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The gothic fitted gown on the dress dummy
Close up of the buttons on the gown. You can see the hand sewn buttonholes. I actually did a lot of hand sewing with the dress because of the bag lining. The neckline/front is all hand sewn to the lining and the sleeves are hand sewn closed.
The blue peacock 1550's ish Italian. For some reason, one side of the dress likes to "bend". And then there were the strap problems but that's easily fixed. I do have matching sleeves for the gown but it was too warm for the peacock feather sleeves.

Da Plan

Apr. 11th, 2008 08:54 am
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I think I'm going to wear my peacock 1550's Italian gown tomorrow at NCRF. It's a blue gown that shimmers in purple and green. It has purple and gold rope trim and "peacock" feathered brocade sleeves. I think I might have enough time to edit the old purple velvet surcote to make it more in line with an Italian surcote and wear that with it. I also need to make a sleeveless chemise....

The red and gold gown ummm...yeah. Unless I want a really weird line around my waist, it just isn't going to work. I think I need to add some more material right at the waist. ::sigh::

Anyway, I will be there tomorrow. I will be dressed in garb. I just need to remember the directions and the tickets. Ginsie is already over at Mom & Dad's. She, of course, is happy as can be. My Aunt Marilyn said I could bring Ginsie down but I know how Ginsie is around other dogs. She'll be okay after a couple of minutes around most dogs but she *must* be the Queen or she gets very very angry. (I'm totally thinking of making a "Queen of Hearts" outfit for her. Tee hee) So, it's safer to leave her with Mom and Dad in a house she knows well around another dog she knows well. That, and my parents know what to do if she has a seizure...


Apr. 10th, 2008 10:25 pm
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So I finished the 16th c corset (yea!) but I need REALLY long laces to lace into the thing by myself. :-) So I'm not sure about the red and gold 1560's gown. I also seriously need to laundry so...tomorrow will be interesting. I need to get home after work, do laundry, pack, and then head down. Luckily, there won't be nearly the amount of rush hour traffic by then. The bad thing is that I'll get to my Aunt & Uncle's really late.


Apr. 10th, 2008 06:56 pm
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So, I'm going to stay at my Aunt & Uncle's this weekend. They might come as well with me to the Renn Fest but I'm not sure. I will be bringing at least one person with me assuming he can tear himself away from re-writing resumes for a couple of hours. Silly muggles....:-)

I don't think the red dress will be done in time so I might just wear the red and gold assuming I can get the corset done in time. If not then pretty shiny black Italian? I like that one at least...maybe I should wash the red and gold early one.... I'll bring a few options with me. Anyone have any preferences? I haven't edited the green gown yet and that's really a winter gown so that's out...

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Apr. 9th, 2008 10:14 pm
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Yes, I sewed. I cut out the fabric for the red Dangerous Beauty inspired gown. It's pretty much sewn up now too! I need to sew up the inside the bodice seam and sew the eyelets (I agree completely with [ profile] trystbat on eyelets but I can't bring myself to use grommets even on a totally fantastical gown anymore...) So, sew up the inside, sew the eyelets, sew on the trim...and then I'll have a gown!

I'm adding one eyelet on either side of the gown's waist as well to add ribbon to hold up the skirt...kinda like in the 18th c. Not that this is anything like any historical gown from any period but just that I like have the skirts UP with all that rain. I don't know if I'll get to the pants. I have my red cords that will do in a pinch or my old "gypsy" pants out of red silk...either way, I have a back up plan.

Probably should add that I'm probably going to take the knitting of the liripipe apart. It isn't that the knitting is bad or anything (it's actually looking quite spiffy), it's just that I don't have enough yarn for gauge 4 needles. I know I can make something else with it, I just don't know what yet.

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