isabelladangelo: (Fabric) is having one of their daily sales for tropical weight wool this time. The wool is 62" wide, they have a wide variety of colors, and is $4.99 a yard. I've bought some of the pink previously and still have yet to get around to making a dress out of it but it feels light and like it's Pennsic worthy. Besides, $5 for wool? It's good to stock up on if you have the room for more fabric. ;-)


Apr. 28th, 2010 06:04 am
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Click on the picture to see a bigger shot. I didn't want to make it too big.

From Fort Fred, I got the coutil and the sateen cotton that are still bound on the right side of the picture. I'm thinking a pet-en-l’air? (18th c jacket) Not sure yet. I have 3 yards...

On top of that, I also got flat reeds at the Silly Sister's yard sale. $5 for the bundle, squee! Those will be made into a pair of bodies (16th c corset/stays) gosh darn it!

The very iridescent blue/copper/pink floral stuff is the silk brocade that has had on sale forever. They don't have the blue anymore but, after getting it, I'm thinking of getting some of the red too. It's 78% silk (the rest is rayon) and it is *gorgeous* up close. Pictures do not do this fabric any justice. Part of me wants to do a Venetian out of it (late 16th c) but I think the print is actually better suited for earlier. I have 5 yards so I have plenty to do almost anything with it. The fabric almost glitters from copper to steely blue and it has pink flowers all over it. I want to get some light pink trim to use around a neckline for it and really bring out the floral pattern.

The fabric beneath that is another 3 and a half yards of linen. Another sale -this time on hanky weight linen. It will so be a chemise...I'm just not sure from which century yet!


Jan. 22nd, 2010 08:15 pm
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Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any coral red silk scraps? I'll pay you, I just figured someone might be clearing out their scrap pile. I don't need very much (I'm trying to make a neckline trim), hence the scraps rather than going out and buying a yard of it.
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After YEARS of searching, I have found the absolute more perfect fabric for a dress I've been dying to remake...again. :-) The only problem with it is that it's gold and not silver in color. Real gold, like the metal, not just the color. I know gold is next to impossible to tarnish but I was thinking, maybe, soaking it in lemon juice and then lying the fabric out in the sun might bleach it just a little? I don't mind a light gold color for the project (it would actually be perfect) but this is The problem is that it's the exact embroidery and type of fabric I've been looking for since ummm...2002? Probably even earlier than that really. I'm thinking I'm just going to buy the fabric anyway (despite that it's rather expensive) but I'd like to know if anyone has tried this before or if anyone would have any idea if it would work with a silk/gold metal weave....

If you know of a good forum to ask this question, please tell me too or just cross post it over there.
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I might write up a really long Pennsic post tonight, assuming I get all the unpacking and emailing I need to get done, done. I also need to get to bed early and report to my TDY early tomorrow morning.

Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone for their congratulations on my new position. It got a bit hairy there on Thursday but everything is okay now and I am getting the transfer, Thank God.

...Now, on to the reason behind this post....

I got fabric. :-)

Friday afternoon, I went down to merchants. Typically, everyone has some good deals because they just don't want to take it home. I had my eye on this gorgeous bolt of pale blue cotton brocade since the beginning of Pennsic. It didn't have a price on it but the surrounding brocades were all in the $8 ~ $10 a yard range. Given that I'd need at least 3 yards for anything decent, I was very wary of it. But, Friday, I asked about the pretty blue bolt.

The gentleman at the store told me that the brocade was only $2 a yard. My brain immediately went from maybe 3 yards for a surcote to 10 yards for a surcote and an Italian gown. So, I asked him for ten yards of it. He told me he'd give me the entire bolt for that price. ...yes, I took it.

I carried the bolt of fabric through merchants (getting a lot of rather humorous looks) and up to my campsite where I promptly showed off my find. I *think* there is about 30 yards on the bolt. There may be more. I need to measure it out tonight and take pictures of it.

It is a cotton brocade (it might be a blend but it's mostly cotton. I'll do a burn test tonight to make sure) and the color is light enough that I can dye it any color I want. Now, to make a surcote, an Italian Dress, and a cotehardie out of it.... and maybe a 'bethan? Hmmm...this fabric with the white wool I have....
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I went to Joanns and fell for the sale...again. I got the stuff I needed plus a few dozen other items.

New stuff )

So they came out pretty nicely for being pieced. I really only have a 4"X6" square and a very oddly cut semi circle piece that I don't think is even an inch wide left. I maxed out the fabric on this one. :-)

I also got some cotton sateen to use for mom's dress rather than the silk (it's rose colored and I think it pairs better with the velvet), a hanky weight linen cotton blend (it was on sale), a yard of brocade for Ginsie's project, and a fleece panel of a 19th c painting that I know I've seen before but I can't remember the name's two girls playing at the piano and I think it's here in DC. I also got a bunch of thread and ribbons. Since only the muslin and the fleece were really for me (all the rest is for projects to make for someone else) I don't think I did too badly.


