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Oh my! One day is just not enough to get done with everything I wanted to get done in NYC. Did you know that Mood closes at 4 on Saturdays?!? So I didn't get to go there. I did go into MJ Trims and found some floral trim that should work for the Madame Pompadour gown I'd like to do sometimes soon. I have about 10 yards of teal silk taffeta that should work for that. I also got a love peacock blue pre-pleated velvet trim just because I loved the color and a iridescent red/green pre-pleated trim that I think will work with the green silk I already have. Again, 18th c and probably some sort of Christmas dress. Because I talk a lot )

Anyway, Pictures!

Those are of all the things I saw at the Met. I do have other random pictures up but I thought most people would be interested in those. :-)
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ROME (AP) - She suckled Rome's legendary twin founders and fed Benito Mussolini's ambitious dreams of renewed imperial glories.

For centuries, the she-wolf has been one of Rome's most powerful symbols. But now some experts are contending that the bronze statue in a city museum atop Capitoline Hill might not be so old after all.

New theories suggest that the statue dates from the Middle Ages, and not from Etruscan times, as has long been held.

"It's decisively medieval," said Anna Maria Carruba, a researcher who studied the statue when she worked on its restoration a decade ago. "As I went ahead with my research, I was ever more sure," Carruba said in a telephone interview on Wednesday.

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The above is a link to a news article regarding a no longer submerged medieval church. There isn't much information on the church itself but there are pretty pictures.
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It was so much fun! We got there early which was a very good thing. We ended up getting seats right up front that way in the green section. The green section is where the entrance for all the Knights is and right next to the balcony for the Royalty. Talk about up close and personal!

long! )
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I decided not to hem it. I probably should and I might after Pennsic or add some sort of guard at the bottom but for right now? I have three layers for a roof, two layers for a wall, and two separate layers for a floor. Hemming, with all else I have left to do, is optional. That, and the way it's woven, it won't fray.

Images of said tent are here
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I didn't get home until around 5:30 and didn't get started on the tent until around 7 so i didn't get quite as much as I'd like done. However, the pavillion/square marquee/16th c tent now has walls. I need to sew the back wall to the sides and then attach that to the roof. I'll put the frame together just to double check and make sure it fits and then hem the thing. Yes, I plan on doing all this tomorrow. Yes, I'm a procrastinator. I don't think the Tudor gown will get done in time (ran out of thread yesterday) but the Elizabethan doublet will.
The good thing about sewing up the walls is my house is now no longer covered in blue and white striped fabric! All the fabric is in one little pile in the corner of the sewing room. This is far better than trying to find the dog beneath piles of blue and white fabric....
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I finished most of it. I need to redo the hem of the undergown but that's not exactly hard and won't take too long. I might make a pair of matching "pants" to go under the gown since it will be slightly warm tomorrow (84, woohoo!)

Pictures of the pink surcote and tan undergown )

Now to go finish hemming the undergown, sewing up the psuedo-venetian and then finish making my curtains!

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