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According to my brother, Ginsie had a "quick" seizure around 10 pm EST last night. He told me right after it happened and I explained what to do. Ginsie is okay now - she was tired after it- and is just following him everywhere. I'm glad someone she knows is there and this happened in her own home. I can't imagine her being in a cage, that happening, and no one around to check on her or calm her after it happened.
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According to my brother, Ginsie had a "quick" seizure around 10 pm EST last night. He told me right after it happened and I explained what to do. Ginsie is okay now - she was tired after it- and is just following him everywhere. I'm glad someone she knows is there and this happened in her own home. I can't imagine her being in a cage, that happening, and no one around to check on her or calm her after it happened.
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I went back to Ikea to return the Ivar system I got. Even the guy doing the returns took a look at it, took a look at me, and said "I get why you returned it". It was only a corner shelving unit, a tall unit, and a small (49") one and the entire thing - unfinished wood from Ikea- was $235. I wasn't sure how much it really was only because I bought so much the other day. A Miss Ginsie story )
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I won't make it to Atlantia 30 year. I was planning on going tomorrow for the day but Ginsie just had a seizure. This one was a bit different. She looked like she got confused and then "stuck" in a sitting position before she started to seize. I held her and it lasted about 30 seconds. She then came out of it enough that I took her out of the chair and placed her on the floor. That's when it got odd.

Ginsie went around in circles. Like trying to chase her tail circles for a good minute. I've heard of dogs doing this before but I've never, ever, seen Ginsie do such a thing. She was spinning in the middle of the floor. It wasn't until that was over she went into Dorthy mode and was very excited to sniff everything in the house.

Because this one was a bit odd and because the event is 2 and 1/2 hours away one way, I don't feel comfortable leaving Ginsie alone in the house for that long. There isn't anyone to watch her (Camp Grandma is full right now) so I'm sticking to the house.

I've given her her meds and Ginsie seems okay right now. I'm sorry to anyone who was expecting to see me there. Unfortunately, there is little I can do.
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Ginsie just had another seizure. I *think* it's because she spit out her medication this morning and I didn't discover it until it was almost time to give her her medication again. Because of that, she basically missed a dose today.

The grand mal seizure last about a minute, with an "after seizure" lasting nearly two minutes. She's still in Dorthy mode right now but I doubt it will last long.
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I got my puppy back last night only to have her have a seizure this morning. I know Mom and Dad gave her her meds so I think it's just the excitement of being home. It was at 7 am, while I was trying to get out the door for work, and it only lasted 15 seconds or so of the actual seizure. She didn't fully come out of it for a couple of minutes. (Long enough for me to grab a hot dog, stuff her meds in it, and Ginsie still not wanting it. A dog not wanting a hot dog means there is something wrong. It took me a good minute while she was in Dorthy Mode to get her to eat them.)

Mom is going to check on her today but I'd much rather be home with the pup and, instead, I have work...
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I've finished the channels in the stays! I ran out of pink thread last night -well, hot pink thread. I do have petal pink, rose pink, and about ten different other pinks but not hot pink. This afternoon after work, I ran over to Joanns, only got thread (for once, I didn't buy anything else!) and worked on the side and back pieces. Now to add the boning and attach the binding. It will be a very interesting turquoise with hot pink binding pair of stays...

In other news...

Ginsie stuff; she's fine )
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I took Ginsie to the vet today (another $200+ trip, yikes!) and her right eye no longer produces tears. I have to put a cream in it three times a day for the rest of her life and some sort of ointment twice a day. The vet I took her too really adores Ginsie and knows her history well. I'm just not going to bother next time and just take her to the Kenwood vet since they know her and understand she has health problems.

Anyway, she will be switched to a new medication next week for her epilepsy. Unfortunately, she had a seizure tonight at 8:30. It freaked me out because I was on the laptop, watching Ghost Hunters, when Ginsie suddenly got up on the couch and looked like she was screaming. I, of course, dropped everything and just petted her. As silly as it might sound, I sang "Silent Night" to her once she started to come out of it and it did seem to calm her a lot. She didn't move until I asked her if she wanted to go outside.

