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Last night and this morning, I made a rather lovely pair of 1790's-1800's red silk stays. They are based on my extant pair (I traced around the blue ones and enlarged it by a couple of inches). They are actually quite comfortable and I love them already.

I was planning on wearing them to the Regency Tea but....that got seriously interrupted. I was on the way to the tea when I realized I didn't have directions and stupid gmail wouldn't let me look them up via my BB. So...I had to turn around. I got back on the beltway and came back home, hitting every single red light along the way. When I hit the light that is never red (it's for a crosswalk), I teasingly thought God must not want me to go to the party. Boy, was I ever right!

I got home, threw down the keys and left the front door open so Ginsie could go out while I looked up the info I needed. As I started to type in the address to my phone (map features are awesome), I heard an awful clang. It sounded like Ginsie had gotten into something and things were falling so I got up and went towards the front of the house. Well, it was Ginsie but the only thing that fell was her. She was having a Grand Mal seizure on the front porch.

This one lasted about a minute but it took her three minutes to get out of it before she went into Dorthy mode (where she runs with the whole "and you where there!" look on her face). She's still in Dorthy mode and it's been well over a half hour now. *sigh* I guess this means a vet visit soon!
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Hope Greenberg posted this picture to the H-costume list. Look at the train of the lady in the middle. Squee! That looks pointed to me! The lady next to her has a squared off one or maybe it's just a bit rounded? It's hard to tell. But the lady in the middle, wearing white, looks to have a pointed train. Yay!

This will make my life a lot easier when making that dress....
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I bought this lovely embroidered linen (I think it's cotton muslin) piece on Etsy a few days ago. It came in the mail today and it is lovely. The other piece I bought at the same time will be an Edwardian tea gown but this first piece, I'm thinking Regency.

My problem is that the embroidery only goes along the hem and up one edge. That's not a big deal for the Edwardian, but it is for the Regency. I was thinking of cutting the heavily embroidered piece to make it into a train. The problem is then it would be a pointed train so....does anyone know off the top of their head of any examples of a pointed train during the Regency period I could look up? I've seen rounded and squared but not pointed.
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While at the Marie Antoinette Fete, I mentioned I have a few extant regency era dresses in my own collection. I stopped posting them because very few people seemed interested in them. However, everyone at the fete seemed eager for pictures of the extant garments I have so...

The above is the link to the 1820's dress. It's out of a purple and white printed voile cotton. It's extremely small; probably from an older girl given the measurements. I can easily take more pictures if anyone wants them and I can give exact measurements (have to wait until I get home though). Feel free to ask questions or for different shots of the gown. I'll try to get up my 18-teens gown up later today or tomorrow. Also, I have a pair of extant shoes too if anyone wants pictures of those...
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I would LOVE to afford these 1750's shoes but I want to go to Glastonbury right now more. :-)

Early 19th century apron

1820's Morning Jacket

1820's shoes!

1820's adorable cap

Embroidered Regency Muslin Gown. I know the reserve on that is above $500 but I'm not sure how far above.

Regency Chemise

Transitional? 1820's into the 1830's dress This auction has ended but I figured most people would want to still see it.
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I think I might love the Regency gown. Around uh...11 pm I decided to start on it. Four hours later, from drafting the pattern to sewing on the hooks and eyes, it's done.

I did make it out of the burnt orange taffeta. The color is growing on me. Maybe it's just that the gown came out and looks *right*. I designed it based off the half gown in Patterns of Fashion. I did use the sleeve from the Simplicity pattern (Sense and Sensibility) but that's because I know my pattern drafting limits....and I didn't want to mess up terribly on the sleeves, again.

It took me a bit to figure out the lining/facing of the bodice but I did figure it out. Actually, if you take out all the "maybe if I try this" and "agh! the pleat didn't catch"s, it was probably a three hour dress....

I promise to take pictures tomorrow of the dress. There is little point at 3 am of taking pictures when my camera likes to wash things out. They won't come out right.
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At this point, I'm honestly not sure if I can make it or not. My usual back up plan for when Ginsie is this bad is to leave her with Mom & Dad since they know what to do as well. However, they are in North Carolina so it wouldn't be an easy drop off.

The seizure last night though has given me some hope. Even though she did have another seizure, she came out of it very very quickly. There wasn't any of that lack of recognition time this time. She let me carry her downstairs. I placed her on the floor (so I could get the door to let her out) and she just took a "breather". She scrambled to get up, let me help her, and recognized me immediately. The entire "Dorthy" period was maybe two or three minutes, and then she was fine. That most likely means that the medicine is working.

If she does well today and tonight, I'll be there. I'll see if one of my brothers can take the pint sized pup for the day. If not, I won't be able to come. I'll probably have to take her to the vet to make sure there isn't anything else going on other than the epilepsy.
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A lovely silk Regency gown.

After seeing the color of the gown above, I *think* the taffeta I already have will be okay but...

