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May. 1st, 2008 06:57 pm
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I was thinking (Yes, I know. That's dangerous within itself) that I might just take the old watermarked Italian apart and reuse the skirt as the upper back and inside sleeves for the late 16th c/early 17th c coat. (Patterns of Fashion pg 122. Also in Historical Fashion in Detail pg 174). The silk of the gown is about right for that and no one will care (much) if I use watermarked silk for lining (the watermarked parts will probably be used, if at all possible, for the lining of the back of the coat). I have the right colored velvet (it's not cut velvet but it's a nice mulberry~ish color) and I have the right trim so the silk from the gown should work.

I can also keep the bodice and just use it to draft out future side lacing patterns....

Other sewing front stuff:

18th C corset - If I can remember to work on it, it will be done by the end of May.

Gothic Fitted Gown - Yes, it's "officially" done but I decided I want to make it more period and add tippets. Once I do that, it will be really done.

Pennsic Project - Umm, yeah. I should start on that, huh?

I should also mention that the yard sale will be on May 10th. I decided this last week but I kept forgetting to post that. I just really have a lot of stuff to go through and the whole pricing thing will take a while...
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The gothic fitted gown on the dress dummy
Close up of the buttons on the gown. You can see the hand sewn buttonholes. I actually did a lot of hand sewing with the dress because of the bag lining. The neckline/front is all hand sewn to the lining and the sleeves are hand sewn closed.
The blue peacock 1550's ish Italian. For some reason, one side of the dress likes to "bend". And then there were the strap problems but that's easily fixed. I do have matching sleeves for the gown but it was too warm for the peacock feather sleeves.
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It fits! I need to move over the top button to get the full correct look but other than that, it's fine. It's very 1370's~1380's in look. I just need to add tippets to the sleeves. I'll take pictures tonight. All and all, it's very comfortable and will look awesome with the darker violet hood.
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It's almost done. I'm sewing up the button holes right now. I was originally going to do lacing up I made the dress a bit too big for lacing so buttons it is! I bought some really nice silver round shanked buttons with a neat looking design on them. I also bought a bunch of matching smaller ones for the hood.
The hood will be out of a dark purple/violet wool with matching dark purple/violet sleeves. All and all, this should look pretty nice together.
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Random studies of the Gothic fitted gown )
So, I've started on this project. It will once again be in the indigo blue linen and this time lined with the rest of the red/white linen crossweave that I have left over. Basically, the same fabric I used for the Viking outfit. That's the good thing about solid (ish) colors; they are timeless.
I'll post pictures when I get it half way decently sewn and whenever I find my camera. I think my car ate it. Or Ginsie did.

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