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I really, really, like this style. I do still have to add the lacing rings but that's it. I constructed this one a bit differently than my other gowns. The skirt is gathered and then sewn, right sides together, to the bodice, rather than sewing just the outer part of the bodice to the skirt and flipping those under to tuck underneath the lining. I hope that makes sense!


Jul. 25th, 2010 12:58 am
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The 1550's Venetian dress bodice out of the blue brocade I got last year at Pennsic and dyed pink. I used two packages of scarlet red rit dye just to see what would happen. I totally love the color it came out as. I need to sew up and gather the skirt but I'll do that in the morning.

I need to also go and get wide double folded black bias tape for the surcote. The single fold worked for the sides but not for the back where it's pleated. It's just too thick to wrap the bias tape around the fabric at that point. However, I only need to do that and the hem and it's done so maybe another ten minutes of work. The pictures I took of it are atrocious because the coat is black and it's impossible to see the shape. It does have shape. Honest! I need to go outside and wear it over a gown to really show it off properly.
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I really love the side lacing early 1500's Italian gowns. I really, truly do. The reason is not only because the gowns themselves fit like a sports bra with a skirt but because I can have pockets beneath the gown! The side lacing lends itself perfectly to pockets so I don't have to carry a stupid bag. Grr. I hate purses, no matter their form.

The pink dress is 100% hand sewn. I stitched the sides of the skirt together yesterday (herringbone at the bottom but whip stitch the rest of the way up), gathered the top of the skirt, attached it the bodice, and then stitched the bodice closed. I just finished the eyelets today. I'm thinking maybe for Coronation? I might make something else for that...
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So, Friday. I had a lot packed and basically threw it into the car, leaving around noon or so. basically, I kept forgetting stuff and had to make sure I really did pack everything I needed and wait until store opened to go get emergency supplies (like beading wire) so I left a couple of hours later than I wanted to. The traffic was pretty bad, but more for the terrible accident than for construction.
A tractor-trailer ran off the side of the road and down the embankment (which was more of a cliff given the depth and angle) and caught on fire. The driver was okay (or, at least, I think that was the driver sitting there by the side of the road looking down the embankment with the "Dear God!" look on his face) but it looked pretty bad. That caused everything to be back upped on I-70 for a few miles. The construction? Only took a half hour.

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Overall, Pennsic was great and I'm sorry I didn't get to see everyone but I am happy that I got to see a lot of you. Feel free to comment with your favorite Pennsic pictures and/or whatever. :-)
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The corset and chemise. The dress dummy is set at 34" bust and the corset is still tight on it. This is a good long as I don't gain any weight back!

The dress and sleeve panels I tried to pin the sleeve together to give everyone a good idea of how it should look when it's done....and the pins kept slipping. I promise I will bead it at Pennsic. The threading idea that I had just wasn't working. I'm going to see if I can use some thin wire or something to get this to work....

So, I'm going to finish packing up and get some sleep.
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Me in my red & gold Venetian. My hair really is that color right now. It's fun when I just have barrettes on the sides to see people's reactions. It's almost as bad as wearing garb in a grocery store. :-)

EDIT: The front view is here I just don't like the underarm look there. It goes away with the sleeves on, or at least it's not noticeable. The "chemise" is a very old one but it works for seeing how things will look once I wear one of my real chemises. This one was meant to be a "pirate" shirt. :-)

One of the repairs I made to the Peacock Gown. It should hold until after Pennsic. I think, after Pennsic, I might just recut the bodice all together. I found enough scrap fabric that I can just remake it.

Ginsie helping me sew And y'all say you have problems with the cats helping? ;-) That's Shiloh in the background. Ginsie and the "orb" are in the foreground. This was a couple of weeks ago around the Fourth.

