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another 10" to 20" of snow is expected with this storm. I'm really having too much fun with this stuff. I know a lot of people are grumbly about it but, honestly? It's snow. There isn't a thing you can do about it so why not enjoy it? It's pretty, it's way too much fun to watch the animals try to play in, and I'm loving watching the cars attempt to drive up the my parents street. A plow got stuck and couldn't make it up the street. Honestly, if the plow didn't make it, what makes anyone think their little 2-wheel drive vehicle will?

More Snow!

Feb. 6th, 2010 05:43 pm
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After doing about 50 eyelets and a hem, I decided it was time to get out of the house!

Click on the picture above to see all the snow photos!
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Yay! They are ugly as can be but they fit and, once on, look perfect on; ugly, but they fit right. Even Mom looked surprised when she saw them on me because they do *look* right on...just not when being sewn.

So, next to remeasure the pattern and get that sewn up. I bought some lovely yellow and pink ribbon for the trim on the blue dress because the coral red wasn't coral red in natural light. It's more orangy that what I liked and didn't go with the wedgewood blue silk. Yellow goes a lot better and I want to place a pink ribbon on top of that. It sounds off but looks really neat together.

As for the snow; oh my goodness! This is so much fun! I did take pictures down on the Mall around noon because it seemed wrong to be in the center of DC during the big monster storm and NOT take pictures to prove where I was. :-) I'll, hopefully, be able to post pictures tomorrow.


Feb. 3rd, 2010 10:33 am
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We got a good three inches last night. It shut down schools for the most part but I'm still at work. (It gives me a good opportunity to take pictures of DC downtown in the snow!!!) However, what I'm looking out is this MASSIVE snow system heading nearly straight towards us on...Saturday. Yes, once again, it would look like it will be of little use.

Well, it would be of little use if it was a normal snow system and only going to dump 2 or 3" and then leave. But this is a monster snow system. I really think that it will make the December Blizzard look like round one. I've heard everything from 15" to 50" of snow. My own personal guess is around the 25"~30" mark if it keeps on track. Yeah, it's a LOT of snow.

What this will mean: Stock up NOW on the essentials. Forget going on Friday, just head to the grocery store (or Costco would be a good bet) now.

If we get over a foot, there is a good chance for major delays on Monday. If we get two feet or more, you can be sure that most things will be closed (including Gov't!) for at least a couple of days. If the Metro above ground tracks aren't accessible, gov't closes. Given that due to some extremely stupid planning on some counties parts (Montgomery, here's looking at you), many counties are already way over their snow removal budget and have run or are running low on salt. So, since it looks like yet another major storm (and possibly another a week later!), you can imagine the nightmare already. Little to no salt, overbudget, and over 2 feet of snow? ...I wouldn't be surprised if the kids got out all week and gov't employees got off a couple of days.


Jan. 30th, 2010 11:12 am
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I already have about an inch and it's still coming down at a good clip. The backyard is *gorgeous* and I can't wait until tomorrow when it stops so I can take lots and lots of pretty pictures of all the snow. It's also only 14 F out right now so I'm so not going outside. My ability to go outside ends somewhere around 20 F.

Ginsie, of course, loves going outside. She thinks the snow is the best stuff evah! She takes two steps, sniffs the air, sniffs the snow, eats the snow, looks up at me in the window, wags her tail, and then takes another two steps. She has yet to understand the concept of way too cold to go outside for very long. She use to understand it -she is from Mississippi- but I think her competitive nature against Shiloh destroyed that understanding.

So, going to go work on some sewing and watch the Duchess!

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