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I have come to the conclusion I need a trailer. No, not just to tug my wardrobe/tent/chairs around but an actual Pennsic trailer home. I know what I want to build. Yes, I came to this conclusion a while ago but I know now (thank to the tax refund) that I really might be able to build this thing. I have a plan (of sorts) and I have tools (yes, power tools even. I actually have a nice little tool set that isn't pink or turquoise. Okay, so the picture hammer does have a purple floral pattern but that's for pictures.).
many random ideas )I've built stuff before just nothing this complex. I know what I need and I have some idea of what to do. My main reason for building this is because last year, the "ucky" Pennsic, the poles of my tent shifted. My tent looked like it was playing twister. I managed to fix it only to have it move again. Why? Because the ground was so saturated with water (you could see your reflection in the water between the grass blades) that the earth had turned into a spongy muddy mess that was slowly moving itself! A trailer is a bit heavier so if it starts to move like that, there is a lot more to worry about than some rain. Also, if it floods...well, we are all doomed. That, and I'm always looking for the next great weird thing to build for the sake of my "hobby". And what is cooler than one of those trailers?

In totally unrelated news, I had to call the Post Office tonight. I haven't had a lick of mail since I got back. I have at least two packages that should have gotten here by now, bills, and junk mail that I always get and nada. Not a thing since before Saint Kitts. I stopped my mail until the 16th but that was over a week ago! The lady I spoke to was very nice and promised to have it sorted out by tomorrow afternoon.

I've also been working on the Venetian. It's been slow going only because I really haven't been at the machine that much. The bodice is a perfect fit so far and looks like it will work well. If this outfit turns out okay, I'll probably use the pattern again (I was bright this time and marked the muslin and saved it with the rest of my patterns so I'd know where to look and what the heck I was looking at in the future) soonish. I want to work on Mom's gown next. I have some pale rose colored silk to line the sleeves of her green velvet gown with.

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I decided not to hem it. I probably should and I might after Pennsic or add some sort of guard at the bottom but for right now? I have three layers for a roof, two layers for a wall, and two separate layers for a floor. Hemming, with all else I have left to do, is optional. That, and the way it's woven, it won't fray.

Images of said tent are here
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I didn't get home until around 5:30 and didn't get started on the tent until around 7 so i didn't get quite as much as I'd like done. However, the pavillion/square marquee/16th c tent now has walls. I need to sew the back wall to the sides and then attach that to the roof. I'll put the frame together just to double check and make sure it fits and then hem the thing. Yes, I plan on doing all this tomorrow. Yes, I'm a procrastinator. I don't think the Tudor gown will get done in time (ran out of thread yesterday) but the Elizabethan doublet will.
The good thing about sewing up the walls is my house is now no longer covered in blue and white striped fabric! All the fabric is in one little pile in the corner of the sewing room. This is far better than trying to find the dog beneath piles of blue and white fabric....
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The roof to my Blue and White tent is finished! Yeah, I about cutting it short! But I'm a huge procrastinator and now I just have to do the walls. I should have it done by tomorrow.
so I don't overload people with pictures! )

The last one is from the other day. Miss Ginsie wanted me to pull pack the curtain so she could watch the squirrels!
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Tudor Gown: About half done. I should be able to finish it easily tomorrow. I got the hard part done, those evil sleeves!

Tent: It's cut out. It won't take long to sew up. Last time it took me a day to sew up the tent and then my sewing machine broke. I doubt that will happen this time!

client's gown: will be done soon. Really. By Thursday night.

Women's Elizabethan Doublet: A little over half done. I've done the frogs, the under "corset", and cut out the overlayer. I'm guessing two hours, max, to get it done. The skirt to match will be very easy...30 minutes if I'm really lazy. I can pleat like anything it that darn gathering that gets me everytime!

So, by tomorrow I should have a lot more progress. Most everything is half way there...a lot of it was just getting things cut out! After that, it's easy for me.
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With the fact that I have yet to hem my tent, I'm really tempted to buy this one...
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Yes, It's almost finished. I just have to hem it and add some finishing touches. So, in order to figure out the exact hem, I set the tent up!

Tent pictures )


Jun. 14th, 2006 10:20 pm
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Yes, I'm actually working on the tent I talked about ages ago. I cut out the khaki/tan canvas to make the roof of my square marquee. That was actually the hardest part becuase I had to make sure it fit the frame and was the correct measurements...and it's a heck of a lot bigger than a skirt.
So I managed to cut out all the pieces and sew 'em together. I did a semi-french seam so no water will come in if it rains.
I put the roof on the frame and it works perfectly. It even rained a bit and the water just beaded on the fabric and rolled it's supposed to. The stone underneath was perfectly dry. So, I'm happy with it. Now the walls...

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