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When at a political fundraiser with my Dad when I was about 18 (either in High School or just out of High School): "So, you are his mistress or something, right?"

I'm his daughter you sick bastards! Sadly, this still happens whenever I go anywhere with my Dad. It's not that the age difference between us isn't readily apparent - it is. Everyone guesses that he's around 55 and I'm around 25 - which isn't our real ages but the 30 year gap is pretty close. Unfortunately, it's a commentary on the very disturbing world we live in and the ready acceptance of the sexual over the familial. I know of brothers who have been told that they are "such a cute couple!" 0_o
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umm...actually? There is a naming system in place so you would have to follow that. The International Astronomers Union is the group that is responsible for naming any astronomical bodies. So, technically, *you* wouldn't call it anything - an entire group would decide it for you.

Sorry to bust this one with facts...
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Unfortunately, a million dollars isn't nearly as much as people think. Between State Taxes in Maryland and Federal Taxes, after receiving the million dollar check, I'd end up with roughly half of it. So, almost immediately, my million dollars becomes about half a million. Still a lot until you count everything up.

Like most people, I'd pay off my mortgage, my student loans, my credit card bills, my car loan, and various other small loans which total $226000.

So, from the $500,000 I have left from taxes, I now only have $274,000. Given that I'm not exactly that old, a little over a quarter million is not enough to retire on. Assuming I stay at my current spending on food, gas for the Truck, repair bills, medical bills, vet bills, and clothing (not to mention hobbies!); that will last me around twenty years. I certainly plan to live well beyond fifty! And this calculation is based upon no trips, no outrageous expenses, and actually maintaining my current level of spending -yeah right! after paying off all those bills. It also assumes no giving of the money to other people or charities, getting married, having kids, trading in the truck, or moving.

So, rather than try to live out my life with a -by then- twenty four year old truck, I think I'd start volunteering at museums and eventually get a job in that field again.
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If I didn't, could I be writing this?

...It does give a whole new meaning to "ghost writing", doesn't it?
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Decided to play too. :-)

Well, my birth name has been changed, many times. Isabella was actually what my parents called me when I was two and we traveled around southern Europe. My parents still call me that off and on; to the point that when Dad got his new boat he thought about calling it the "Bella Isabella" after me. I only took it as an SCA name because it was a)period and b) something I knew I'd answer to easily.

When I was about six or seven, my brother Lee decided that if Dad was Daddy and Mom was Mommy then I, being his sister, must be Sissy. The nickname stuck and I'm still "Sis" or "Sissy" to my family and all my brother's friends. The only time I hear "Elizabeth", really, is if someone is reading roll call or I'm in deep trouble. So, yes, legally "Elizabeth" is my name but, honestly, that is only used at work because trying to explain why I want to be called "Sissy" rather than "Lizzie" got too complicated and I gave up.

I guess, to answer the question, I'd change my name to what I'm already called -Isabella Sissy [insert last name here].
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Do I believe in UFOs? I don't believe, I know there are UFOs. All UFO means is unidentified flying object. There are thousands of those in the sky each night! I've seen some pretty odd stuff either with my own eyes or with a telescope (like the time a meteor disintegrated right above the truck. I had no idea what that fireball was until a few weeks later!).

Now, do I believe in aliens? Yes. I think it's rather egotistical to think that Earth is the only planet that could possibly sustain life. Earth is one tiny planet in one solar system inside one galaxy. There are plenty of other stars in our galaxy that we now know have planets. Granted, none of those planets have been found to be suitable for life, but we are looking at a ridiculous small sample in the grand scheme of things.

The question to me hasn't ever been is there life on other planets; but is there intelligent life on other planets. To that, I give a maybe. I would be slightly surprised that we were the only intelligent lifeforms in the entire universe but only because the universe is a really big place. However the universe is relatively young in some aspects too. It took us a few billion years to arrive so it might take other planets a few billion more to play cath-up.
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Oh yes! You see, normal children have monsters in the closet or under the bed. Not me. Why would cookie monster do anything other than give me cookies? I would hope he was in my closet! But, unfortunately, if he was, he was also very afraid of what did live under my bed. Two very scary men.

