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Saturday did not go as I expected but it did go as I needed. I, originally, wasn't going to be at the Renn Fest at all on Saturday. Plans got changed and I decided my best option was just to sit around, probably sulk, in Revel Grove.
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Yes, I'm going as Bellatrix. The people have spoken. :-)

While looking through [ profile] padawansguide's photos of Bellatrix, I noticed something in this photo. If you look at the shoulder ties, they look purple. Very purple. This gave me an idea since I hate wearing straight black. I love a lot of black but paired with another accent color like red or purple. :-)

At this point, I'm thinking maybe this for the underlayer with some sort of sheer black (maybe two way black and purple if I can find it) over this and add silver accents. The corset will be out of black leather. I can get that pretty easily. Anyway, this is a post Pennsic project.
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Oh yes, I'm planning early. Why? Because this way I won't be doing 20 million things at the last minute. Okay, so I will be anyway but at least I won't have any good excuses.

So, gown plans...

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I'm mostly finished with the Tudor gown. If I finish the hand sewing I might just wear it tomorrow at Renn Fest. I haven't decided yet.
I've cut out the fabric to make a psudeo "just Breathe" gown (Ever After) that I want to sell. I might finish that before Tuesday.

Also, This looks like it might be evidence of patchwork cloaks. I was thinking of making one simply because I have tons of "sample" fabric thanks to one of my friends and I wanted to make something other than quilts with it. If I find another depiction of "patchwork" like this, that should be enough for most documentation, right?


Oct. 3rd, 2007 07:32 am
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So, I won't be at the last day of faire. I will be at MDRF for the Day of Wrong but not on Oct 21 (Sunday). This weekend I think I might go to Crusades for the day and then to MDRF. And then the 13th and 14th, MDRF. Assuming I don't have another one of my "I need to sleep!" days....::grumbles::


Sep. 3rd, 2007 12:47 pm
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Pictures of the French Hood and gown of evil )

The bodice to the gown of evil. I'm sorry I didn't get a good picture of the full gown. I actually made a matching chemise, complete with "blackwork" (sewing machines are fun!) that everyone loved. The gown really came out a lot more nicely than I anticipated. I might actually wear the thing again. :-) Maybe even to an SCA event ::giggles evilly::

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It will be HOT. It looks like it will be in the mid to high 90s. Now, we've all dealt with the heat before but it's been really cool the past few days so I'm not sure how well many of us will adapt to this sudden heat surge. Because of the heat, I'm going in my handsewn pink/blue Italian. It's silk, it's light, and it's about as close to period summer clothing as you can get. (okay, so it's about 20 years prior to the timeline of MDRF but I'd much rather be comfortable than sticking to a storyline). I'll probably only stay part of the day. (I plan on being there for opening ceremonies and leaving around noonish) I'll probably have my parasol and fan with me because I know my body has already acclimated to the mid 70's temps we've been enjoying.

So things to remember for HOT days:
  • Drink LOTS of water: No, Angie, cider does not count as water

  • Bring a fan: guys, you can use a big hat if it helps...

  • Wear long sleeves: if you have loose fitting longer sleeves, like those of a chemise, it really does help. Also, it helps to prevent sunburn

  • Stay in the shade: Luckily, MDRF is well known for being mostly shaded. However, we all know that the joust field can feel like a volcano during the middle of the day. Bring a parasol or an umbrella for portable shade. You can also wear a hat but hats tend to trap heat in the body which is exactly what you don't want to do. There are some period hats that do not have a of which is nothing more than a straw hat with the crown cut out of it. You can easily buy a straw hat at a craft store for $3 and cut the crown out yourself. I've done that in the past and it does help...especially if you keep your hair over the hat and off your neck! (Again, period.)

  • Wear suitable clothing: I realize not everyone has an extensive garb closet but do try to wear natural fibers as much as possible. Linen is the best; cotton is great and I personally love lightweight silk. If this means you don't get to wear your "prettiest" stuff tomorrow, that's fine. I certainly won't be wearing my most gorgeous gown out tomorrow.

  • Most importantly, If you feel faint or dizzy, GO TO FIRST AID! They will give you nice cold water and you can even lie down in the back. They are very nice there.

So, hopefully everyone that is going will have a ton of fun tomorrow. Please feel free to add any other suggestions down in comments!

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