I have what I can only describe as dark pumpkin orange silk taffeta. I got it during the last sale. I have enough to make, I think, a robe in the style of the late 1790's, early 1800's. (A la, V & A, Patterns Of Fashion, pages 44-45) Is this color okay, though, for that time period? I've seen a lot of pinks, yellows, blues, and some greens but I have yet to see much in the orange color range. The dress above really is the first and it looks more brown to my eyes.
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Poe was lovely. I'll write more about it when I've had more than three hours of sleep. :-)

Absolutely stunning muslin gown circa 1800~1810. I, personally, don't think it's as late as 1810 but it's an absolutely stunning gown. Check out the bodice and notice how the fabric was embroidered, then cut. :-)

1820's gown in olive silk. I really love this and would bid more if I didn't need a new vacuum cleaner so badly...

This one claims to be from around the 1810's. It looks like a remake to my eyes but I very well could be wrong...
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And I have pictures to prove it! I want to see if I have some black velvet trim somewhere in the morning to use as a ribbon belt. I don't really like the green sash but it will do.

Taken at 1 am. :-) Hence why I look tired. I think my black velvet flats will look nice with this dress...
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The purple Scottish Italian dress is almost done. I finally figured out how to pleat the back without having to cut it up. It looks nice now.

I created a pattern for my Mom's kirtle. It *should* fit her perfectly but I'm making it out of the blue cotton first just to make sure (and so she'll have a nice cool blue Atlantian gown to wear on Sunday of War Week:-) ). She also loves the 12th c ish Green dress from the butterick pattern and really wants that so....[ profile] padawansguide? That's what shall become of the green silk velvet. I promise to take out the princess seams and make it closer to the 12th c...because I just wouldn't be able to stand it otherwise.

Anyway, I cut out the canvas for the bodice of the kirtle. I'm still debating on whether or not to use the purple cotton for lining or just regular old muslin. Given that I think this would be best served as an Atlantian dress, I'm thinking the muslin (that, and it's lighter than the purple cotton for the summer).

I also worked on the pink Eleanor gown. 11 more of those rounded designs to go on the back and the dress is done! I decided to go ahead and make the back match the front and not do the back like the shoulders. Instead, I'll just do one panel for the sleeves that is "embroidered" since that's the way it looks in the painting anyway. I do have pink pearls for the sleeves and I know I have the three strands of black pearls I bought from [ profile] fabricdragon last year in a basket, I think. I need to remember where I put them.

In non-sewing news: I did see Becoming Jane last night. I rather liked it. A couple of things (dresses) made my eyes go "huh?" but all and all it was pretty cute. Then again, I know next to nothing about Jane Austen's life.
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I'm making a short list because if I make a big list, nothing will ever get done. See? I'm learning...slowly.

Finish up the Regency gown tonight and tomorrow night. I think a forest green sash with the thing will look lovely (the dress will be a coral rose color). I promise to post pictures.

Once I get that done, I'm going to take the red poly satin stuff I have lying around (bought it online years ago and was told it was silk. It's some sort of poly blend) and make one of the Dangerous Beauty type gowns. I have enough and I can easily make the dress and pants to go with it. This should work for the weekend of the 12th and 13th, don'tcha think? :-) Now, If I can get the person I'm bringing to dress up too...that would be good.

After that, back to Regency and make the short stays. That shouldn't be too bad...hopefully.
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Okay, so I did something really dumb while knitting. The shawl I had been trying to create is not a shawl. I used one entire skein of green fuzzy yarn to create...a great big diamond. Ya know, I really should have figured out the geometry of doing increases in the center of the knit rather than on the ends would create a giant diamond. ::Sighs:: So, now, Marxer, my nephew, has his own little lap blanket. This makes Jeannie happy. My brothers loved the color and were surprised that I made it. At least I finished it correctly which is a big improvement. (I've only been knitting for about two years if anyone is wondering.)

I mowed the lawn, finished the diamond, almost finished another skein of yarn for my own blanket, and I'm about to cut out the Regency gown. I also went shopping (Hot Topic is having a sale! Woohoo! Like I could pass up a hot pink Little Mermaid sweatshirt.), saw Mom, and, of course, got the freakin' internet fixed. Turns out the modem died a horrible death. The poor cable guy had to try three different modems until one worked. Internet good. Shopping good. Sewing good. A day off of work to get things done? Wonderful.
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I'm at my Parent's house right now. The internet went down at my house last night. I am NOT happy. It was intermittent (meaning if I tried a couple of times, a page would come up but AIM and YahooIM were total losses) so I called up cable. The lady said to turn everything off so I did. When I turned everything back was dead. Very very dead. So now I have to take off work tomorrow in order to wait around (ie sew) for the cable guy to come over and fix the blasted thing. This is NOT fun. At least I might be able to finish the work I started last night on my Regency gown (I need something to wear to Fort Fredrick!). It's a deep coral rose color.
If I get that done, I might start on the Ever After gown after that...

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