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I have a few pictures up. The dress embroidery/couching is done, thank God. It's not perfect but I don't think it looks bad either.

The front of the dress I haven't finished adding pearls to the partlet and I haven't added the eyelets to the back of the dress either. I should have the pearls added by the end of the week, hopefully. I'm starting on the sleeves tomorrow.

Back of dress Like I said, I haven't put the eyelets in so hence major gaping and ripples. I was more focused on getting the couching done then worrying about eyelets (which I can probably sew in the dark. in the night. with no one else around. not for miles....).

There are couple more pictures up on my flickr account if you want to take a look. Please, comments/suggestions/ect are really helpful. I'm still willing to take things apart to get this dress looking correct!


Apr. 6th, 2008 09:59 pm
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Mom decided I needed kidnapping today. We took Dad to the airport and then went to Tysons (Corner Mall, 8th biggest mall in the USA). The Hallmark store there was the only store left (that I've found) that has(d) the "New World Candles". It was a group of candles that Yankee Candle brought out in 2007. Mom LOVES the Mediterranean Cypress and I love the Moroccan Rose (It smells like Egypt! Honest.). I also like the Indonesian Ginger (it smells yummy). So, we each bought a ton of candles (Pennsic will smell really nice this year!).
I took Mom around the mall which is always interesting. We went home and I got a bit of sewing in (I brought my 18th c stays with me and worked on those) as well as some knitting (it's looking like a blanket!!!). I also played with the baby and told him all about the contrast and comparisons between the old Charlie and Chocolate Factory and the new one. (Hey, it was on! We must integrate the child into pop culture sooner or later. Who cares if he's only three months old and thinks Aunt Sissy is amusing?)
Also, it looks like I will be teaching a class at Sapphire Joust. This should be will be on early 16th c Italian styles (How they vary from region to region, the variations in the first 30 years or so, how to recreate them, ect...) I'll bring (probably be wearing at least one) a few examples and all..

I've decided that I finally know what I'm going to do with the maroon velvet that I've had for four years or so will be a coat. Specifically, the coat on page 122 of your Janet Arnold book as well as page 174 of your Historical Fashion in Detail book. I have pink silk (somewhere. I think it's in Harry Potter's room.) I have silver lace with spangles (Thank you India! I've gotten some amazing trims from people in India...). All that with the maroon velvet should make for a similar looking garment....
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I decided not to hem it. I probably should and I might after Pennsic or add some sort of guard at the bottom but for right now? I have three layers for a roof, two layers for a wall, and two separate layers for a floor. Hemming, with all else I have left to do, is optional. That, and the way it's woven, it won't fray.

Images of said tent are here
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I didn't get home until around 5:30 and didn't get started on the tent until around 7 so i didn't get quite as much as I'd like done. However, the pavillion/square marquee/16th c tent now has walls. I need to sew the back wall to the sides and then attach that to the roof. I'll put the frame together just to double check and make sure it fits and then hem the thing. Yes, I plan on doing all this tomorrow. Yes, I'm a procrastinator. I don't think the Tudor gown will get done in time (ran out of thread yesterday) but the Elizabethan doublet will.
The good thing about sewing up the walls is my house is now no longer covered in blue and white striped fabric! All the fabric is in one little pile in the corner of the sewing room. This is far better than trying to find the dog beneath piles of blue and white fabric....
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The roof to my Blue and White tent is finished! Yeah, I about cutting it short! But I'm a huge procrastinator and now I just have to do the walls. I should have it done by tomorrow.
so I don't overload people with pictures! )

The last one is from the other day. Miss Ginsie wanted me to pull pack the curtain so she could watch the squirrels!
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Tudor Gown: About half done. I should be able to finish it easily tomorrow. I got the hard part done, those evil sleeves!

Tent: It's cut out. It won't take long to sew up. Last time it took me a day to sew up the tent and then my sewing machine broke. I doubt that will happen this time!

client's gown: will be done soon. Really. By Thursday night.

Women's Elizabethan Doublet: A little over half done. I've done the frogs, the under "corset", and cut out the overlayer. I'm guessing two hours, max, to get it done. The skirt to match will be very easy...30 minutes if I'm really lazy. I can pleat like anything it that darn gathering that gets me everytime!

So, by tomorrow I should have a lot more progress. Most everything is half way there...a lot of it was just getting things cut out! After that, it's easy for me.
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I LOVE this gown. I know that it looks completely allegorical except for a couple of things: None of the other objects look allegorical and then I found these as well:
Notice the sleeve of St. Catherine's dress and the neckline. I realize it's hard to see but the sleeve is a rounded tab type like the pretty gown of Salome. And just to further the point...
The dress has the same basic elements of Salome's.

I'm starting to wonder how allegorical this one is. I still want it as a Masque gown either way.

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