can't do work because the servers think "Brains R Nom" and well.. I guess it's Starbucks time!
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My super soakers! I had forgotten my beloved weaponry of ages gone by. I have replaced the red kool-aid with all those cleaning soaps I haven't used yet. will post more later from truck. Grabbing Ginsie and..
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I hear there is a wave of them right above B'more coming out of PA. Please be careful if you live in that area. If you are in the DC area, please continue to take precautions and fight the Zombies off.

I haven't heard from my parents or my brothers. I'm sure Lee (my brother) is fine. He is at a Boy Scout camp. If anyone is prepared for this, they are. Between the overly salty food no one in their right mind will eat, the flying saucer hamburgers, and pocket knives I think he'll survive. My dad I'm not so sure about...he always has had a big heart when it comes to Zombies and has, in the past, tried to immulate their culture....
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I just found some more news regarding the Zombies. You can view it at:

It maybe helpful to those that are still out there...there are fewer and fewer of us...


Jun. 13th, 2007 03:57 pm
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Have you heard? How is everyone? Are y'all okay? Check in, please! Call! Email! Comment! Come over if you are not part of the living-dead!

If you haven't gotten to a tv yet or can't thanks to the banging on the door, they have arrived. That wasn't hail earlier was something else...from somewhere else. I'm not sure what has happened yet but I'm glad I didn't go into work today. Ginsie is safe. It's a good thing I didn't let her go outside or else she might have gotten infected too.

I'm told that the infection starves the brain but re-animates the tissue. These...these zombies are everywhere. I saw a few heading down the street away from the local grocery store. Maybe they have discovered something? I just know the zombies were almost running away from the center of town.

I have only had to use my swords a couple of times. They seem to not like dogs and run away at the sound of barking...and the sound of soda cans opening now as well. Too bad I don't have any mentos around the house.

I will blog more later with updates on the zombie situation.

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