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I hadn't seen the blackworked jacket before. There are a lot of interesting portraits and extant pieces from the latter half of the 16th c. I also really like the upside down peacock feather embroidered on red.
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Jan. 5th, 2008 09:39 pm
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It was actually a really fun event. There was TONS of food. It wasn't just desserts. There was soup, bread, cheeses, noodles, basically, food. Lots of food. You did NOT go hungry at this event and that was a good thing.
I did finish the mid 16th c gown but didn't wear it because I wasn't sure how big the site was. Trying to rummage around with a hoop skirt isn't easy where there is much room. So I wore my hand sewn red t-tunic and a green skirt under it. It still looked festive.
Asruyn was there which I was so happy about. She only gets to come to events when she's on break from college so I was surprised to see her. She was glad to see me as well since I was one of the very people she knew.
[ profile] orlacarey and Lady Tirzah did an amazing job with the food. Really y'all, it was good. [ profile] orlacarey gave me a lovely little bag of really really good hard candy.
During court, St. Nicolas made his appearance for all the little kids. Everyone sang Rudolph the red nose reindeer (not period but hey, the kids know it!). The table behind me was being rude but oh well...not about to let a few drunks ruin it for the rest of us.
There was a lot of singing before court and I knew a lot of the carols. It was a random group of singers but they were really good. The acoustics of the building could have been better but it was fine.
So, all and all, I had a great time and it's definitely an event I'd like to go to next year.
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I finally got around to taking the skirt off the Elizabethan. I think I'm just going to make it more mid 16th c Italian now that it's in pieces. I still need to cut the skirt up and then resew the entire thing. That, hopefully, won't take too long tonight.

Poe Dress: In pieces as well. :-) Although I did go last night to Joann's and get the flannel backed satin [ profile] attack_laurel suggested. It still seemed a bit thin so I'm creating an inner layer of the super thin fleece. That should make it warm. The fleece is grey, the satin is black, and the coat is black velvet. I'm thinking of adding some of the lilac cording I've had since 2003 to the sleeves of the coat around the cuffs. I saw a pattern I liked...just need to find the thing, that's what's work is for! Looking for random things no one else can find or remember!

...I'm so bringing my muff to this....

18th c gown: Yes, I'm making plans for this now. I figure I'll make one out of the 7+ yards of brown cord I have lying about. That with some sort of pink fabric (velvet?) should look okay. I'll make a second one after I figure out the problems with the first. Which is why I want to use the $1 yard cord I got ummm...three years ago? first. I have patterns for it, I think I'll go with the later 1760's early 1770's style for now but we'll see....
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I went to the National Portrait Gallery for lunch today (it's across the street from work) and saw this portrait of Elizabeth from about 1560. (BTW, don't even bother trying the salad dressing. It's gross!)

Some interesting notes about the fabric: The dress and coat are made of the same fabric. It looks like possibly a dark grey wool with black swirly velvet designs on it. Yes, I know swirly isn't a period term but how else can you describe what looks almost like New Orelans iron work embossed in velvet on wool? The lower sleeves are a different material. Possibly silk with black "fuzzy dots" that look like bits of loose string. I know those exist on the Spainish doublet but I can't remember what they are really called.
The fur is white (rabbit) and the ruff is blackworked. The hat has a "flap" that comes up and over the head. You can probably just barely tell in the picture but it's clear in the painting.
The glove is very very clearly leather and plain. The rings are gold "flowers" with onyx centers.
Feel free to ask any questions you have about the painting. I'm going back over there probably sometime in the next couple of weeks. Also, I might go to NGA so if you have any questions about paintings you know are housed there, ask and I'll find out! Yes, I'm bored, why do you ask?
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I made cake. :-) Okay, so it's just the Betty crocker in a box kind but I LOVE the smell of cake through the house. It's yummy. I bought some neat Christmas Tree shaped cake pans and used those. The cakes look scrumptious! I have green icing (I know, I'm cheating. I didn't make my own) and sprinkles. I'm taking them in tomorrow for my main office and hopefully they'll like 'em. I didn't want to get everyone individual Christmas gifts; especially since they tend to be food anyways. I figured cake is always welcome.

As for sewing updates....

I finished the muslin for the 1840's gown. The pleats look hilarious since I didn't bother to make 'em super nice and neat. It will work for the muslin. From what I can tell, the bodice I really like is only two pieces but I'm making it out of three. I'm doing a back piece, a front piece, and a side piece. This goes along with my antique 1840's gown, so I'm not doing anything that can't be documented. :-)

The Elizabethan is ummm...lying draped over the sewing desk? I need to take it apart still.

