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Dec. 5th, 2011 10:13 pm
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First, this is why I should never actually shop for tiaras. Seriously. WANT! However, I'll have to win the lotto tomorrow to even begin to afford that....

Second, buyer or searcher beware. The Fabric Exchange is a relatively new seller who is keyword spamming fabric searches. Let's say you are searching for red silk, their items will pop up with green cotton...a lot of green cotton which isn't even close to what you are looking for. It's because, at the bottom of their descriptions, they include a ton of keywords like kimono, red, silk, ect. This is against ebay's rules but -of course- ebay refuses to do anything about it.

So, given that there isn't a way to realistically boycott ebay, there is a way to get around this idiots spam. When you search for fabric, include this in your search: -(THEFABRICEXCHANGE.COM)

You can include other things you DON'T want in the ()'s. Like if you are looking for purple organza but you don't want it to be a polyester, your search will look like this:
purple organza -(THEFABRICEXCHANGE.COM, poly, polyester)

I've found that by cutting these idiots out of a search, my results go down by half -making it much easier for me to find what I need.


Sep. 18th, 2010 11:52 pm
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Want to be a vampire? How about a werewolf? Who needs a car when you can just teleport? The auctions are "spells" that will turn you into an immortal. The funny thing is, the person's user name means immortal vampire (Greek and Latin). Yet I have never heard of a witches spell turning you into a vampire. A werewolf, yes, but not a vampire. ...and, yeah, I'm half tempted to bid just for the heck of it but I'm not sure Ginsie would be happy if I became a vegetarian vampire. ;-)


May. 12th, 2010 07:19 pm
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Wow! I got the 20 yards of silk I ordered from Fabric.com (the $1.95 stuff) and pieces to an Edwardian tea gown I got off of eBay today. Silk first:

It's a very deep green to the point I think it's only two shades away from black. Which is perfectly fine by me. Either way, pink and red look fabulous with it so I'm fine. It does have slubs but it's nice and lightweight so I'm thinking Pennsic usage here...

The extant tea dress has all the original snaps still sewn into place. It feels like it's a cotton voile but I'm not sure. I have the original skirt, still sewn together, the bodice front and back and most of the sleeves (it looks like someone cut off the underarm part?). So, now to get some voile for the "belt" to the dress and to fix the sleeves so I can put this thing back together again!

The tea dress I'm working on (my own, not extant, the one I posted pictures of last night, ect) just needs to be resewn up. I took it apart the moment I got home and it's in pieces next to the sewing machine. I guess I should go and sew it back up now...
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I'm selling my version of the "Just Breathe" dress from Ever After. It's really just way too big for me anymore. I'm going to make another one for myself but in gold this time (since I managed to get the fabric that makes up three of the skirt panels in gold rather than in silver). I wore it all of maybe five times (if that!) and the dress itself is all silk (except the lining and interlining, that's cotton and canvas). Lots and lots of freshwater pearls, way too many beads, and really pretty lace -I really hate to get rid of it but I can't hold on to stuff that just doesn't fit!

So, if anyone knows of anyone that's looking for a dress (it would work really well for a wedding gown), send 'em on over to the eBay page!

Ebay woes

Feb. 3rd, 2010 02:03 pm
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So I have the high bid on an item I really really want. The seller is from Italy but she often sells to the US; I've seen some of her antiques before. The item only has a day left and I was getting really excited about it until I saw this message in my email:

I got an offer of 300 euro.
Are you still interested for 330 euro plus shipping.
Best regards

First off, my high bid a lot less than 300 euros (which is about $415) and s/he wants me to pay nearly $450 for something that, legally, I already have the highest bid on?

Yeah, I've reported it to ebay. Yeah, I realize I probably won't get the item. I've told the seller that the offer of 300 is more or less likely a Nigerian Scam (contact and offer for at least 3 times the original list bid? Make sure the transaction is outside of Ebay? Yeap, scam.) and that I was going to hold to my current, legal, high bid on ebay. Yeah, I realize there isn't much I can do if they pull it - but Ebay can throw a hissy fit about it!

...and I really really want the item. It's so pretty and would be an excellent addition to my textile collection.
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I took two gowns off of Etsy and but them up on ebay because, at this point, I just need to sell this stuff. Hopefully they will sell on ebay.

I will be having a yard sale this Saturday at my house...again. It will be mostly fabric. I also have some women's clothing, framed paintings/pictures, a dollhouse, and general stuffs that I just don't need. I just hope it doesn't rain this time....
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Www.bidville.com will be dead in the water as of June 13,2008. I joined bidville about 4 years ago. I tried selling on it, opening a store, and bought a few things but it just never really caught on as the "e-bay alternative" it was supposed to be. Despite around 1m auctions, it didn't fit in with the u-bid business model and they are closing it down quickly.

www.etsy.com seems like it might be slightly better but it's still a "oh pretties! Not ebay!" type front and I'm afraid that, unless it becomes a lot more popular, it too will go down like yahoo, overstock, and now bidville auctions.

The thing is, I have noticed that although there are more auction on E-bay now than ever before on average, the amount of items being sold is down. I know I'm not buying off of ebay much anymore since they changed their policies. I might be able to find good cheap fabric there but I can also wait for a coupon from fabric.com and now what and whom I'm dealing with. (The guys that work at fabric.com are great!) I know they don't cheat on shipping and what they say the fabric is, it is. Besides, $4 linen? Beautiful!

