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I don't have a fever anymore which is a plus. I managed to sew up my Elizabethan wool skirt, put most of the psuedo Ever After Just Breathe gown together, and pretty much finish my Tudor gown that I've been working on slowly forever. I just need to put some hooks and eyes in it and it should be okay to wear tomorrow.

I probably won't stay for more than a couple of hours at the faire tomorrow. I'm still not great and I know the food there will make matters MUCH worse. Mom, Gwen, and Nicolas should all be coming. Dad might come too but I don't know right now.

In other news:

in case you are already bored )

now...time for bed and hopefully I'll see some of you tomorrow.


Sep. 3rd, 2007 12:47 pm
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Pictures of the French Hood and gown of evil )

The bodice to the gown of evil. I'm sorry I didn't get a good picture of the full gown. I actually made a matching chemise, complete with "blackwork" (sewing machines are fun!) that everyone loved. The gown really came out a lot more nicely than I anticipated. I might actually wear the thing again. :-) Maybe even to an SCA event ::giggles evilly::

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It came out looking very German. It's a front lacing gown done in the early 16th c style. I added black velvet trim from a project that went awry a few months back. I think I'll wear my green cap with it tomorrow. Feel free to take pictures but y'all have to post them or at least send 'em to me so I can post 'em.

I'm now convinced the purple part of the fabric is cotton/silk or some other silk blend and the gold is acrylic. I used up almost all of the material. The biggest scrap is about 3" by 6". I was going to add shoulder rolls to make it look Italian but I just didn't have enough fabric left over. So, it's German if anyone asks. It goes with the theme of the renn fest this year if nothing else.
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Saturday was GREAT! I loved seeing so many of my friends at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I wore my strawberry outfit which is nothing more than some old Laura Ashely strawberry print fabric for a bodice, strawberry pink silk for an overskirt, and green crinkle cotton (the heavy weight, not the gauze) for an underskirt. I made it back in 2003 I think.
Anyways, I wore that and I ran around the festival about three times. It was just fun to listen to the music, giggle and make snarky comments at certain individuals (will explain in a bit), and basically just be there.
Now, appearantly some people have yet to learn about this invention called a bra. lotsa snarkiness )

So for work issues, I am on a temporary transfer for the next two weeks because I volunteered to help out another unit. This means I'll be away from the jerk for two whole weeks and I'll also have "normal" weekends (sat and sun rather than fri and sat). It will be boring but I'd much rather be bored right now that irate. I'm much cuter when I'm bored and people don't tend to die....
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Last year I made a pretty, simple, pink and blue changeable silk early 16th c Venetian style gown. It is/was one of two gowns I own that are entirely handsewn. Some of you probably saw it when I received my AoA. I took it to Pennsic and, appearantly, it got wet. There are watermarks all over the skirt. I tried washing it and seeing if it would "even out" or something like that but no. So the gown is pretty much ruined.

I guess I could take it back apart and add a layer of chiffon for an overskirt to hide the watermarks. It would be period style but even if I do that, I can't wear the gown tomorrow. So now the problem:
[Poll #1044761]

For tomorrow: I might wear my strawberry outfit. It's not really period but it's pretty and it's cool. (It's a strawberry fabric generic back lacing bodice with a strawberry pink silk skirt, hand knitted black trim, and a crinkle cotton/linen look forest green underskirt. I wear a farthingale with it which keeps me cool. I have a proper partlet with some minor blackwork on it to go with the outfit. It almost looks more really late Venetian/1580s than Elizabethan if I don't wear the partlet...) I really don't want to go Turkish for opening day but I might have to....
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It will be HOT. It looks like it will be in the mid to high 90s. Now, we've all dealt with the heat before but it's been really cool the past few days so I'm not sure how well many of us will adapt to this sudden heat surge. Because of the heat, I'm going in my handsewn pink/blue Italian. It's silk, it's light, and it's about as close to period summer clothing as you can get. (okay, so it's about 20 years prior to the timeline of MDRF but I'd much rather be comfortable than sticking to a storyline). I'll probably only stay part of the day. (I plan on being there for opening ceremonies and leaving around noonish) I'll probably have my parasol and fan with me because I know my body has already acclimated to the mid 70's temps we've been enjoying.

So things to remember for HOT days:
  • Drink LOTS of water: No, Angie, cider does not count as water

  • Bring a fan: guys, you can use a big hat if it helps...

  • Wear long sleeves: if you have loose fitting longer sleeves, like those of a chemise, it really does help. Also, it helps to prevent sunburn

  • Stay in the shade: Luckily, MDRF is well known for being mostly shaded. However, we all know that the joust field can feel like a volcano during the middle of the day. Bring a parasol or an umbrella for portable shade. You can also wear a hat but hats tend to trap heat in the body which is exactly what you don't want to do. There are some period hats that do not have a of which is nothing more than a straw hat with the crown cut out of it. You can easily buy a straw hat at a craft store for $3 and cut the crown out yourself. I've done that in the past and it does help...especially if you keep your hair over the hat and off your neck! (Again, period.)

  • Wear suitable clothing: I realize not everyone has an extensive garb closet but do try to wear natural fibers as much as possible. Linen is the best; cotton is great and I personally love lightweight silk. If this means you don't get to wear your "prettiest" stuff tomorrow, that's fine. I certainly won't be wearing my most gorgeous gown out tomorrow.

  • Most importantly, If you feel faint or dizzy, GO TO FIRST AID! They will give you nice cold water and you can even lie down in the back. They are very nice there.

So, hopefully everyone that is going will have a ton of fun tomorrow. Please feel free to add any other suggestions down in comments!

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