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First, how many others got to see the isosceles triangle of the moon, Jupiter, and Venus? It was pretty cool.

Second, I bought the airplane tickets for LA. They were a lot less than I originally had thought which is a good thing. I'm going to wait on the car rental. I can get a car for $180 (taxes, everything included) for the week but I want to see if they have any specials closer to the time I'm leaving.

I'm trying to plan my trip. Of course, right now, the LACMA is not showing off there costumes and textile display. (And did I mention this is the week BEFORE the Feb 7th lecture? ::sigh::) I'm still heading over to LACMA and there are a few other places I have planned. I also know my cousins will kidnap me for a few days but...

I don't think I'll go to Disneyland. If I do, it will be for the day and get the ticket at the door. I'll check and see if the office has any discount ticket but, honestly, a one day entrance fee for Disneyland is as much as a season pass to Universal Studios. (I think I might get the season pass at Universal and head down to Florida at least a couple of times later in the year.) So, I'll probably just go to Universal Studios and spend the money I would have spent on Disneyland, on fabric!

I really need to drag the Christmas decorations out. I also need to get five different sewing projects done by the end of the year. Three are really easy. One is half-way done. The fifth is my 12th night dress which might be changing. Now that the Heraldic Garb Competition is on, I'd love to try that. I do have an idea for it. 1490's-1500's Italian in gold with red wings on the upper sleeve. The lower sleeve in black velvet, lined in white fur, with the sleeve slashed. The underskirt in black and white stripes? Maybe in black velvet with some sort of black and white cord as a guard?

I was going to do the Catherine Parr dress, given the theme, and I do have a lot of the fur already laid out but I might put that on hold and do the Heraldic Garb instead.
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I don't have a fever anymore which is a plus. I managed to sew up my Elizabethan wool skirt, put most of the psuedo Ever After Just Breathe gown together, and pretty much finish my Tudor gown that I've been working on slowly forever. I just need to put some hooks and eyes in it and it should be okay to wear tomorrow.

I probably won't stay for more than a couple of hours at the faire tomorrow. I'm still not great and I know the food there will make matters MUCH worse. Mom, Gwen, and Nicolas should all be coming. Dad might come too but I don't know right now.

In other news:

in case you are already bored )

now...time for bed and hopefully I'll see some of you tomorrow.
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I'm mostly finished with the Tudor gown. If I finish the hand sewing I might just wear it tomorrow at Renn Fest. I haven't decided yet.
I've cut out the fabric to make a psudeo "just Breathe" gown (Ever After) that I want to sell. I might finish that before Tuesday.

Also, This looks like it might be evidence of patchwork cloaks. I was thinking of making one simply because I have tons of "sample" fabric thanks to one of my friends and I wanted to make something other than quilts with it. If I find another depiction of "patchwork" like this, that should be enough for most documentation, right?
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Tudor Gown: About half done. I should be able to finish it easily tomorrow. I got the hard part done, those evil sleeves!

Tent: It's cut out. It won't take long to sew up. Last time it took me a day to sew up the tent and then my sewing machine broke. I doubt that will happen this time!

client's gown: will be done soon. Really. By Thursday night.

Women's Elizabethan Doublet: A little over half done. I've done the frogs, the under "corset", and cut out the overlayer. I'm guessing two hours, max, to get it done. The skirt to match will be very easy...30 minutes if I'm really lazy. I can pleat like anything it that darn gathering that gets me everytime!

So, by tomorrow I should have a lot more progress. Most everything is half way there...a lot of it was just getting things cut out! After that, it's easy for me.

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