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First, I must thank my helpers, Miss Ginsie and Jasper. The evil thread did not escape thanks to Jasper and Ginsie made sure the fabric did NOT move.

A lot of photos and a question )

The stays!

Jan. 5th, 2011 10:28 pm
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The colors are off. It's a really pretty dark turquoise with a bright pink binding. But, you get the idea of what it looks like.

The inside of the stays. The stays are out of turquoise silk, an inner layer of cotton buckram, cable/duct ties, and muslin with silk binding. I need to clean the insides up a bit still but the stays look like stays finally! Woohoo!

All the binding is done by hand and I sewed the pieces together by hand but the channels are all machine stitched.
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I've finished the channels in the stays! I ran out of pink thread last night -well, hot pink thread. I do have petal pink, rose pink, and about ten different other pinks but not hot pink. This afternoon after work, I ran over to Joanns, only got thread (for once, I didn't buy anything else!) and worked on the side and back pieces. Now to add the boning and attach the binding. It will be a very interesting turquoise with hot pink binding pair of stays...

In other news...

Ginsie stuff; she's fine )
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I've decided *gulp* to make a robe à la française in the 1770's style out of the green silk and use the red/green trim around the neckline and sleeve edges. Y'all have no idea how long it took me to decide between française and anglaise but I figured I'd suck it up and make a française no matter how much I think it will be difficult and terrifying. If nothing else, I do have the pink polonaise as a back up option.

So, the first thing I need to do is finish up working on my new stays to replace the now torn apart ugly stays. They are cut out (I have witnesses!) and I actually sewed the boning channels for the front today in hot pink thread...on the sewing machine. The new stays will be a lovely dark turquoise with hot pink silk binding. After the ugly stays, I needed something that I at least will think is pretty.

Tomorrow, I should be able to finish up the boning channels and then start the binding. I'm reusing the old boning ("modern whaleboning" as Dad calls it. Duct ties as most people call it) and burning the remains of the ugly stays along with a few other older projects that have outlived their usefulness....
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I stumbled upon this database today:

There are some amazing gowns in the database that I haven't seen before. It's in both English and Spanish (the Spanish side seems a bit more developed but the English side works). I'm going through all the 18th c photos right now...
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It looks like a dress! I need to add the sleeves and the trim but that's pretty much it.
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Okay, so not the entire thing. The boning channels for the lining are machine sewn. And the petticoat is machine sewn. But the bodice pieces are being handsewn together and I'll probably do another mix of machine/hand sewing for the trim. Unfortunately, the way I'm putting the dress together, it just doesn't look right if it's not handsewn in certain areas.

The dress is pink and will had a pink silk and green velvet trim down the front. The stomacher is ivory with green velvet trim. I'm just wearing my old ivory petticoat that I think pretty much everyone had seen twenty times now. Very useful things those ivory petticoats. They go with everything!

No pictures -sorry! I lost the recharger for my camera at World's Fair and I have yet to go to Best Buy and get a new one. I'll do that tomorrow and then take pretty pictures! By then, the dress will probably be done... I'm going for a rather basic polonaise and, so far (the bodice only needs one more seam), it fits beautifully. :-)
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Saturday Morning.

I dropped of Miss Ginsie at the vet so she could be boarded. Mom and Dad had a ball to go to and my brother says he's allergic to Ginsie (He isn't. He's allergic to me. We've proven it but he still doesn't believe us.) so I had to leave her there. It wasn't a bad thing since she has a very minor eye infection I wanted checked anyway. (Another brother had pink eye so I think she might have gotten it from him.)

Dropped her off, went to Mom & Dad's, had breakfast (Mom had been cooking bacon and eggs for herself so I decided I needed some too!), and then went back to my house to finish packing. I had the ribbon tie up the front of the caraco/jacket/18th century thingamjig and I figured I could finish that up before Fort Fred while everyone was being very giggly at night. Because I like to write...a lot )

So, pictures to other people's pictures:

From [ profile] bauhausfrau:

From [ profile] jennylafleur:

I'll add others that are public as they upload them and I should be able to add the few I have later.
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I has hoops!

Those are my ugly stays (they fit!) and the new pocket hoops made in a rather unconventional way. for more info and pictures! )
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The non-flash picture It's a bit blurry but hopefully you get the idea.

