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It's almost done. I'm sewing up the button holes right now. I was originally going to do lacing up I made the dress a bit too big for lacing so buttons it is! I bought some really nice silver round shanked buttons with a neat looking design on them. I also bought a bunch of matching smaller ones for the hood.
The hood will be out of a dark purple/violet wool with matching dark purple/violet sleeves. All and all, this should look pretty nice together.
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Mom got this lemony yellow tunic and pants set as a gift...and it's yellow. Very yellow. Mom showed it to me and I immediately told her she couldn't get rid of it even if was yellow because it's 100% linen. Oh yes, she got a (modern) linen tunic and pant set. There was no way I was going to let her just give THAT away.
So, a few days ago I managed to kidnap the outfit. I've already decided I'm going to embroidery the top. It's your generic 3/4 sleeve tunic. It will look really cute on Mom once I get the embroidery done on it. The pants are your generic drawstring pants. They have elastic in them as a back up (ack!) and pockets on the back but I'm planning on telling Mom to use the pants with her Middle Eastern outfit I'm supposed to be working on in a couple of weeks if the freaking mail ever gets here. Back to the post office tomorrow to demand the package...again.

Anyways, I figured I'd re-dye the pants and make 'em purtty...rather than lemony yellow. I probably should dye the tunic as well. So, I used RIT (laugh, go ahead) and tried the powder version first. Ummm yeah...okay so the bottom of the pants looked like a perfect sky blue but the rest came out tye dyed. I tried to use a dye remover and that didn't I then went back to the store and got the liquid RIT (Royal blue) and that worked! It looks BEAUTIFUL now.

Pictures of the colors )

The pants are really about two shades darker than the picture. It's a nice medium wedgewood blue. They'll work for generic medieval/Renaissance pants. Hey, they are linen which is better than most starter garb. :-)
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Random studies of the Gothic fitted gown )
So, I've started on this project. It will once again be in the indigo blue linen and this time lined with the rest of the red/white linen crossweave that I have left over. Basically, the same fabric I used for the Viking outfit. That's the good thing about solid (ish) colors; they are timeless.
I'll post pictures when I get it half way decently sewn and whenever I find my camera. I think my car ate it. Or Ginsie did.
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...that I have to do before the end of the year. I cut out the Viking last night over at a friends house. Everyone was giggling. "Isabella's cutting out a early stuff?" Well, until they realized I was doing the multi-piecing period cuts and then they gave me the "You are no fun look" :-)

So, Viking and Gothic Fitted gown are both on the list. I need to get both done by the end of the MONTH. Fun. Actually, It shouldn't be too bad as long as I cut a bunch of patterns out this weekend and then I can sew through out the week.

sewing details blah blah blah )

So, that's my sewing update for now.
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Why can't I bleach fabric when I want to? I'll get bleach spots all over my favorite t-shirt or my new pair of jeans but when I want to bleach something like say, five yards of light blue linen that I want to be white, it stays the exact same color. There isn't even a hint that a drop of bleach touched the fabric. All I want is to be able to buy cheap fabric, bleach it, and then dye it whatever color I please!

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