Apr. 25th, 2008 02:03 pm
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Guillermo del Toro to direct 'The Hobbit' and sequel
News on the Hobbit movie )
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Imagine putting The Other Boleyn Girl together with The Tudors and you get Queen Margot ...but even worse. The costuming looked like some mix of three different centuries (at least! I think I spotted a jacket I wanted back in the early 90's in it at some point) and my old college curtains. It really looked like it was based off a Philippa Gregory novel.
Chemiseless babes? Check.
Blending of many historical figures into one person? Check.
Incest? Check.
A total rewrite of history to the point that you can't tell what the story was supposed to be about? Total check.

I realize it's based off a 19th c novel but I don't think the novel could have been this uh...scandalized? I might try to read it just to see but honestly, this is a total snark bait film. There is nothing redeeming at all about it.
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This is the gown from the Elizabeth: The Golden Age trailer that I want. I know it has next to no basis in history but its pretty and I *need* pretty.

Very pretty dress )

It looks like she has a big bow on her lap, embroidered in gold? The dress is probably moire silk in pale blue. The gown doesn't look to have straps and the partlet/sleeves are most likely organza. Maybe I'll add pink and blue "puffed" straps to the gown just so it will be less of a snark target?
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This is the domestic trailer


and here's the international trailer: It's slightly different


I want to go in full Elizabethan...maybe recreate the blue gown that was only shown for a split second in the first trailer....

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