Jun. 7th, 2010 01:07 pm
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I got home and saw the CD for the desktop *finally* arrived. I had ordered Windows 98 (since I have the XP update cd, why bother spending $$$ on a newer OS when I can buy an outdated one for cheap and just update it?) and failed to realize the guy lived in Australia until I checked later. That was fine -the CD would still work- it would just take FOREVER to arrive.

When I got home, I also saw the second notice from Fedex on my door. They needed an actual signature or I could go to the store and pick it up "after 7:30 pm". It was about 6 pm when I got home so I looked at Ginsie and opted for the car ride out to Crofton. (Yes, the Fedex I went to is very close to the MD renn fest.)

I promised to expand on the weekend, right? )

Le sigh

May. 26th, 2010 09:47 am
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The desktop computer has now died. Sort of. I can fix it. You see, I finally got past the "Tyrant!" level of Stronghold and then the hard drive made this irritable clicking noise...and died. So, it first I thought it was the BIOS but it wasn't. Luckily, I just happen to have a spare hard drive but I don't have a full version of Windows. ...I went on ebay last night (Mom and Dad's computer) and bought the full Windows 98 because it's cheap and it's not hard to upgrade back to XP since I have the XP disk. I'm calling this computer Frankenstein when it's fixed.

Strawberry -the laptop that I got for my birthday and promptly died- is still at the "hospital". Okay, so maybe I only sent it out on Monday.... after the desktop died.... Ummm..yeah. Anyway, I hope to have that back by the end of the week. I'd just like one functioning computer!
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Also known as how to search LJ. Given a few topics on the subject today of searching and taggin, I figured I'd share how I search my journal.
First, go to Google.
Second, click on the more with the down arrow at the very top of the page and then click blogs.
Third, click on "advanced blog search".
Fourth, put in the words you are searching for in the correct box (the top one is the one I typically use) and then go down to the box entitled "at this URL". In that box, put in your blog url. For those on LJ, it's your So mine is This makes the search engine ONLY search your blog. (You can do this to friends' blogs to if you remember them writing something way back when.)
Fifth, click the search blogs button.

You are all done! This way you don't have to worry about tags or subject titles. Google does the hard part for you. :-)
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That is all.
It's even BETTER than it was before all this craziness. I'm SOOOO happy! I have my computer back! And my files are intact!
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Oh yes, there is a good reason. You see, I have this tendancy to want to "fix" my computers. The one I made (yeah, I made my own computer. That's at least two geek points, right?) had a hard drive from my old computer. And when I mean old, I mean was state of the art last century. When my Dad switched internet providers, for what ever reason, my old computer went all crazy. I know it's a programming issue but I've never, in two years, been able to figure out what. Since I used the hard drives from the old computer in the new one, well, it was still kinda funky. It wasn't as bad but I finally got annoyed enough with the wininet.dll issues that I tried to replace it.
And that caused explore.exe to act up....
Which caused me to try and reinstall windows...
and it wouldn't...
and umm..yeah, that's where I am pretty much. Well, i switched the master and slave drives but I need a full copy of windows which I left over at my parents to make the old slave drive (which is the better drive anyways) the master drive and have an operating system on it. So until some time tonight, I can only use work or parent's home computer. I'm at work right now. My parent's live 30 minutes down the road but I'm going to be over there for dinner tonight anyways.
But yes, Isabella/Sissy should not have a computer...

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