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Just in case anyone thought I had forgotten about making my house for Pennsic:

:-) Now, it won't look exactly like that because the planner didn't have things like vertical ladders or raised area that serves as both a storage area and as a bed. :-) Or, trailer wheel coveres...that's what the nightstands plus the pillows are for.
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Well, for at least a couple of hours. I really just stayed in the barn and watched the guys fight. Ginsie wanted to play war dog and I had to tell her that she couldn't. She was only allowed to play medieval dog (she had her plaid coat on cause it was cold in the barn!). There really weren't that many people there and I was surprised by that. I saw maybe 60 people total there...and that includes when I snuck up to the hall for a couple of minutes while Ginsie waited in the car. (It really was a couple of minutes. Don't worry. Ginsie was not traumatized)

I wore my green gown I made a few weeks back. I'm glad I did because I found out it has some minor problems. I need to shorten the waistline in the back by about a half inch and I need to re do the pleating on the front so it will stay open to show the underskirt. Other than that, It was fine. Both of those problems are very easy to fix, just time consuming.

I called Mom when I left and she asked me to come over. (She made cookies. Sugar cookies at that! How can I refuse?) So Miss Ginsie and I went to my parents. My middle brother and his wife bought a new car. (The jeep isn't good for car seats.) It's a Toyota corolla; your standard American family car. They are both happy about it though. Jeannie loved my dress (I didn't have anything to change into at my parents so I was still in my gown) and took tons of pictures of me holding my nephew and wearing the gown. I'm sure they'll end up on snapfish soon enough.

I have a new neighbor. The townhome next to mine has been vacant since I moved in last year. It finally sold on Thursday and the new guy is moving in. I met his Dad. They work for the fire department. It's just going to be him which should be cool.

Anyways, I'm home. I'll finish my Venetian gown tonight hopefully. It's hemmed. It's just a matter of attaching the skirt to the bodice.
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That is all.
It's even BETTER than it was before all this craziness. I'm SOOOO happy! I have my computer back! And my files are intact!
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Medieval Garden Fabric for the living room curtains. I love it and it's cheap. My futon (it's a wood one so it looks more like mission style furniture) has a dark blue celstial rpint but the colors are the same as in this fabric so it should mesh. If not, I'm willing to get a new cover for the futon.
For the 18th c room, I'm getting pink silk curtains which will go nicely with the baby blue walls and cherub border. (Hey, it's 18th c, right? :-) )
My room...I can't decide. I keep going back and forth on either doing a deep turqouise for the paint on the walls or a blue violet. The curtains are going to either be white or silver velvet with a sheer drape beneath that is a deep iridescent blue/purple. I have the sheer stuff and it's gorgeous. I have some white velvet but I was planing on using it for a fairy costume for the festival in May.
I don't think I'll do curtains for the addition just yet. I'm painting the walls "glacial tint". So, I'll start painting on the 27th, finish by March, get moved in and then do the curtains.

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