Oct. 22nd, 2017 10:36 pm
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The rain cloud dress sleeves are pinned in!

They're different than I planned. I planned a silver sleeve over an organza puff. Instead, it's an organza puff over a fitted silver sleeve. I initially made the puff over a white lining, but didn't like it, and then liked the puff on its own without a sleeve over it. It's a little 1830s, but they're very cloud like, and fancy dress breaks rules anyway.

Tomorrow, hopefully sew them in and closures!

Starting new medication

Oct. 23rd, 2017 07:00 am
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I have started on methotrexate again, haven't eaten the stuff for almost a decade, since I got so sick from it. Now I'm on  small dose which will be combined with remicade (imfliximab) in a few weeks. Hopefully my psoriatic arthritis will get better from this.

This would be especially useful since I lost my sick benefits 11 months ago, because the agency claims that the arthritis does not in any way affect my ability to work, so I've been living on half a salary since then. if I get better, I can try to get more work at the univrsity, which would be great. 
Aside from that it would be great to get better anyway.

(no subject)

Oct. 22nd, 2017 11:12 pm
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Last night I had a disconcerting experience. To describe it I must set the stage - we live on a corner, with no fencing anywhere around our house and our only large plants are a huge holly bush at the front door, a slightly small bush I've never learned the name of, and our willow tree out in the curve of the corner. Our roll-top desk sits between the two front windows in our library, so when I am sitting at it while on my computer I need only to crane my neck a bit to see a part of anyone standing at our front door. My husband hates having the outdoor light on there (its dimness is still 'blinding' to him at night) so we normally have only the garage light on, which barely illuminates the porch & front door area. Well, enough to almost gauge the slight step-up from the walkway. For me - he can see fine.

Yesterday he and a friend were in western Virginia visiting other friends at their home (Silverleaf Estates) so knowing that he'd be coming home late - we _always_ come home late from Silverleaf! - I'd left the porch light off but bolted the door. I don't normally lock the door but thinking that he'd like finding it that way, I had. He regularly locks the door when he's home and I don't, usually, unless I plan on taking a nap or a shower. So I thought it'd please him that I was 'being careful'.

So. The sun was down, the porch was dark, and earlier than he should have been able to, I heard the sound of a key being jingled in the door lock. I stayed at the computer though, with my head turned to welcome him home. But he didn't come n. And it didn't feel right. So I went to the door and turned on the outer light - there was no one there. I could see our car in the driveway and no other vehicles around the front of the house. I stepped out to see if he'd parked along the side. The truck wasn't here. Now I was bewildered. I came back into the house and rebolted the door then went into the kitchen, turning on the light, to get a bottle of water from the fridge. Which is when I heard the sound of someone jiggling a key or something in the lock of our _back_ door, at the patio.

And that is when I called the police. The emergency operator stayed on the line with me until the cops had arrived and walked around our house. The area was, of course, empty. I was being a coward. I stood in the darkened hallway in a spot where I could easily hear all the windows and doors in the home if they were moving, where I was not visible from outside or even visible from within the lighted areas of the house. I could flee in any direction if I needed to. Believe it or not, I was spooked. It didn't feel 'right'. And later, once there was no more noises, it seemed to reset to 'right' and I started to think that perhaps some local kids were taking advantage of the upcoming holiday and "scaring the old lady" they could see through the front window. Because anyone coming up to our front door would have had to be blind not to see me through the lace curtains over our front windows.

But I don't know - three police units responded to my call with their lights on. That is NOT a normal response. I'm wondering if they've been dealing with at-home break ins and because I don't read the local news much I just wasn't aware of what's been going on.

a weekend

Oct. 22nd, 2017 11:15 pm
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Yesterday I did pretty much nothing. I sat on the couch in the fetal position and tried not to barf. Yay periods! when you get one every 6 months it sucks. and no it's not by choice. I have defective ovaries.

Today I NEEDED to get LOTS DONE both in cleaning the house for our Halloween party next weekend and in Gettysburg sewing. In fact I'm kind of in that SO MUCH TO DO SO OVERWHELMED CAN'T DO ANY OF IT place. So I started small. I got up, showered and did a load of laundry. Then I de-clogged the tub (which was DISGUSTING) wait that was pre-shower...

Rob and I tottered off to Target to get our flu shots. PSA you all SHOULD get a flu shot and Target gives you $5 for doing so (and my insurance 100% covers it) so I got a free box of pumpkins and a free skull for making Rob get stabbed ;-) Then we came home and at lunch. We did another layer of spray paint on the patio set we picked up at the habitat for humanity re-store. only the table left to go! But we ran out of cardboard to stand things on.

Ellie and Rob went to the park and I took a nap...oops? Then I NEEDED to I started to pick up things. It's amazing what a good housekeeper I can be when I need to sew. I found half of the dining room table, emptied and re-loaded the dishwasher, picked up a bunch in the living room and found the coffee table. Still not company worth but...every little bit helps. Rob swears he's going to work on the list I made today. And I do have Thursday off.

