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I really, really, like this style. I do still have to add the lacing rings but that's it. I constructed this one a bit differently than my other gowns. The skirt is gathered and then sewn, right sides together, to the bodice, rather than sewing just the outer part of the bodice to the skirt and flipping those under to tuck underneath the lining. I hope that makes sense!
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I really love the side lacing early 1500's Italian gowns. I really, truly do. The reason is not only because the gowns themselves fit like a sports bra with a skirt but because I can have pockets beneath the gown! The side lacing lends itself perfectly to pockets so I don't have to carry a stupid bag. Grr. I hate purses, no matter their form.

The pink dress is 100% hand sewn. I stitched the sides of the skirt together yesterday (herringbone at the bottom but whip stitch the rest of the way up), gathered the top of the skirt, attached it the bodice, and then stitched the bodice closed. I just finished the eyelets today. I'm thinking maybe for Coronation? I might make something else for that...
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First, how many others got to see the isosceles triangle of the moon, Jupiter, and Venus? It was pretty cool.

Second, I bought the airplane tickets for LA. They were a lot less than I originally had thought which is a good thing. I'm going to wait on the car rental. I can get a car for $180 (taxes, everything included) for the week but I want to see if they have any specials closer to the time I'm leaving.

I'm trying to plan my trip. Of course, right now, the LACMA is not showing off there costumes and textile display. (And did I mention this is the week BEFORE the Feb 7th lecture? ::sigh::) I'm still heading over to LACMA and there are a few other places I have planned. I also know my cousins will kidnap me for a few days but...

I don't think I'll go to Disneyland. If I do, it will be for the day and get the ticket at the door. I'll check and see if the office has any discount ticket but, honestly, a one day entrance fee for Disneyland is as much as a season pass to Universal Studios. (I think I might get the season pass at Universal and head down to Florida at least a couple of times later in the year.) So, I'll probably just go to Universal Studios and spend the money I would have spent on Disneyland, on fabric!

I really need to drag the Christmas decorations out. I also need to get five different sewing projects done by the end of the year. Three are really easy. One is half-way done. The fifth is my 12th night dress which might be changing. Now that the Heraldic Garb Competition is on, I'd love to try that. I do have an idea for it. 1490's-1500's Italian in gold with red wings on the upper sleeve. The lower sleeve in black velvet, lined in white fur, with the sleeve slashed. The underskirt in black and white stripes? Maybe in black velvet with some sort of black and white cord as a guard?

I was going to do the Catherine Parr dress, given the theme, and I do have a lot of the fur already laid out but I might put that on hold and do the Heraldic Garb instead.

So, stuff

Aug. 12th, 2008 01:21 pm
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Well, I'm doing slightly better today. I called up Mom at lunch and she went to visit the puppy at my house. (This means I don't have to come home to Ginsie having gone through the trash and having that scattered all over the floor because I forgot to put the trash can up again. Mom got it.) I'm still not sure what to do about the truck though. Should I get it fixed and then just trade it in Jan to get the truck I want? Or trade it in now and get a car that I will just sell in a year anyway?

In sewing stuff, I really REALLY want the box I left in my car. Partly because it has candles that are probably just puddles of wax by now but also because it had all my new silk thread in it. I have an idea for something for next Pennsic and I want to get started on it now. In the mean time, I'm thinking the black wool working class Italian.

I'll post pictures of the finished Eleanora gown in a couple of days hopefully. It's done. I just need to take the pictures.
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So, Friday. I had a lot packed and basically threw it into the car, leaving around noon or so. basically, I kept forgetting stuff and had to make sure I really did pack everything I needed and wait until store opened to go get emergency supplies (like beading wire) so I left a couple of hours later than I wanted to. The traffic was pretty bad, but more for the terrible accident than for construction.
A tractor-trailer ran off the side of the road and down the embankment (which was more of a cliff given the depth and angle) and caught on fire. The driver was okay (or, at least, I think that was the driver sitting there by the side of the road looking down the embankment with the "Dear God!" look on his face) but it looked pretty bad. That caused everything to be back upped on I-70 for a few miles. The construction? Only took a half hour.

go get something to eat and some tea. This will take a while...a long while )Saturday )Sunday )Monday )
Tuesday )Wednesday )Thursday )
Friday )
Saturday )
Overall, Pennsic was great and I'm sorry I didn't get to see everyone but I am happy that I got to see a lot of you. Feel free to comment with your favorite Pennsic pictures and/or whatever. :-)
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The corset and chemise. The dress dummy is set at 34" bust and the corset is still tight on it. This is a good long as I don't gain any weight back!

