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This would so be my car. Can you imagine that in black, pink, and aqua? [insert drool here] I would so love to just test drive one of's so lovely....
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I found exactly what I want and it's not the PT Cruiser (sorry [ profile] florentinescot). It's a 2006 Ford Escape XLT 4wd. It's well within my price range and it's the right color (not white!). It's a truck, has an excellent towing capacity, and decent MPG. I was looking at the hybrids before all of this and thinking of getting one of those but the towing capacity on most hybrids is terrible. The couple of brand new hybrids that have good towing capacity (Silverado hybrid is one) still get pretty bad MPG (19 highway?!? are you kidding me?). So, the Escape it is (I hope)! Just not the hybrid one.

So, stuff

Aug. 12th, 2008 01:21 pm
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Well, I'm doing slightly better today. I called up Mom at lunch and she went to visit the puppy at my house. (This means I don't have to come home to Ginsie having gone through the trash and having that scattered all over the floor because I forgot to put the trash can up again. Mom got it.) I'm still not sure what to do about the truck though. Should I get it fixed and then just trade it in Jan to get the truck I want? Or trade it in now and get a car that I will just sell in a year anyway?

In sewing stuff, I really REALLY want the box I left in my car. Partly because it has candles that are probably just puddles of wax by now but also because it had all my new silk thread in it. I have an idea for something for next Pennsic and I want to get started on it now. In the mean time, I'm thinking the black wool working class Italian.

I'll post pictures of the finished Eleanora gown in a couple of days hopefully. It's done. I just need to take the pictures.
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Well, since I can't afford the truck I want until next year, I'm getting a car. Of course, I cannot just get a Camry or a Corolla like everyone else out there... I need a PT Cruiser. A used one is relatively cheap (as far as cars go). I'll let everyone know how this goes but for now, it looks like a car. As Dad said, I can just rent a truck for Pennsic next year and trade this in in a couple of years.
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So, Friday. I had a lot packed and basically threw it into the car, leaving around noon or so. basically, I kept forgetting stuff and had to make sure I really did pack everything I needed and wait until store opened to go get emergency supplies (like beading wire) so I left a couple of hours later than I wanted to. The traffic was pretty bad, but more for the terrible accident than for construction.
A tractor-trailer ran off the side of the road and down the embankment (which was more of a cliff given the depth and angle) and caught on fire. The driver was okay (or, at least, I think that was the driver sitting there by the side of the road looking down the embankment with the "Dear God!" look on his face) but it looked pretty bad. That caused everything to be back upped on I-70 for a few miles. The construction? Only took a half hour.

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Overall, Pennsic was great and I'm sorry I didn't get to see everyone but I am happy that I got to see a lot of you. Feel free to comment with your favorite Pennsic pictures and/or whatever. :-)
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I got my car back on Monday, thank God. I like A/C. I like power windows and doors....

Work was umm...interesting. I almost lost it this morning. I really do not like one of our two "new" guys and I found out I'm not the only one. The afternoon went much better. I drew a pretty skull with a pink bow and put it on one of my co-workers water bottles. ::giggles:: He hasn't taken it off the water bottle yet. That and I talked to a lot of my friends at work and gave up on the computer since it wasn't working. My boss said I could shoot the computer if I could find a way to blame it on the people on the other side of the building....

Sewing; four unfinished projects that will be done by this weekend gosh darn it!

And for the "things found on ebay" crowd: I didn't know my Easter dress from 1993 was Victorian! And here I thought it was a lovely Easter dress at the it looks like bad curtains. Really bad curtains.

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