I have a few more up on my flickr account, as always. Feel free to ask questions, look around, and make silly comments (or serious ones). :-) I have finish one sleeve. Hint: Sewing while watching "The Nativity Story" (Gives new meaning to 'Christmas in July' :-) ) is extremely slow. I'm going to see about sewing during "Affair of a Necklace" tomorrow.
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Mom's early 16th C kirtle I based it on the kirtles seen in Henry VIII's Book of Hours. It's green linen with a brown linen blend lining. I didn't iron it prior to trying it on the Anne Boleyn model but I think you can see that the front looks okay.

The problem is in the back. There is a slight gap at the bottom of opening in the back. I'm guessing this might be due to the dress dummy itself and nothing else. However, I'm thinking of maybe adding a gore? Any other ideas? I had to take the stitching out at the bottom of the opening because the opening had to be bigger to fit over the dress dummy. :-)
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So I went through my gowns because I know there are a few that need to be repaired prior to Pennsic. A couple I can just repair at Pennsic, if necessary, like my Gothic Fitted Gown (I need to move the buttons since I lost a bit of weight since I made the thing). Most I need to do a repairs here. So, repair gowns!

Peacock Venetian - I'm working on that now. I want to wear it to Novice given the theme is "birds". What better than peacock feather brocade sleeves to match my changeable fabric that goes from blue to green to purple (ignore the fact it's poly taffeta. Yes, I'll be carefully about hydration) with my peacock fan? Hmm...I wonder if I can get a pair of blue Mary Janes and add a peacock feather to the tops of them....I have peacock feather earrings! ...Oh...and I bet I can finish up that beaded snood and use that....hmmm...

The Florentine gown - I need to replace the lining on it. The jacquard is fine but the lining has had it. Oh the fun of picking out eyelets....

Red/Gold Venetian- I still need to piece it back together. This means re-pleat the skirt.

Mom's Turkish - I'm not sure if I'll bother taking the gores out and moving them up or not quite yet. It depends on how much time I end up having a week or so before Pennsic.

Green Venetian - Not sure if I'll bother with this either given it's a "winter" gown and not meant for summer wear. However, I do need to take it apart and re do the straps and the pleats on the skirt.

I can probably get each of these done in an afternoon. However, I still need to finish the sleeves on the Eleanor gown, make Mom at least another outfit or two, make us both more chemises (6 for her, 1 or 2 for me), and do all this before the end of the month! Yeap, I'm busy. I so will be sewing all day at Novice. If I'm not sewing for more than 30 minutes and it's not feast? Yell at me, please.
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I have a few pictures up. The dress embroidery/couching is done, thank God. It's not perfect but I don't think it looks bad either.

The front of the dress I haven't finished adding pearls to the partlet and I haven't added the eyelets to the back of the dress either. I should have the pearls added by the end of the week, hopefully. I'm starting on the sleeves tomorrow.

Back of dress Like I said, I haven't put the eyelets in so hence major gaping and ripples. I was more focused on getting the couching done then worrying about eyelets (which I can probably sew in the dark. in the night. with no one else around. not for miles....).

There are couple more pictures up on my flickr account if you want to take a look. Please, comments/suggestions/ect are really helpful. I'm still willing to take things apart to get this dress looking correct!
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The dress back. The reason it looks THAT pink a lot of photos is because it's changeable silk. The threads going one way are that pink, the threads going the other way are silver. It makes the dress overall look like a very nice carnation pink.
Anyway, I've done the borders for the couching/embroidery. I changed the trim which helped a lot. This trim doesn't fray (okay, all trim frays but this kind is easily stopped).

The front. My original plan was to make the borders come to a u-shape in the front and just continue around back. However, I went back and looked at other 1540's/1550's portraits and all the portraits show the trim/embroidery just going straight down and terminating at the sides of the waist. They don't join together.