The dress and sleeve panels I tried to pin the sleeve together to give everyone a good idea of how it should look when it's done....and the pins kept slipping. I promise I will bead it at Pennsic. The threading idea that I had just wasn't working. I'm going to see if I can use some thin wire or something to get this to work....

So, I'm going to finish packing up and get some sleep.
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I'll try to finish up the sleeves tomorrow. I forgot something and need it before I start the beading to the sleeves.

I'm almost finished with a corset I started tonight. I decided during the middle of House that I just needed a new corset. I would have finished it if it were for the bobbin running out of thread. I'll probably finish it in the morning.

I'm going to have a lot of simple handsewing projects I'll finish at Pennsic. Almost all of it is just eyelets which is why I'm holding off on those. Eyelets can be done at Pennsic. Resizing and adding various trims can't. Or at least not as easily as eyelets can be added.

I finished 7 or so more Atlantian Mullets tonight. Woohoo!
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These are just a collection of ones I like for various reasons.

Elizabeth Honeywood. This is one that [ profile] attack_laurel posted but I really like it for the overskirt. The spiderweb lace design seems to be popular in the early 17th c. The same type of skirt is found on this portrait of an unknown lady. There's a bigger picture of her, showing the red velvet underskirt better, in Queen Elizabeth's Wardrobe....I think.

This jacket is just really nice looking. It's fairly simple (not that any of the embroidered jackets are simple, just this one is a more simplistic looking ivy pattern) and elegant looking.

I like this one of Catherine Parr just for the pink sleeves and green dress. Given the red underskirt/forepart, it's clearly pink facing on the sleeves.

This unknown lady's dress is just amazing. I think it's just the contrast and how the lace is what really makes the dress elegant along with the richness in color.

Anyway, some fun for much later this year or next.
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Why are you trying to be everyone's friend? It's admirable that you want people to like you, but it is simply not practical. Sometimes, people get on your nerves, and sometimes (believe it or not), you get on theirs. It's not the end of the world. Conflicts, arguments and tension do not mean the end of a relationship. You need to start rolling with the punches and understand that sometimes going through rough patches makes you appreciate the smooth road all the more.

Sewing Update: I made another passable chemise for me. It's out of crinkle cotton and is done with the whole drawstring method. I want to make another out of muslin given the temps this year. I need to cut out a far more accurate chemise out of the linen/cotton next. Then, I should be okay with renaissance underwear. Tomorrow, shopping for more gold cord so I can finish the sleeves.
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Me in my red & gold Venetian. My hair really is that color right now. It's fun when I just have barrettes on the sides to see people's reactions. It's almost as bad as wearing garb in a grocery store. :-)

EDIT: The front view is here I just don't like the underarm look there. It goes away with the sleeves on, or at least it's not noticeable. The "chemise" is a very old one but it works for seeing how things will look once I wear one of my real chemises. This one was meant to be a "pirate" shirt. :-)

One of the repairs I made to the Peacock Gown. It should hold until after Pennsic. I think, after Pennsic, I might just recut the bodice all together. I found enough scrap fabric that I can just remake it.

Ginsie helping me sew And y'all say you have problems with the cats helping? ;-) That's Shiloh in the background. Ginsie and the "orb" are in the foreground. This was a couple of weeks ago around the Fourth.

I have a few more up on my flickr account, as always. Feel free to ask questions, look around, and make silly comments (or serious ones). :-) I have finish one sleeve. Hint: Sewing while watching "The Nativity Story" (Gives new meaning to 'Christmas in July' :-) ) is extremely slow. I'm going to see about sewing during "Affair of a Necklace" tomorrow.
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I hadn't seen the blackworked jacket before. There are a lot of interesting portraits and extant pieces from the latter half of the 16th c. I also really like the upside down peacock feather embroidered on red.
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Mom has three chemises, three finished gowns, and a third gown that I'm going to take over this evening to fit her. I also made these sleeves for the front opening Italian gown. The sleeves have five gold ribbons going down them and look really neat with the dress.

I've been working on my sleeves as well. I might have one done by tomorrow if I take it with me to work so I can work on it on the metro.

I'm ignoring all other projects until I get these sleeves embroidered/couched!
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I was going through my fabric stash last night. I wanted to see if I had enough of the black wool I made the sleeves of my very mis-matched doublet to make a jacket out of. Turns out there isn't enough for a full jacket but there is enough for a pair of bodies...
In going through that, I also found my so-dark-blue-it's-black wool. I have 4 yards left and it's tropical weight. I'm thinking late Italian working woman, with red velvet trim? And a red wool jacket?