Feb. 17th, 2008 04:17 pm
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I have this lovely cotton fabric that I have no idea what to make out of it. It's almost a cotton velveteen on one side and a brushed cotton on the other. The velveteen is a gold/red/green/black paisley-ish design and the brushed side is a plain black. I was thinking a sideless surcote but I have a good 6 yards at least of the fabric. Maybe just a 16th c coat? Or a gown of some sort? Any ideas? I want something where I can flat fled or otherwise hide the seams to at least make it look like it can be reversible if necessary. Maybe an early Tudor?
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The silk I ordered for the 1840's dress came today. There is one problem with it; it's not silk. It's very clearly polyester satin. So, I emailed the seller and asked him if he wanted the fabric back (since he lives in Canada, I really don't want to deal with the shipping) or if he'd consider a partial refund. If nothing else, the pink is actually perfect for the lining of the sleeves of the Isabel of Portugal dress. I might be able to get enough material out of the pink/purple silk I got for that project to make the 1840's dress, but a good part of me doesn't want to chance it and just look for something else prior to the date. I can make up a decent dress in a week...I've certainly done it before!

I also got the fabric for the Catherine Parr dress that I eventually want to do. I bought the fur for it over a year ago and have been looking for a decent semi-replica of the gown fabric. I have the forepart/false sleeves fabric as well. Now, to go buy stock in red velvet trim....

In totally unrelated news, I got a manicure and pedicure and I now have deep blue turquoise nails and toe nails. :-)
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Linen! Woohoo! Right now, I'm not buying any fabric but I thought others might want to know about the sale. Hugs to all. (Yes, I'm in a really good mood today)
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Need to finish:
  • Red Tudor gown. It's not that I have much's that other things keep coming up!
  • Elizabeth Doublet and Skirt
  • Curtain
  • Elizabethan corset
  • Neapolitian Gown
  • Wool pants, they just need the waist band if I can ever find it again...
  • Orangy Red gown based on the Helene Snakenburg (sp?) portrait

Need to start (aka, have fabric for):
  • Elizabethan green and red gown
  • Southwestern Print skirt for work
  • Shiny Brocade skirt for work
  • 1450's gown that fits
  • Gothic Fitted Gown in both red and another in lilac
  • Italian Chemise
  • Jane Grey/Catherine Parr gown
  • Unicorn Portrait gown (1500's Florentine)
  • German red velvet gown (1500's "Fortune Teller" gown)
  • Ever After Gold Court Gown...I will make it eventually, I swear!
  • Turkish Coat out of red fabric
  • Purple early 16th c Italian
  • Brown Corduroy Flemish Gown
  • Really Snarky black linen with gold embroidery "Elizabethan" gown (You need to see the embroidery to understand. That, and with the red velvet front I want to do? Bwahahahaha...)

Need to get fabric for:
  • Blue velvet and yellow silk for my Day of Wrong gown (yeah, gotta get working on that...)
  • Brown silk for the Anne of the Thousand Days gown...I have the stuff for the sleeves...
  • The tie-dye velvet I saw the other day 'cause it's pretty and therefore mine....

Need to figure out what to do with the fabric:
  • Blue/Purple Thai silk 4 yards
  • Brown Velvet 6 yards
  • 11 yards of white crushed velvet
  • Probably a ton more I have hidden away in various places that I can't think of off the top of my head...
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I feel like being evil. I want to make all the other snarks faint at the sight of me. I want to hear people look at me in utter confusion. Yes, I think I might actually make my gown of purple and gold evilness.
This fabric, I'm sure, was left over from the 1960's. It's a lovely jacquard pattern out of unknown fabric content. It's that really old fake gold string that's super shiny (think 1960's) with lavender polyester-that-wants-to-be-wool interwoven. It's scary. I love it. I want to make a renaissance gown out of it.the picture of the evil fabric )
I might make just a generic one (bodice with attached skirt, side lacing maybe?). I think I might have the horrendous gold out rather than the lavender because it's just that much scarier. ...Maybe I should go Italian with this one? 1530's? that would be scary...

EDIT: I did a burn test. Honestly? I think the "gold" is acrylic and the Lavender is actually cotton/silk blend! It just makes it that much scarier.
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Yes, I'm clearing out my fabric closet. So far, I've listed 44 items...40 of which are fabric. If you see some fabric you like but can't sew, just tell me. I can set up an auction for a gown or an outfit. All the items are on ebay under JubileeL.
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This is just a short post. I have way too much fabric. I currently have more "projects" than I'll get to in the next five years so I'm going to go through my fabric stashes and start selling off some of it. I'll probably sell most of it under my new ebay ID, Strawberriesncreame . A few of the more vintage pieces will go under JubileeL. I currently have four body bag sized tuberware containers full plus two garbage bags filled, plus three shopping bags, and then there is the stash I actally have at home. Yes, it is a heck of a lot. So, if anyone wants to help me go through it, I'll give discounts! Remember, a lot of my fabric is for Renaissance and Medieval garb so I have tons of corduroys, homespun cottons, satins, silks, ect.

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