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Poe was lovely. I'll write more about it when I've had more than three hours of sleep. :-)

Absolutely stunning muslin gown circa 1800~1810. I, personally, don't think it's as late as 1810 but it's an absolutely stunning gown. Check out the bodice and notice how the fabric was embroidered, then cut. :-)

1820's gown in olive silk. I really love this and would bid more if I didn't need a new vacuum cleaner so badly...

This one claims to be from around the 1810's. It looks like a remake to my eyes but I very well could be wrong...
isabelladangelo: (postcard vintage) < Beautiful blue 1870's dress < 19th C fashion timeline with a lot of extant examples < Evidence our ancestors didn't always have great taste. (The cut is gorgeous but the colors? It almost makes my Pink Dress from Heck look sane....almost...) < fashion plates! Lots and lots of 'em!
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I'm making a short list because if I make a big list, nothing will ever get done. See? I'm learning...slowly.

Finish up the Regency gown tonight and tomorrow night. I think a forest green sash with the thing will look lovely (the dress will be a coral rose color). I promise to post pictures.

Once I get that done, I'm going to take the red poly satin stuff I have lying around (bought it online years ago and was told it was silk. It's some sort of poly blend) and make one of the Dangerous Beauty type gowns. I have enough and I can easily make the dress and pants to go with it. This should work for the weekend of the 12th and 13th, don'tcha think? :-) Now, If I can get the person I'm bringing to dress up too...that would be good.

After that, back to Regency and make the short stays. That shouldn't be too bad...hopefully.
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Okay, so I did something really dumb while knitting. The shawl I had been trying to create is not a shawl. I used one entire skein of green fuzzy yarn to create...a great big diamond. Ya know, I really should have figured out the geometry of doing increases in the center of the knit rather than on the ends would create a giant diamond. ::Sighs:: So, now, Marxer, my nephew, has his own little lap blanket. This makes Jeannie happy. My brothers loved the color and were surprised that I made it. At least I finished it correctly which is a big improvement. (I've only been knitting for about two years if anyone is wondering.)

I mowed the lawn, finished the diamond, almost finished another skein of yarn for my own blanket, and I'm about to cut out the Regency gown. I also went shopping (Hot Topic is having a sale! Woohoo! Like I could pass up a hot pink Little Mermaid sweatshirt.), saw Mom, and, of course, got the freakin' internet fixed. Turns out the modem died a horrible death. The poor cable guy had to try three different modems until one worked. Internet good. Shopping good. Sewing good. A day off of work to get things done? Wonderful.
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I'm at my Parent's house right now. The internet went down at my house last night. I am NOT happy. It was intermittent (meaning if I tried a couple of times, a page would come up but AIM and YahooIM were total losses) so I called up cable. The lady said to turn everything off so I did. When I turned everything back was dead. Very very dead. So now I have to take off work tomorrow in order to wait around (ie sew) for the cable guy to come over and fix the blasted thing. This is NOT fun. At least I might be able to finish the work I started last night on my Regency gown (I need something to wear to Fort Fredrick!). It's a deep coral rose color.
If I get that done, I might start on the Ever After gown after that...

Poe Dress

Jan. 15th, 2008 11:01 pm
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Picture )

The coat I'm really happy about so far. I'll post pictures of that later. I might just hide beneath that the entire time. :-)

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I finally got around to taking the skirt off the Elizabethan. I think I'm just going to make it more mid 16th c Italian now that it's in pieces. I still need to cut the skirt up and then resew the entire thing. That, hopefully, won't take too long tonight.

Poe Dress: In pieces as well. :-) Although I did go last night to Joann's and get the flannel backed satin [ profile] attack_laurel suggested. It still seemed a bit thin so I'm creating an inner layer of the super thin fleece. That should make it warm. The fleece is grey, the satin is black, and the coat is black velvet. I'm thinking of adding some of the lilac cording I've had since 2003 to the sleeves of the coat around the cuffs. I saw a pattern I liked...just need to find the thing, that's what's work is for! Looking for random things no one else can find or remember!

...I'm so bringing my muff to this....

18th c gown: Yes, I'm making plans for this now. I figure I'll make one out of the 7+ yards of brown cord I have lying about. That with some sort of pink fabric (velvet?) should look okay. I'll make a second one after I figure out the problems with the first. Which is why I want to use the $1 yard cord I got ummm...three years ago? first. I have patterns for it, I think I'll go with the later 1760's early 1770's style for now but we'll see....

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