I also need to get started on the Bellatrix LeStrange outfit before September. So, the second I get back from Pennsic, I need to make that outfit.

And, of course, there is the 12th Night gown. I think I have enough dead rabbits (old fur coats, most of them look 1960's) to make the lining for the Catherine Parr/Jane Grey dress. I have the rest of the's just a matter of me sewing up dead rabbits to make the dress. (This way, no need for a cloak! Yes, it might get hot inside wearing all of that but that's why God invented the farthingale. Plus, I'll just wear my corset underneath. If it gets too hot, I'll just take the darned dress off!)
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So I went through my gowns because I know there are a few that need to be repaired prior to Pennsic. A couple I can just repair at Pennsic, if necessary, like my Gothic Fitted Gown (I need to move the buttons since I lost a bit of weight since I made the thing). Most I need to do a repairs here. So, repair gowns!

Peacock Venetian - I'm working on that now. I want to wear it to Novice given the theme is "birds". What better than peacock feather brocade sleeves to match my changeable fabric that goes from blue to green to purple (ignore the fact it's poly taffeta. Yes, I'll be carefully about hydration) with my peacock fan? Hmm...I wonder if I can get a pair of blue Mary Janes and add a peacock feather to the tops of them....I have peacock feather earrings! ...Oh...and I bet I can finish up that beaded snood and use that....hmmm...

The Florentine gown - I need to replace the lining on it. The jacquard is fine but the lining has had it. Oh the fun of picking out eyelets....

Red/Gold Venetian- I still need to piece it back together. This means re-pleat the skirt.

Mom's Turkish - I'm not sure if I'll bother taking the gores out and moving them up or not quite yet. It depends on how much time I end up having a week or so before Pennsic.

Green Venetian - Not sure if I'll bother with this either given it's a "winter" gown and not meant for summer wear. However, I do need to take it apart and re do the straps and the pleats on the skirt.

I can probably get each of these done in an afternoon. However, I still need to finish the sleeves on the Eleanor gown, make Mom at least another outfit or two, make us both more chemises (6 for her, 1 or 2 for me), and do all this before the end of the month! Yeap, I'm busy. I so will be sewing all day at Novice. If I'm not sewing for more than 30 minutes and it's not feast? Yell at me, please.


Jul. 1st, 2008 03:01 pm
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Anyone in the DC area happen to have a 6' X 7' flat wooden board (aka, piece of wood) they'd want to get rid of? Or something there abouts? Or, maybe, two 5' x 18", one 5' x 36", and two 3' x 18" pieces? Yes...I'm planning something...again....

I'll probably end up a Lowes or Home Depot tonight.

Yes, I'm really angry. Stupid work. Dumb people doing very dumb things again....

AGH! Turns out that wasn't what happened at all. ...and the person that told me dumb things happened is gone already. Ugh.
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I have a few pictures up. The dress embroidery/couching is done, thank God. It's not perfect but I don't think it looks bad either.

The front of the dress I haven't finished adding pearls to the partlet and I haven't added the eyelets to the back of the dress either. I should have the pearls added by the end of the week, hopefully. I'm starting on the sleeves tomorrow.

Back of dress Like I said, I haven't put the eyelets in so hence major gaping and ripples. I was more focused on getting the couching done then worrying about eyelets (which I can probably sew in the dark. in the night. with no one else around. not for miles....).

There are couple more pictures up on my flickr account if you want to take a look. Please, comments/suggestions/ect are really helpful. I'm still willing to take things apart to get this dress looking correct!
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The purple Scottish Italian dress is almost done. I finally figured out how to pleat the back without having to cut it up. It looks nice now.

I created a pattern for my Mom's kirtle. It *should* fit her perfectly but I'm making it out of the blue cotton first just to make sure (and so she'll have a nice cool blue Atlantian gown to wear on Sunday of War Week:-) ). She also loves the 12th c ish Green dress from the butterick pattern and really wants that so....[ profile] padawansguide? That's what shall become of the green silk velvet. I promise to take out the princess seams and make it closer to the 12th c...because I just wouldn't be able to stand it otherwise.

Anyway, I cut out the canvas for the bodice of the kirtle. I'm still debating on whether or not to use the purple cotton for lining or just regular old muslin. Given that I think this would be best served as an Atlantian dress, I'm thinking the muslin (that, and it's lighter than the purple cotton for the summer).

