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For those that don't remember the entire incident with the wooden cot I bought off of ebay, let me recap (although I think a lot of it is back in my livejournal somewheres around jan or feb). I saw this gorgeous FOLDABLE WOODEN antique cot. My first thought was "OHHHH! Pennsic!" and I bid a lotta money for it based on the pictures and the fact the seller said it was a great occasional bed. She also said it had been restored 20 years ago. Well, I got the lovely cot to find out that umm...their idea of restoration and mine were two very different things...

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Okay, here's my response to the seller of the cot....I feel so mean....

I just wanted to tell you I did get your last message. I've been trying to tally up what the cost will be just to repair the cot. I really did believe, according to your description, that it would be functional for an occasional bed.
Since it's not, I'm trying to get more information on the yardage of webbing I'll need to replace it, the cost of nails and bolts and also some new canvas. I know the canvas will be about $5 a yard. It looks like the webbing will be at least $4 a yard for all cotton and still have the strength for a grown adult. I'm looking at about 7 or 10 yards right now. I'm trying to get an exact measurement.
I honestly, looking at the costs, don't think $40 is unreasonable at all. As I'm sure you noted, the auction started at $75, not $100 which you claimed you could have gotten at a yard sale.
I'm honestly not trying to be a problem buyer. I simply expect the description to be accurate when I bid.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Any thoughts? Was I too harsh?
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If you are reading this, please respond! I need as many opinions as possible.

Basically, this is what's going on. The gorgeous cot I bought needs a LOT of work. I bought it for $127 plus another $23 for shipping. The wood part of the cot is perfectly fine. It's fine as a bench or table. The cot part needs to have new materials, new webbing, and new nails with bolts to hold it to the woodwork. It hasn't been used in 20+ years I found out after asking the seller why one of the nails popped out with only some weight on it.

Although in the description she says that it can be used as an occasional bed; it obviously can't in the condition it's in. The amount of materials alone to fix it is about $40. Which, I told her. Let's not even mention time!

She says she will only refund $25 because "$40 is a bit much". Yet, to me at least, she lied about the condiction of the cot. There is no way I would have bid as much as I did knowing what I know now.
The auction is up at

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So what do y'all think I should do? how should I reply this time? Any ideas?

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I know, i promised pictures of the German Gown. It's done; I just need to finish putting D-rings on it. I do have pictures but the pc is recognizing my Camera. These pictures were taken by the lady that sold the cot to me.

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