I still remember what they were supposed to look like. One was very scrawny, wore a tattered flannel shirt, and had a mustache. The other was bigger and sometimes wore a butcher's apron. He had a big old knife with the other had a switch blade. I know they had names but I don't recall them. Their job was, if I got out of bed in the middle of the night (as three and four year olds are prone to do) was to cut my Achillies' tendon so I would never be able to get out of bed again.

I was about three or four when I thought these two hired assassins lived beneath my bed. I put together why I thought this many years later. What most likely happened is my Dad scared me into staying in bed one night, I had a nightmare, and that nightmare was based on a news report from that evening. During that time in Idaho and Utah, there had been a string of robberies were, in a couple of cases, the robber laid in wait beneath the car and would slash at the ankles of the owner of said vehicle as s/he went to put the groceries in. There had been an attack that night and I had seen the news reports.
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Ginsie does talk to me, all the time. However, if she could speak English, she'd probably say:

Oh! Sissy! Can we go see Mom now? Can we? Car ride? Oh! The beach? YesYesNowPlease? Oh! Can we go to an event? YesYesNowPlease? Can we go to an event at the beach with Mom? Ohmygoodnesseleventy!!!!! Whatdoyoumeancalmdown? I'mcalm,verycalm. Nope. Me? Hyper? Never! Oh! A cat! Wannaplaypleasepleasenow?

And it would get much worse from there....
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Depending on what type of mood I'm in and depending on whether or not I just got back from work I'd either say "Take me with you!" or hand them Hitchhiker's Guide. Either way, they probably wouldn't bother with Earth any time soon. ;-)
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I have green stripes in my hair right now, a green shirt for work, and I brought green ribbon for those that forgot. There is a good reason why I go overboard and it's due to an incident in the fifth grade with one of my friends at the time. Elizabeth Butkiss forgot what day it was one March 17th. She was a lovely blond girl and wore a pale white sweater. No green and boy did she get pinched.

Remember, this was the fifth grade. You had roughly thirty ten year olds in each of the three fifth grade classes that all knew each other and knew they couldn't get in trouble for pinching on St Patrick's day. Yeah, it's sort of a recipe for disaster.

Within an hour, her arms were bruised. The teacher, being rather clever that day, got a green sharpie and wrote "I'm wearing green!" on her arm. Elizabeth had tried the whole "but my eyes are green!" to no avail. The marker helped to stop the attacks since it wasn't like the teacher could go after every single 10 year old (and probably a good portion of the other grades too!) in the school.

Since then, I make sure I'm wearing green (I was that day, thank goodness. I think I had green earrings and green barrettes!) and try to remember to bring green ribbon in so no one else will be caught no celebrating in the Wearin' o' the Green!
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My idea of the end of the world involves the lack of Darwinist tendencies in today's Western society with an added dose of genetic manipulation in the wrong direction. We basically, genetically, kill ourselves out of existence.

Of course, unstable cores, black holes, weird science experiments at a secret lab that let in another dimension into this one...all are perfectly good ways too go too. I'm also partial to predators stronger than humans or the whole Armageddon thing. I can totally see a nuke going off near ancient Mageddon (from which the name comes!) in the Middle East starting a series of nuclear attacks and the worst fears of the Cold War come to realization. Better make those bomb shelters!
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I love those little Necco hearts around Valentine's day. I can eat an entire bag in a half hour. :-)

I use to love the orange and black cinnamon drops around Halloween but they don't make them anymore. Caramel covered apples though are good!
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Why everyone has such sucky databases. :-)
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Oh, it depends. Maybe Mulder and Scully because, knowing me, it would be something just crazy enough that it would warrant their attention.

Mulder: And what is the lesson of the day?
Me: Don't go around mumbling medieval Latin prose at midnight while trying to see how cool it is to set off chlorine bombs at an animal research facility?
Scully: Too bad there isn't any such thing as Holy Hand Grenades....

because it's long and rambling )
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Probably nothing. After all, if they didn't already know I was a Twilight obsessed, 16th c obsessed, fabric obsessed, sci-fi obsessed, person who was easily dis....oh look! Elves! Squee!
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This one is so oddly appropriate for today. :-)

Yes, I know there are ghosts. The explanation )

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