The flash picture It's not that shiny. I still need to add the hooks and eyes as well as the trim. I want to make it look like a faux zone front gown. I was going to use yellow ribbon but I think a cream ribbon will work a lot better. The problem is getting to Joanns to get said cream ribbon.... Anyway, it's 100% hand sewn and I tried to base it on various period (1780/1790) designs.
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I've been working on my late 1780's early 1790's dress with all the lovely snow days. (No work tomorrow for me! Woohoo! ....stop glaring...) Given that I have a LOT of time on my hands that I didn't think I would have, I opted to hand sew rather than machine sew the gown. So far, it's starting to look like a dress!

What the back of the dress looked like this morning.

And what it looked like as of a half hour ago. :-)

It's looking like a dress! I plan on adding a yellow and pink trim to the front and wearing a cream colored skirt with it...assuming Saturday is still on!
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Yay! They are ugly as can be but they fit and, once on, look perfect on; ugly, but they fit right. Even Mom looked surprised when she saw them on me because they do *look* right on...just not when being sewn.

So, next to remeasure the pattern and get that sewn up. I bought some lovely yellow and pink ribbon for the trim on the blue dress because the coral red wasn't coral red in natural light. It's more orangy that what I liked and didn't go with the wedgewood blue silk. Yellow goes a lot better and I want to place a pink ribbon on top of that. It sounds off but looks really neat together.

As for the snow; oh my goodness! This is so much fun! I did take pictures down on the Mall around noon because it seemed wrong to be in the center of DC during the big monster storm and NOT take pictures to prove where I was. :-) I'll, hopefully, be able to post pictures tomorrow.
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I would LOVE to afford these 1750's shoes but I want to go to Glastonbury right now more. :-)

Early 19th century apron

1820's Morning Jacket

1820's shoes!

1820's adorable cap

Embroidered Regency Muslin Gown. I know the reserve on that is above $500 but I'm not sure how far above.

Regency Chemise

Transitional? 1820's into the 1830's dress This auction has ended but I figured most people would want to still see it.


Jan. 30th, 2010 11:12 am
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I already have about an inch and it's still coming down at a good clip. The backyard is *gorgeous* and I can't wait until tomorrow when it stops so I can take lots and lots of pretty pictures of all the snow. It's also only 14 F out right now so I'm so not going outside. My ability to go outside ends somewhere around 20 F.

Ginsie, of course, loves going outside. She thinks the snow is the best stuff evah! She takes two steps, sniffs the air, sniffs the snow, eats the snow, looks up at me in the window, wags her tail, and then takes another two steps. She has yet to understand the concept of way too cold to go outside for very long. She use to understand it -she is from Mississippi- but I think her competitive nature against Shiloh destroyed that understanding.

So, going to go work on some sewing and watch the Duchess!
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Sorry, no pictures. The back looked all sorts of weird but I did get it up! I used 20 bobby pins and the big bumpit to get a decent amount of height. I need to work on the back (my hair is simply too long for french rolls!) but I do have an idea for it (upside down french braid anyone?).

I should have mock up pictures of the dress this weekend and start on that. I don't have the coral red silk or the lace in yet so I can't get it done this weekend but I will have, at least, a dress!
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I really destroyed the front I had, rescued what I could of the boning, and made this front instead. I doubt this is exactly accurate, but it does give the proper shape and it just looks better altogether. So, now, I have stays. Now to do all the eyelets then start on the dress!
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They are small, a 5 1/2, but they look similar to some of the later 18th century styles I've seen. The heel is clunky..

The shoes on ebay

Anyway, thought I'd pass those on in case anyone was looking.
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Oh, and new pictures. I pieced the front so it has more of a correct curve I hope. I know the piecing looks a bit off because I used white muslin against the unbleached muslin but I couldn't find the unbleached muslin and I just want a pair of stays by the end of the day. If it's not this pair, then some other pair I'll have to make.

From the side view. That one is probably the better picture. So, poll time!

[Poll #1513285]
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I did the mock up pattern for my 18th century shoe cover. I think it will be alright. I found some lovely buckles on ebay that I want to use. Hopefully, I'll get them by the end of the week and be able to make sure the pattern will work. As for the color of the shoes, should I keep 'em cream? Go with pink? Or try black? Maybe another color all together?

Oh well, back to sewing...

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