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Just in case anyone was thinking of getting a viking apron dress and didn't want to make one: this lady on ebay has a few that look very nice to me. (I'm not sure how accurate since it's not really my area but other than the modern ideal of the clashing checks and plaids, they look pretty good to me.) She also has some brocades and other fabric up but it's all a bit on the $$ side. Anyway, I rather liked the apron dresses and thought I'd let other know that yes, there is something up on the renaissance costuming side of ebay worth buying.
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...that I have to do before the end of the year. I cut out the Viking last night over at a friends house. Everyone was giggling. "Isabella's cutting out a early stuff?" Well, until they realized I was doing the multi-piecing period cuts and then they gave me the "You are no fun look" :-)

So, Viking and Gothic Fitted gown are both on the list. I need to get both done by the end of the MONTH. Fun. Actually, It shouldn't be too bad as long as I cut a bunch of patterns out this weekend and then I can sew through out the week.

sewing details blah blah blah )

So, that's my sewing update for now.

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