Jeannie's veil. Actually, it's just the nice big circle I cut out and the trim laid out around it to make sure I have enough. Jeannie is very lucky. I thought I only had a little over 3 yards. After looking through all my trim (I have a suitcase and a box full of trim.), I found another yard. I only have 6 inches to spare but that's plenty to go around the edge of the veil. This was trim I bought YEARS ago for my Ever After Just Breathe gown but I didn't like it for that dress. :-) So, Jeannie gets it.

Garb work

May. 1st, 2008 06:57 pm
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I was thinking (Yes, I know. That's dangerous within itself) that I might just take the old watermarked Italian apart and reuse the skirt as the upper back and inside sleeves for the late 16th c/early 17th c coat. (Patterns of Fashion pg 122. Also in Historical Fashion in Detail pg 174). The silk of the gown is about right for that and no one will care (much) if I use watermarked silk for lining (the watermarked parts will probably be used, if at all possible, for the lining of the back of the coat). I have the right colored velvet (it's not cut velvet but it's a nice mulberry~ish color) and I have the right trim so the silk from the gown should work.

I can also keep the bodice and just use it to draft out future side lacing patterns....

Other sewing front stuff:

18th C corset - If I can remember to work on it, it will be done by the end of May.

Gothic Fitted Gown - Yes, it's "officially" done but I decided I want to make it more period and add tippets. Once I do that, it will be really done.

Pennsic Project - Umm, yeah. I should start on that, huh?

I should also mention that the yard sale will be on May 10th. I decided this last week but I kept forgetting to post that. I just really have a lot of stuff to go through and the whole pricing thing will take a while...


Apr. 6th, 2008 09:59 pm
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Mom decided I needed kidnapping today. We took Dad to the airport and then went to Tysons (Corner Mall, 8th biggest mall in the USA). The Hallmark store there was the only store left (that I've found) that has(d) the "New World Candles". It was a group of candles that Yankee Candle brought out in 2007. Mom LOVES the Mediterranean Cypress and I love the Moroccan Rose (It smells like Egypt! Honest.). I also like the Indonesian Ginger (it smells yummy). So, we each bought a ton of candles (Pennsic will smell really nice this year!).
I took Mom around the mall which is always interesting. We went home and I got a bit of sewing in (I brought my 18th c stays with me and worked on those) as well as some knitting (it's looking like a blanket!!!). I also played with the baby and told him all about the contrast and comparisons between the old Charlie and Chocolate Factory and the new one. (Hey, it was on! We must integrate the child into pop culture sooner or later. Who cares if he's only three months old and thinks Aunt Sissy is amusing?)
Also, it looks like I will be teaching a class at Sapphire Joust. This should be will be on early 16th c Italian styles (How they vary from region to region, the variations in the first 30 years or so, how to recreate them, ect...) I'll bring (probably be wearing at least one) a few examples and all..

I've decided that I finally know what I'm going to do with the maroon velvet that I've had for four years or so will be a coat. Specifically, the coat on page 122 of your Janet Arnold book as well as page 174 of your Historical Fashion in Detail book. I have pink silk (somewhere. I think it's in Harry Potter's room.) I have silver lace with spangles (Thank you India! I've gotten some amazing trims from people in India...). All that with the maroon velvet should make for a similar looking garment....
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I ran across some WONDERFUL information in regards to 16th C Turkish women's clothing early last year...and lost the link. It was dreadful to loose because the link had tons, and I mean TONS, of great information. Well, I decided to give it a shot and try and find it today and...yeap! I found it!

It's a big pdf so it might take a bit on slower computers/connections. This might be of interest to anyone going to A Day in the Middle East. It does discuss the layers (all of 'em) and gives a pretty good picture as to what was worn.