After dinner I did FINALLY sew. I finished the corset. Got the alphabet skirt onto the waistband and the hem facing sewn and ironed up to be hand whipped down. So I just need to whip down the wiastband and the facing and add a hook and eye and the skirt at least is that the corset is done I need to fit a ballgown bodice pattern.


Staying Centred

Oct. 22nd, 2017 10:57 am
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Centreville Day was all right. It'd be six years since the last one and, well, it was almost identical. The Old Stone Church still had the bake sale and plowman's lunch. The Spindle Sears House, Christian Science Reading Room, and Mount Gilead were all open for tours, and all looked the same. The Stuart-Mosby Cavalry Museum had not gotten any new inventory.

I mean, I had some fun, and it was great to see Mea and her sewing machines, but I guess I'd kind of hoped for a little more change in six years. Festivals really shouldn't be an "I've seen it once so I don't need to go back" sort of affair. On the bright side, I added two drawings to my Centreville sketch book (the crumbling Harrison House and the fire department), plus after tromping around there for a few hours I went ahead and walked the two miles home. So at least I got some exercise.

The rest of my weekend has been mostly registering books. Josh had a big box of children's books that were going to be donated, and we always need children's books for Kensington and Gaithersburg, so I offered to take them. BookCrossing says I registered 66 books, and that's not including the Disney books Bill took. Not bad. Certainly more than I usually contribute to the festival supply.

We bought our pumpkins yesterday and plan on carving today. Not sure what else I'm going to do. So far the answer has been "absolutely nothing". Should probably remedy that. Maybe I'll start by taking a shower.

Collar embroidery

Oct. 21st, 2017 08:58 pm
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I haven't worked on any of the dresses themselves today, but a few minutes ago I started collar embroidery for the first time in a few days, so that's something :)


Oct. 20th, 2017 09:25 pm
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The armscyes on the rain cloud dress are piped. Maybe sleeves tomorrow? I might know what I want them to look like?

(no subject)

Oct. 20th, 2017 10:56 pm
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There is a meme on Facebook where the poster pledges to write a friend into a story (introduce them into a story) if they reply to the meme. Seemed simple enough. I expected maybe 10 responses. Maybe.


oops didn't post yesterday

Oct. 20th, 2017 10:46 pm
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I forgot to post yesterday. WHOOPS. I was off yesterday but had a hard time getting started. I did eventually get some traction....

drumroll please )Yes yes I will put it over a shorter hoop. I ordered this exact one again and I'm going to just move the bottom one UP to the final length but I'm not positive what that will be. So I'm doing it over the long one at the moment.
I did not manage to get the waistband on...but I put in a real placket (that never happens). And tonight I got the grommets set for the corset (remember that one...) and pinned on the waistband...currently I don't want to go upstairs and sew it on. 

Aunt flo came today. so I feel disgusting. 
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oops! But I've been sewing! Not as much as I should be, with Gettysburg now officially less than a month away. Shh, don't remind me.

Instead I've made two new 18th century outfits, one of which the weather has been decidedly uncooperative about me wearing. 80°+ weather and a wool gown do not go together. Maybe if I do some December stuff it'll get an outing. I also made a shortgown/bedgown, which [personal profile] mandie_rw and [personal profile] robinsnest have both posted pictures of, from our bedgown revolt last weekend.

Gettysburg sewing (and knitting and crocheting) is still progressing. I'm not worried yet that I won't finish my sewing. I'm not sure other things will be finished in time, though. I've got an in progress shawl, but it's the bottom of the list. The tunisian crochet under petti I'm working on is taking precedence over that. We'll see!

Local Miscellany

Oct. 20th, 2017 08:49 pm
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Bill bought a dozen fish for Milo. They were gone in three days, which is actually a really long time for her. Usually they last a couple hours, max.

Weekend before last I decided to do a bit of more local tourism and hit the Freedom Museum and Ben Lomond, both in Manassas. The former was pretty meh but Ben Lomond had been a field hospital during the Civil War and is done up like that, complete with sounds and smells. I convinced Bill to go this past weekend, and he really enjoyed it too. I think he's going to join me at the National Museum of Health and Medicine up in Silver Spring later this month, where I'm going for a sketch outing appropriately titled "Skulls!!" We both enjoy history, but I suspect I am a lot more interested in generic old houses than he is.

We saw the new Blade Runner, which Bill loved and I just thought was okay. I know that people who love it will just think that I am a troglodyte that can't handle anything more cerebral than a Michael Bay film, but I found it boring and pretentious. And what was up with animatronic Jared Leto?

I hadn't been wearing my engagement ring for at least a year because one of the posts had sheared off and I worried about the gemstone falling out. I finally took it to a local jeweler to be fixed (where he commented that he was actually kind of surprised I hadn't cracked the stone), and it is gorgeous. Looks like when Bill first gave it to me back in 2005.

We have a digital subscription to the Washington Post at work so coworker Christy and I are on a mission to figure out just what the hell is going on in Mark Trail. We have thus far been unsuccessful but it is an adventure. (Our definition of "adventure" may be a bit different from most people's, but hey, we get a bit entertainment-starved at work.)