For Christmas, I might go simple and just make a white panne velvet broomstick skirt and put red velvet ribbons on it. It won't take longer than two hours to cut that out and put it together and it will look nice for church. Now, just what shirt to wear with it?
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The Elizabethan is half done. I think I might change the straps for the third time. I keep going between having a "wing" and the full "roll" on the shoulders. I like the wing because it elongates the shoulder and gives more of that triangle on top of a triangle look that was so popular in the middle of the 16th c. But, I also like rolls so...

Anyways, the skirt got pleated and I tried to attach it to the bodice but it looks like I might have to hand sew that part just due to sheer bulk. The skirt is 240" of a chenille/taffeta in a jacquard print that is probably meant for curtains. :-) I loved the look of it and had to have it for my own gown...especially when put it on sale this summer.

I was going to go to Revel without a Cause and I...fell asleep. Honest. I woke up around 7, started to finish up sewing. Got as far as re-stringing and old chemise before I got up, went upstairs and stayed there. I started to feel tired around 10 and thought it would just wear off so I stuck around and by 11:30 I crashed until 5. Maybe I'm still just getting over being sick? My voice certainly hasn't come back completely which is driving me crazy.


Dec. 14th, 2007 07:29 am
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I cut out the linen last night. I need to re-iron the pieces and then I'll start hand sewing the chemise. It's a lovely handkerchief weight linen that is bleached white. I double checked all the measurements and it should be okay. I also used more fabric than I normally do because I'm making this chemise with gores...

So, I didn't get to the Elizabethan last night. I hope to get to it this afternoon. I need to finish that up so I can start on my next project which is...

The fabric hasn't come yet for the 1840's gown. I really like the straight sleeve with buttons at the cuff on the mid 1840's gowns. I might do that rather than the bishop sleeve. I guess I can get started on the muslin after I finish the Elizabethan...
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Going to go home soon and finish the Elizabethan, hopefully. I'll cut out the Italian Chemise too.

I found out some interesting news on the job front...they need people were I'm a temp right now badly. Since it's a straight trip on Metro in the morning, I'd be very happy to stay. I love the commute. :-)

As for things I'd love to have but will probably never be able to afford unless I win the lottery tomorrow (c'mon Megamillions!); Want. Seriously, that is gorgeous and it has rubies & pearls. I so love that.
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I cut out the bodice for my Elizabethan gown. I need to cut out the lining and finish cutting out the skirt.
I also dragged out the white linen for my Italian chemise. I need to get working on that since I'm hand sewing it.

For the Poe event:
I have a hat. I didn't make it and it's clearly modern materials but the shape is right for the late 1840's/ early 1850's. The reason I bought it (and love it) is because it's all my favorite colors. The hat itself is a deep aqua. It has white "lace" (embroidered poly) on the back and pink flowers on the the front and sides. It's cute even if it's not perfect.

For the gown: I do have a gown from the 1840's. I'm just copying the lines of it, enlarging them, and making a pink silk gown. I could also just do copies of one of Empress Sisi's early gowns. :-) I love 107 on that site. However, she was just barely contemporary with Poe so I don't think it would work.

For the coat, I really want to do this one:

I love the look of the purple coat. I do have a coat from a little bit later that I'll use for a pattern and just edit as necessary. This means I might have to go buy some nice lace. I have green velvet for the coat and I'm not too worried about the lining.
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so, yeah, this is what I was going to wear today with a black/navy blue wool skirt and a bumroll but it looks like it's going to be a TV and cell phone day today. ::sighs::

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much grumbling because I'm still sick )
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I don't have a fever anymore which is a plus. I managed to sew up my Elizabethan wool skirt, put most of the psuedo Ever After Just Breathe gown together, and pretty much finish my Tudor gown that I've been working on slowly forever. I just need to put some hooks and eyes in it and it should be okay to wear tomorrow.

I probably won't stay for more than a couple of hours at the faire tomorrow. I'm still not great and I know the food there will make matters MUCH worse. Mom, Gwen, and Nicolas should all be coming. Dad might come too but I don't know right now.

In other news:

in case you are already bored )

now...time for bed and hopefully I'll see some of you tomorrow.
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This is the gown from the Elizabeth: The Golden Age trailer that I want. I know it has next to no basis in history but its pretty and I *need* pretty.

Very pretty dress )

It looks like she has a big bow on her lap, embroidered in gold? The dress is probably moire silk in pale blue. The gown doesn't look to have straps and the partlet/sleeves are most likely organza. Maybe I'll add pink and blue "puffed" straps to the gown just so it will be less of a snark target?
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This is the domestic trailer

and here's the international trailer: It's slightly different

I want to go in full Elizabethan...maybe recreate the blue gown that was only shown for a split second in the first trailer....
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