I also worked on the pink Eleanor gown. 11 more of those rounded designs to go on the back and the dress is done! I decided to go ahead and make the back match the front and not do the back like the shoulders. Instead, I'll just do one panel for the sleeves that is "embroidered" since that's the way it looks in the painting anyway. I do have pink pearls for the sleeves and I know I have the three strands of black pearls I bought from [ profile] fabricdragon last year in a basket, I think. I need to remember where I put them.

In non-sewing news: I did see Becoming Jane last night. I rather liked it. A couple of things (dresses) made my eyes go "huh?" but all and all it was pretty cute. Then again, I know next to nothing about Jane Austen's life.
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It's a problem with the BIOS. I know that much. How to fix the thing and whether to bother to fix, that is the question. Whether it tis nobler in the day to suffer the financial loss of buying a new computer, or to call up the India help desk and, by non-understandable phone calls, end this? To call, to scream, to fix no more. Perchance to email again; ah there's the rub. For in calling it is since I cannot email any more
when my computer has shuffled off it's mortal coil
and restarts itself every 15 seconds.
That makes calamity of a rebuilt computer;
For who would deal with outdated micro-processors
Bill Gate's XP, the over-heated fan,
The pangs of a constant restart, the wireless delay,
The overflowing email lists and the forums
The patient merit of calling India Help Desks,
When she herself cannot make understable
what "Mike" might say? who would these troubles bear.
to scream and cry under a weary call,
But the dread of finacial loss after bought,
the undiscover'd Vista from whose bourn
No traveller returns, puzzles the will
and makes us rather bear those ills we have
than fly to others that we know not of?

....Can't tell whether I'm thinking of bother to fix the freaking computer again or buying a new one, can ya? :-) Or that I'm working on SCA projects at the same time? hehehehe....

Purple dress is almost done. It will be done tomorrow with pictures to follow. I promise! (Dad's computer likes my camera even if my own computer is on a constant restart and hated my camera before that...)
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What happened was Mom told me Dad wanted to go see the "caber tossing" this weekend and I figured that spending the weekend with my Dad on Father's Day weekend was probably a far better way to go. After all, the hassle just to get to Hagerstown, only spend a couple of hours, maybe 3, and then have to go home because I need to let Miss Ginsie out? It's just not fair to Ginsie when I could take her and spend the day with my family while listening to great music. And then there is the whole paying versus non-paying thing I mentioned.... That just keeps getting me more and more angry.
So, Potomac Celtic Festival it is. I should have the purple linen Italian Scottish gown done in time (hehehe) for that. I did work on the partlet for the Eleanor gown. I need more trim. I think I've already used about 20 yards or so. I didn't really count. I have plenty, I just need to make more by sewing the ribbons together.
After I get the partlet trim done, I'll sew up the Italian Scottish gown. That won't take long at all since that doesn't require much handsewing at all; only the eyelets. The rest will all be machine.
After all of that is done (this week), I'll get back to the 18th c stuff that seriously needs to get done next week. I might make a 1790's gown first out of this red and white striped cotton I bought a couple of years ago just for a late 18th c gown. I have 13 yards of it so I know I have more than enough and considering it's July, a 1790's "patriotic" gown would work well...
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Honestly, If I hadn't already planned on going and carpooling with other people, I wouldn't go. There are just too many issues with the site and the people planning it not being logical that really bug me. And honestly, it's not just the dog issue.
It's the fact that, the site itself is billing this as a "Renaissance Festival". The SCA members are the "living history participants" (aka actors). Since when do the actors pay to be on the site and the site not charge the general public to be at the festival? If you come dressed in Rennie kindergoth outfits with your dog, you don't have to pay. But if you dare to be a card carrying SCA member in (near) perfect 14th c dresses, not only can you not bring your dog, but you MUST pay $8 to get on the bloody site! Ummm, huh?
So the people who are here to gawk at the actors (SCA members) don't have to pay because it's a public park and anyone is welcome but since we are renting the space and not blocking it off and billing it as a "demo" we do have to pay? Logic, please! Logic!
Why not ask the site, that if they really want us there, to ask us to come, set up some ropes, and have the general PUBLIC pay to get in and not us? If the minions in the SCA are really that terrified of cocker spaniels, then they can make sure NO ONE can bring their dog in by having the area roped off (ya know, rather than banning the paying group from bringing their dog?::sighs::). Oh, but wait, that would be LOGICAL...and so far, I've seen little of that lately....
Anyways, yes, I'm coming. I might sneak Ginsie in because that really is ridiculous. If the public is welcome, and public dogs are welcome, then why can't paying pet owners be welcome too?

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