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My 14th century relic bag. I'm going to take a few rows out because I just don't have of the blue wool yarn I spun. I have plenty of the white mohair. So, rather than a white Spike on a blue background, I'll have a blue Spike on a white background. The blue and white greek key stays though...
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for those on ravelry, you probably know I wanted to make a *something* with my handspun yarn. I made a good 300~400 yards of yarn which is enough to make a *something*. I decided I liked the medieval relic bag the best and I started it on the metro. It looked like it was coming along fine. I added the second color, some nice white mohair, without any problems. I start on my fourth row for my greek key design only to discover...the entire bag is twisted. Oh yes, the entire thing is twisted in such a way the only remeady is to take the entire thing apart...again. This is the third time I've tried to do *something* with this yarn and had to take it back apart. This is annoying.
What I WANT to do is do a few rows of plain blue, a greek key in white and blue, and then Spike in white and blue with another row of greek key above that. Now if I can do things like make sure the entire knitting isn't twisted, that I cast on correctly, and have enough yarn to actually finish a project, I might get this done in June.


Apr. 22nd, 2008 12:30 am
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yeah! I'm finally on Ravelry under JubileeL. Now, to figure out how the heck to read a knitting pattern...and figure out how to translate it into actual knitting....
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Okay, so I did something really dumb while knitting. The shawl I had been trying to create is not a shawl. I used one entire skein of green fuzzy yarn to create...a great big diamond. Ya know, I really should have figured out the geometry of doing increases in the center of the knit rather than on the ends would create a giant diamond. ::Sighs:: So, now, Marxer, my nephew, has his own little lap blanket. This makes Jeannie happy. My brothers loved the color and were surprised that I made it. At least I finished it correctly which is a big improvement. (I've only been knitting for about two years if anyone is wondering.)

I mowed the lawn, finished the diamond, almost finished another skein of yarn for my own blanket, and I'm about to cut out the Regency gown. I also went shopping (Hot Topic is having a sale! Woohoo! Like I could pass up a hot pink Little Mermaid sweatshirt.), saw Mom, and, of course, got the freakin' internet fixed. Turns out the modem died a horrible death. The poor cable guy had to try three different modems until one worked. Internet good. Shopping good. Sewing good. A day off of work to get things done? Wonderful.

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