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Oh yes, phase two of the Pennsic Trailer Project is totally complete. The trailer is currently sitting in the "visitor" parking space next to my side yard. (It's technically the coop's side yard. I don't *have* a side yard, only what is fenced in and the really big backyard that I don't use. The side yard is all "common area" but it's right next to my house so....)It's 4'11" x 10'8" in total size. However, I can easily extend it out to be 6'3" or 6'4" x 10'8". The edge of the fenders go out about 6'4" I think. I tried to measure it myself but umm...fenders are made out slippery plastic and my mad attempts at measuring the breath of the trailer were just made of fail. So, I measured each of the fenders independently and got 8" for each of 'em. Since they are on the outside of the bed of the trailer, I'm adding them to the totally width plus a bit because there is a slight bit of space between the bed and the fenders. Does that make sense?
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So, I'm home now. I have my trailer. Now, to call up on Monday and see if I can park it over in the boat yard....and I can't do that until 7:30 am when someone is there. I wonder if it will be okay all day Monday on the side parking....because I really want to get to work early on Monday....::sigh::
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woohoo! It's a bit smaller in width than I wanted but I can easily expand the sides to make it 6' x 11'...which is the size I want. So, Pennsic trailer, here I come!!!!


Mar. 28th, 2008 06:28 pm
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So, I bought windows for my Pennsic home only to find the one I really wanted to use for above the door is broken. (did I mention I have had drawn out plans? They are on my desk at work. My supervisor wants to know where his room is. He liked the design) You can see it here. It looks like it's only one of the two panes but that makes the "over the door" idea useless. I can use another window I bought for it but I really wanted the pretty stained glass. So, I'm asking for a half refund since it really looks like it was broken in transit but the guy did try to wrap it well and none of the other windows were broken.

Anyway, back to sewing buttons...


Mar. 3rd, 2008 02:24 pm
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I put a bid in for a military trailer. They typically don't go for much so I'm hoping to win it. It's a 7" x 10". I'll just repaint the thing and add supports to the existing frame. (Actually, with the canvas, it wouldn't take much more than paint to make it look like a covered wagon...which they did have in the 16th c. I've got paintings!) It *should* work with my project idea for Pennsic....
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I have come to the conclusion I need a trailer. No, not just to tug my wardrobe/tent/chairs around but an actual Pennsic trailer home. I know what I want to build. Yes, I came to this conclusion a while ago but I know now (thank to the tax refund) that I really might be able to build this thing. I have a plan (of sorts) and I have tools (yes, power tools even. I actually have a nice little tool set that isn't pink or turquoise. Okay, so the picture hammer does have a purple floral pattern but that's for pictures.).
many random ideas )I've built stuff before just nothing this complex. I know what I need and I have some idea of what to do. My main reason for building this is because last year, the "ucky" Pennsic, the poles of my tent shifted. My tent looked like it was playing twister. I managed to fix it only to have it move again. Why? Because the ground was so saturated with water (you could see your reflection in the water between the grass blades) that the earth had turned into a spongy muddy mess that was slowly moving itself! A trailer is a bit heavier so if it starts to move like that, there is a lot more to worry about than some rain. Also, if it floods...well, we are all doomed. That, and I'm always looking for the next great weird thing to build for the sake of my "hobby". And what is cooler than one of those trailers?

In totally unrelated news, I had to call the Post Office tonight. I haven't had a lick of mail since I got back. I have at least two packages that should have gotten here by now, bills, and junk mail that I always get and nada. Not a thing since before Saint Kitts. I stopped my mail until the 16th but that was over a week ago! The lady I spoke to was very nice and promised to have it sorted out by tomorrow afternoon.

I've also been working on the Venetian. It's been slow going only because I really haven't been at the machine that much. The bodice is a perfect fit so far and looks like it will work well. If this outfit turns out okay, I'll probably use the pattern again (I was bright this time and marked the muslin and saved it with the rest of my patterns so I'd know where to look and what the heck I was looking at in the future) soonish. I want to work on Mom's gown next. I have some pale rose colored silk to line the sleeves of her green velvet gown with.

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