This past Saturday we had a project party at Six's house. I gluebooked all day and got completely caught up on GST spreads, including the lighthouse challenge. So I'm pleased about that, even though I still need to scan and post. Sunday I went to a BCinDC meetup in Alexandria. Kaiser and Jenner joined us because I'm reading Jenner's novel draft and Bill suggested it might be better for us to talk in person rather than online. He's a wise one, that man of mine. So that went well. And we had ice cream for dinner.

Tomorrow I'm going to make an appearance at Centreville Day for the first time in six years. I'm hoping to make another couple entries in my hyperlocal tourism sketchbook. Bill and I also plan to carve pumpkins and otherwise take it easy as there are very few unbusy weekends left this year.

London next week

Oct. 20th, 2017 01:35 pm
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 I'm working on my presentation for the Association of Dress Historians' conference and I really ought to finish it this weekend, because on Wednesday I leave for London and I do have other stuff to do before that. Like planning entirely new classes.


Oct. 19th, 2017 09:03 pm
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The rain cloud skirt is on the waistband, the hem facing is done, and it looks good over the tied up hoop without a petticoat.

I'm inching towards being ready...

Yaay! I'm going to New York!

Oct. 19th, 2017 11:53 am
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I got accepted to the "Inside out: Dress and Identity in the Middle Ages" conference at Fordham University next March!

This creates all sort of trouble, since we had planned, and announced that we would have the SCA event St.Egon's feast that weekend and I really have to be there because a)I'm stepping down as baroness, and b) I'm the feastocrat.

So now I've dumped this problem in the lap of my poor friend Alfhild, who's the seneschal, and also autocrat for the event.

It makes me sad and stresses me - but still: New York!

I am very excited, since I've never been in the US before.

another 12 hour day

Oct. 18th, 2017 11:28 pm
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Today was my second 12 hour day this week. But I keep telling myself I have to sew every day after is less than a month and all. So today I sewed the second half of all the first french seams (up to 52 seams sewn).


Saveall pressed open. Then I sewed the pairs into couplets for the first half of that french seam...13 more seams. (65 done. 39 to go)
Then I couldn't handle the thought of more seams so I switched gears and made a replacement for the lacing panel I put too big of holes in now that I ordered smaller grommets. They came yesterday so I should get those put in and finish the corset.

Thank you for everyone's sympathy about the car. $400 later...

As usual...

Oct. 18th, 2017 08:13 pm
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I do less the day after doing tons. The rain cloud skirt hem facing is pinned, and I hemmed a Halloween costume for a teacher's daughter. I still plan on starting to hem my dress...

avoidance tactics

Oct. 17th, 2017 11:29 pm
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I'm getting into the mid-semester OH GOD EVERYTHING IS DUE AT ONCE. Tonight I wrote out my schedule of work I need to do in the next week and a half...and shut all my books (nope nope nope) and took out my sewing.

Finally finished that damn short hoop, thanks to the bolt cutters borrowed from [personal profile] hiraimi  to cut the boning! Managed to cut the bottom steels too long and totally ripped the fabric while trying to wedge them in. Ooops? Ghetto-tastic mending with giant stitches were then in order. If it doesn't explode, I don't care what it looks like! The front of the hoop is maybe a leeeeettle wonky-shaped, but I don't think it's very obvious when there's a skirt over it. That's my story and I'm sticking to it, anyway.

And then I leveled the top of the short petticoat and am currently sewing the waistband on, which I am determined to finish before bed. The hoop itself is probably a couple of inches shorter than it could be, but it's kind of hard to judge the length of a hoop til it's done, so oh well! Petticoat can fudge the length a little bit since it's got a flounce. And...this hoop is possibly the dumbest looking thing I've made in a while. It looks like a deranged flying saucer. xD


Oct. 17th, 2017 08:24 pm
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Finishing the rainbow painting took about fifteen minutes. Very nice!

And all of the machine work on the rain cloud skirt is done. I didn't plan on that, but that's good!

Now I'm sitting down for the first time in three hours. I'm even going to eat...

tonight's progress

Oct. 17th, 2017 10:59 pm
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well I was making fairly good progress till I was ironing waiting for Rob to get back from the store and get a txt "I think the car is smoking" appears that something is blowing a large amount of steam out. And did I mention we're currently a one car family as the breaks in my car are suddenly massively less yeah. I begged a ride to work tomorrow morning...I HOPE the car is fixable tomorrow or I won't be able to get home. how we afford a repair remains to be seen. I am SO OVER being broke.

I did manage to get 26 seams trimmed, pressed and ready to be frenched. *sigh*

Rainbow train!

Oct. 16th, 2017 08:57 pm
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After a comedy of errors that included a hairball, dripping paint, finding the paint didn't run so resist was unnecessary, and being thankful the paint wiped off the floor easily, and starting over, the rainbow panel for the back overskirt train drapey thing for the rain cloud dress is half done. Once I stopped fumbling around, this only took about half an hour, I think, but I was Done. So hopefully the other half tomorrow...

And bonus Koshka :)

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