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Also to make one small complaint about work. :-)

You see, since the idiots got rid of all our streaming capabilities (::grumble grumble::), we've all been forced to listen to real radio. Well, our office manager has her radio on all the time. It's not loud, it's just that my office is right next to her's and all the walls do is provide privacy for when you are reading Engrish...although everyone can still hear you laughing hysterically... anyway, back to the point of this post.

ranting about radio )


Oct. 15th, 2007 05:02 pm
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I went to work this morning and decided around 10 or so I wanted one of those peanut candy bars. You know the type with just peanuts and caramel that are little more than peanut brittle? i got one, brought it back to the dark corner of the dungeon that is my cubicle (I haz a dragon evn!) and, of course, ate it. That was the problem.
Why I might start just keeping snacks at my desk and save my money that way )

But, yeah, allergies are NOT fun. I think my head is together enough now that I can go to the grocery store and grab a couple of things. (It's down the street. I need food!) My lips are still a bit numb but I can breathe and I have that weird dry throat thing going on that always happens after a decent sized allergic reaction. (basically, it means the worst part of it is over and I'll be downing ginger ale all night after I go to the store to get some.)


Sep. 22nd, 2007 11:31 am
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My sewing machine is fixed. It works! No more funny sounds. The needle actually goes down and comes back up without help. So it should last me another year and half, right? :-)

Mom loved her apron. Actually, Dad loved it too. He was impressed with it. Dad commented on how it was the perfect size for her and that he likes the colors. The problem Mom (and probably most of us) has with most aprons is that they either come way too low or they don't cover our hips! And considering Mom is a size 6, there is no excuse for not covering hips. The bottom part of Mom's apron covers the entire front and has pockets. She liked the pockets.

So, today I might go in full turkish and prance around for a bit. I'm kinda tired right now after going to work this morning for a couple of hours. Only two other people were there and one was the silly lady. For the love of all that is Holy, pushing the button does NOT make the computer go only makes that annoying beep. Please, stop. Really.
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Saturday was GREAT! I loved seeing so many of my friends at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I wore my strawberry outfit which is nothing more than some old Laura Ashely strawberry print fabric for a bodice, strawberry pink silk for an overskirt, and green crinkle cotton (the heavy weight, not the gauze) for an underskirt. I made it back in 2003 I think.
Anyways, I wore that and I ran around the festival about three times. It was just fun to listen to the music, giggle and make snarky comments at certain individuals (will explain in a bit), and basically just be there.
Now, appearantly some people have yet to learn about this invention called a bra. lotsa snarkiness )

So for work issues, I am on a temporary transfer for the next two weeks because I volunteered to help out another unit. This means I'll be away from the jerk for two whole weeks and I'll also have "normal" weekends (sat and sun rather than fri and sat). It will be boring but I'd much rather be bored right now that irate. I'm much cuter when I'm bored and people don't tend to die....
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...I'll happily send you my resume. I'm really really frustrated right now because someone who JUST came to our unit a month and half ago seems to have taken it over without the supervisors or my boss daring to say a word against him in edgewise. The newbie is now using MY work and calling it his. He did this in front of everyone as a meeting today. I called him out on it but the point stands that my boss doesn't care. So, anyone have an opening for a sewing obsessed computer geek who can recite history off the top of her head?
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I went to training again today and I'm really about to just tell the trainers to stuff it. Ranting and SCA stuff )

The psudeo-Venetian will get worked on tomorrow night. I just haven't had the time. After I finish that up, I'll quickly finish up the toddler gown for a client in blue and then, hopefully, work on the Helena gown and maybe the ever after gown thats material is stashed in the corner of the room....

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