Now, to get that linen so I can start on Mom's outfit...
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I got to dress up the Mommy! Tehehehe! Holiday faire ) So that's my Holiday Faire report for now. Mom loved meeting all these people I talk about so she can put faces to the names now. :-)
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...that I have to do before the end of the year. I cut out the Viking last night over at a friends house. Everyone was giggling. "Isabella's cutting out a early stuff?" Well, until they realized I was doing the multi-piecing period cuts and then they gave me the "You are no fun look" :-)

So, Viking and Gothic Fitted gown are both on the list. I need to get both done by the end of the MONTH. Fun. Actually, It shouldn't be too bad as long as I cut a bunch of patterns out this weekend and then I can sew through out the week.

sewing details blah blah blah )

So, that's my sewing update for now.
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It's ummm..bright? Okay, so it's not neon bright or highlighter bright but it's very very pink. The color is called "azalea" and that's a very proper name for it. I'm hoping I can just wash it and it will fade but I might have to use more drastic measures. Not that it matters; it's project 53 on the list of things to do.
I need to get three (and a half) gowns before the end of the year. (Not to shabby, huh?) One is the Gold court gown from Ever After. I'm kinda thinking that that might be a good one for Holiday Faire. Another is the green Elizabethan...that should be done before Christmas. The third is the pink Venetian I've been playing with since sometime last year. It's pink wool and ummm...yeah. I need to finish that one.
After all that, I can start on Mom's gowns. You see, Mom is coming to Pennsic next year (Woohoo! Play dress up the mommy!). She has a couple of outfits (a linen tunic and pants outfit that needs some embroidery to be passable but it's fine for Pennsic and a green silk late 14th/early 15th c gown.) but she desperately needs more. She is in love with the very early 16th c English style (the really early Tudor gowns) so I'm going to try and make her a couple of those. As long as she has a weeks worth of garb, she'll be fine...well, that, and the fact that they do have washing machines at Pennsic. She was happy about that.
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Pictures! )

so, yeah, this is what I was going to wear today with a black/navy blue wool skirt and a bumroll but it looks like it's going to be a TV and cell phone day today. ::sighs::

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It will be HOT. It looks like it will be in the mid to high 90s. Now, we've all dealt with the heat before but it's been really cool the past few days so I'm not sure how well many of us will adapt to this sudden heat surge. Because of the heat, I'm going in my handsewn pink/blue Italian. It's silk, it's light, and it's about as close to period summer clothing as you can get. (okay, so it's about 20 years prior to the timeline of MDRF but I'd much rather be comfortable than sticking to a storyline). I'll probably only stay part of the day. (I plan on being there for opening ceremonies and leaving around noonish) I'll probably have my parasol and fan with me because I know my body has already acclimated to the mid 70's temps we've been enjoying.

So things to remember for HOT days:
  • Drink LOTS of water: No, Angie, cider does not count as water

  • Bring a fan: guys, you can use a big hat if it helps...

  • Wear long sleeves: if you have loose fitting longer sleeves, like those of a chemise, it really does help. Also, it helps to prevent sunburn

  • Stay in the shade: Luckily, MDRF is well known for being mostly shaded. However, we all know that the joust field can feel like a volcano during the middle of the day. Bring a parasol or an umbrella for portable shade. You can also wear a hat but hats tend to trap heat in the body which is exactly what you don't want to do. There are some period hats that do not have a of which is nothing more than a straw hat with the crown cut out of it. You can easily buy a straw hat at a craft store for $3 and cut the crown out yourself. I've done that in the past and it does help...especially if you keep your hair over the hat and off your neck! (Again, period.)

  • Wear suitable clothing: I realize not everyone has an extensive garb closet but do try to wear natural fibers as much as possible. Linen is the best; cotton is great and I personally love lightweight silk. If this means you don't get to wear your "prettiest" stuff tomorrow, that's fine. I certainly won't be wearing my most gorgeous gown out tomorrow.

  • Most importantly, If you feel faint or dizzy, GO TO FIRST AID! They will give you nice cold water and you can even lie down in the back. They are very nice there.

So, hopefully everyone that is going will have a ton of fun tomorrow. Please feel free to add any other suggestions down in comments!
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Okay, only one picture this time...

Italian Renn Gown )
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