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It was a lot of fun. I should probably explain that for the past three weeks I've been trying to explain to Mom what "feast" means. She gets it now. As we were going home she said "Okay, I've got to tell Dad that when Sissy says 'feast' she means feast" Yes, Mommy, you will NOT go home hungry unless you want too.
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We did get up and leave a bit early (I'll explain in the next post) but I did want to say thank you to everyone. I had fun and Mom said she wants to come back next year (woohoo! Dress up Mommy again!).
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Mom's coat is looking a lot better. I had to cut out some more inches on the sides but now it should fit properly. I still haven't found the silver buttons but I did find 50 copper buttons that will work a lot better. They have Hadrian on them not that anyone will notice. Mom loves ancient Roman history so these will work a lot better. Not perfect for a 16th c outfit, true, but they are perfect for Mom. Besides, from a foot away all anyone will see are some nice copper buttons with some sort of design. I'm adding the green velvet trim tomorrow night and then the buttons. I should have a picture up Thursday of the coat.

If anyone remembers my hand sewn early 16th c Italian that got watermarked from the Pennsic rains, I finally have a solution. I bought magenta/teal crossweave silk organza to go as an overlayer for the skirt. The dress is a magenta/teal crossweave silk broadcloth so it should mesh nicely. This will hide the watermarks so I can wear the dress again.

Hopefully, the guy with the trailer out in western Maryland will email me back soon. He has a couple of trailers and I'm hoping to get one of them. I found him on craigslist.
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I went over to Mom and Dad's this afternoon. Mom tried on the coat. I have to take it in a bit and it should work great. She likes the feel of it so that works well.
After I take the thing in, I'll add the green velvet trim and a bunch of faux pearls. I'll probably end up using some old pearl buttons because the silver buttons have completely disappeared. I found the straw base I want for my Turkish hat but no buttons. It's really odd. Oh well, the pearl buttons will probably work even better than the silver.
I didn't get to work on the chemise for it. I'll work on that tomorrow night.
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and no buttons. They must be in Harry Potter's room...darn it. I really didn't feel like dragging all that out. Hmmm...might check the scarp box first.

Anyway, the Turkish coat looks like a good Italian interpretation of a Turkish coat. :-) Mom hopefully will like it (and get to wear it!). I'll sew up the chemise for it tonight hopefully. I think I might add some simple lace to the sleeves like in the Portrait of a Lady wear the green turkish/italian coat.
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It's sewn up. The lining...I gave up when it go close enough to matching that no one will notice. I might have to take out the hem a bit (I'll probably just cut the thing and re-hem since that's easier than taking out more stitches at this point!) but over all it's pretty much done. I just need to make sure it fits Mom, find those silver buttons, and then sew the button holes and the buttons on. Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow....
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I kinda like this:

I think I know what I'm going to do for the second "fairy" gown..not that it matters much. Although the Fairy fest is two days, I'll only be able to go on one day so I just need one gown. ::sigh::

I've come to the conclusion I need to take the Turkish coat completely apart. This one side is simply *not* lining up like it should and I can't tell if it's simply because I'm accidentally stretching the fabric too much or if it's something with the cut of the gores or what. The other side is perfect, why does this one have to be giving me trouble?

I couldn't find the silver buttons. I have a few more places to check but I did pull out the fake plastic ones that look like pearl and gold just in case. They aren't the best but they look fine from a foot away. I really need to find the silver ones....

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Mar. 18th, 2008 07:07 pm
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I started sewing up Mom's Turkish coat. It looks like she is coming after all (Woohoo!). My SIL's sister (following this?) works at a really neat little Irish pub in Bethesda. They've offered to make platters for the baptism. If that happens, then Mom won't have to cook (why she just didn't order the platters from Giant like usual, I'll never know) and then she can come play on Saturday.
The problem is there is something funny going on with the lining of the Turkish coat so I have to take one side of it apart and see what the heck I did wrong. For something that is a relatively simple pattern, it's really giving me a lot of trouble.

For fun and amusement for all:
It's bad baby names. Some of these are just too funny. You have to wonder what the heck the parents were thinking...and whether child services has been called due to "abusive" names.

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Mar. 17th, 2008 09:22 am
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At work. I'm not really sure why I'm here other than I don't have much sick leave left and I don't have a fever anymore. Ugh.

Sewing stuff: I worked a bit on the 18th c stays the other day. I finished the channels for the back of the stays and should have something reasonably resembling stays by the end of the month...I hope. They are red silk on one side and green silk on the other. I'm using the green silk as bias tape around the edges. It should look interesting.
Mom's coat will be done soon soon as I find those darn buttons! I know I have well over 100 somewhere...I just can't remember where. I've been too sick to tear the house apart but I should be able to go through a few things later today. Assuming I don't crash....
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I ran across some WONDERFUL information in regards to 16th C Turkish women's clothing early last year...and lost the link. It was dreadful to loose because the link had tons, and I mean TONS, of great information. Well, I decided to give it a shot and try and find it today and...yeap! I found it!

It's a big pdf so it might take a bit on slower computers/connections. This might be of interest to anyone going to A Day in the Middle East. It does discuss the layers (all of 'em) and gives a pretty good picture as to what was worn.

Now, to get that linen so I can start on Mom's outfit...
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Yes, I know. I have to do the ever after court gown and the pink 1560's Italian wool gown yet but there is a Middle Eastern SCA event this coming Sat so I have to dress the part. :-) I cut out the muslin and it looks like it should fit perfectly. I'm basing the coat off of a couple of extant examples with a curved side rather than a gored side. This allows for more room under the arms (around the bust line) and still has a tight waist. I think I'm going to use the melon colored linen I bought. I thought I had a nice deep orangy-pink linen but I can't find it. I'll look again tomorrow.

After this, it's either the Ever After gown or the Italian wool followed by the Katherine Parr/Jane Grey gown and then the fitted gothic gown...and then there's the blue courtesan gown I want to make for Pennsic (anything that has skirts that can be lifted and you wear breeches underneath is great for Pennsic), a high German gown, and a few more Italian gowns...and coats...There's that heraldry gown I want to make too...

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