So, I guess my question is, are on-line auctions slowly going the way of the do-do bird? Is there a day soon when we won't have ebay? Are craigslist and these online shopping malls finally getting their footing enough to be competitive against the e-bay giant?
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I put up my old pink bodice if anyone is interested. If you are going to Sapphire and want any of the items up, just tell me and I can bring 'em.

I saw that ebay has changed the way they calculate feedback now. I don't like it. I think the old way, feedback only counting for a each seller rather than from each item, was a lot better. And then there is the whole sellers can't leave negs thing...umm...yeah. Bad. Just bad. I think people are slowly trickling out of ebay finally.

I did work on the partlet last night. I had to go to Plan B part one 1a though. Michael's didn't have any of the gold woven ribbon but they did have a different gold woven ribbon...and tons of it. So I bought up every roll they had (3 rolls with 15 yards each) plus some more of the blue ribbon. I sewed the blue ribbon to the gold ribbon last night. I'll finish putting the ribbon on the partlet tonight and then start working on the dress again.

I also bought "button" fresh water pearls to go on the partlet since all I have are potato and round fresh water pearls. They are a bit bigger than I wanted (8 mm) but they go with the partlet so well.

Now to go to work and write up the handouts inbetween beta testing and meetings! :-)
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Just in case anyone was thinking of getting a viking apron dress and didn't want to make one: this lady on ebay has a few that look very nice to me. (I'm not sure how accurate since it's not really my area but other than the modern ideal of the clashing checks and plaids, they look pretty good to me.) She also has some brocades and other fabric up but it's all a bit on the $$ side. Anyway, I rather liked the apron dresses and thought I'd let other know that yes, there is something up on the renaissance costuming side of ebay worth buying.
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This guide is mainly in reference to online auctions but can be used on search engines as well.

I've seen and heard of many people who ask "How the heck did you find that? Whenever I search, I never find anything like that" Most of the time, in my case, it's in association with fabric or accessories I find online. Despite the large (volumes!) amount of fabric I have, I rarely spend more than a few dollars a yard on any of it. It's not that I have some magically powers that enable me to find great pieces at very low prices, it's all how you conduct your searches.

how to conduct searches )

Hopefully, this will help some people in finding objects they want on Ebay and also to get better search results. Feel free to ask questions!
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Well, according to auction count counter the amount of auctions currently on ebay has finally fallen to below normal. It's only a million below average (average being ~12,000,000)which is consistent with previous years levels at this time of year. Unless it drops another 3 million auctions, the boycott will be a bust...as usual. Since I seriously doubt that will happen, I think ebay will just go along with their ideas on feedback and price jacking.

Sewing: Yes, I am sewing. I hope to have something resembling a mid 16th c Venetian dress by tonight. It's out of this lovely gold and wine jacquard that I've had forever. It's cut out it's just a matter of sitting down at the machine and putting the pieces together.
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For those that don't know, Ebay, once again, is threating to raise their rates. You can read the article regarding the strike here:
I've pretty much given up lately on selling on ebay for a variety of reasons. It's expensive for one. Even if you do manage to sell your item, you get a chunk of the selling price out both from the Ebay fees and the paypal fees. Unfortunately, there are very little alternatives to paypal right now.
Ranting about Ebay. Feel free to join in )
It all comes down to the money. Do you rather have a ton of upfront costs or sit around and hope that your item might sell? Basically, although I won't be bidding or selling during this strike I don't think it will change anything at all.


Oct. 6th, 2007 01:35 am
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I put some things up under my JubileeL sn. I might put up more tomorrow. I should have another gown and bodice up on Ebay soon. If anyone remember my leather bodice from my old pirate outfit? That is going up. I just need to list the darn thing.
A lot of the other stuff can be previewed at Flickr under my strawberry_n_creame account.


Sep. 11th, 2007 07:33 pm
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I'll post fabric later
for now it's just random stuff. I'll probably have things like corduroy and plaids up by tomorrow.
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I got my car back on Monday, thank God. I like A/C. I like power windows and doors....

Work was umm...interesting. I almost lost it this morning. I really do not like one of our two "new" guys and I found out I'm not the only one. The afternoon went much better. I drew a pretty skull with a pink bow and put it on one of my co-workers water bottles. ::giggles:: He hasn't taken it off the water bottle yet. That and I talked to a lot of my friends at work and gave up on the computer since it wasn't working. My boss said I could shoot the computer if I could find a way to blame it on the people on the other side of the building....

Sewing; four unfinished projects that will be done by this weekend gosh darn it!

And for the "things found on ebay" crowd: I didn't know my Easter dress from 1993 was Victorian! And here I thought it was a lovely Easter dress at the time.....now it looks like bad curtains. Really bad curtains.

Ebay Again

May. 31st, 2007 06:45 pm
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I added a blue crinkle cotton and a poly organza embroidered sheer to my list of things to sell. They are up on my JubileeL account.
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I have some garb up as well as my Christmas Ornaments.
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..and are grumbling about the latest policy changes on e-bay...

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For those that don't remember the entire incident with the wooden cot I bought off of ebay, let me recap (although I think a lot of it is back in my livejournal somewheres around jan or feb). I saw this gorgeous FOLDABLE WOODEN antique cot. My first thought was "OHHHH! Pennsic!" and I bid a lotta money for it based on the pictures and the fact the seller said it was a great occasional bed. She also said it had been restored 20 years ago. Well, I got the lovely cot to find out that umm...their idea of restoration and mine were two very different things...

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