She's okay now so it was a quick seizure, thank goodness! Hopefully, the new medication will severely limit these seizures since once a month is WAY too frequent.
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Last night and this morning, I made a rather lovely pair of 1790's-1800's red silk stays. They are based on my extant pair (I traced around the blue ones and enlarged it by a couple of inches). They are actually quite comfortable and I love them already.

I was planning on wearing them to the Regency Tea but....that got seriously interrupted. I was on the way to the tea when I realized I didn't have directions and stupid gmail wouldn't let me look them up via my BB. So...I had to turn around. I got back on the beltway and came back home, hitting every single red light along the way. When I hit the light that is never red (it's for a crosswalk), I teasingly thought God must not want me to go to the party. Boy, was I ever right!

I got home, threw down the keys and left the front door open so Ginsie could go out while I looked up the info I needed. As I started to type in the address to my phone (map features are awesome), I heard an awful clang. It sounded like Ginsie had gotten into something and things were falling so I got up and went towards the front of the house. Well, it was Ginsie but the only thing that fell was her. She was having a Grand Mal seizure on the front porch.

This one lasted about a minute but it took her three minutes to get out of it before she went into Dorthy mode (where she runs with the whole "and you where there!" look on her face). She's still in Dorthy mode and it's been well over a half hour now. *sigh* I guess this means a vet visit soon!
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According to Mom, Ginsie is a cat. :-)

Now, those of you who have met Ginsie already know I say she's more cat than dog but now I have an eyewitness account. Ginsie was outside in Mom's backyard today when she spotted *something* beneath the bird feeder. Mom saw those ears perk up and saw the pup dash for whatever the critter that she saw.

Ginsie caught said critter and shook it ferociously -like a cat- and dropped it -like a cat. The critter squeaked and Mom, running up to see what her grandpup had caught, saw it was not a chipmunk like she feared but a mouse. Ginsie, pouncing back on the mouse after Mom gave her okay, picked it up again and began to play with it -like a cat. Once she dropped it the second time, the critter managed to get away. I doubt we'll see the mouse again anytime soon!


Jun. 7th, 2010 01:07 pm
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I got home and saw the CD for the desktop *finally* arrived. I had ordered Windows 98 (since I have the XP update cd, why bother spending $$$ on a newer OS when I can buy an outdated one for cheap and just update it?) and failed to realize the guy lived in Australia until I checked later. That was fine -the CD would still work- it would just take FOREVER to arrive.

When I got home, I also saw the second notice from Fedex on my door. They needed an actual signature or I could go to the store and pick it up "after 7:30 pm". It was about 6 pm when I got home so I looked at Ginsie and opted for the car ride out to Crofton. (Yes, the Fedex I went to is very close to the MD renn fest.)

I promised to expand on the weekend, right? )
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Well, apparently, PetSmart won't take Ginsie anymore for grooming. I've been taking her there for at least three years, probably four. She goes about every 3 to 4 months. Why won't they take her? Because she has epilepsy. That's it. It doesn't matter that she's on medication. It doesn't matter that I happen to know she has seizures and won't throw a fit if she has one. (According to one of the nurses at the vet there, a dog a couple of months ago had a seizure while in the grooming area and the owner is now pursuing legal action.) I have to find a new groomer for her. I've always put down that she has epilepsy just so the groomer doesn't throw a fit if she has a seizure. I'm so mad that they won't take her because of that. She was abused! She had head trauma! Of course she has epilepsy! They didn't mention a change in rules on their website, when I called up, or anything until I walked in at 12:20 today.

Yes, I'm going to write their HQ but I'm not sure what good that will do.
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On Sunday, the dog got into the trash. In said trash was a lovely cup of bacon grease I had just thrown in there., yeah. She's been vomiting ever since -not fun- but she can keep water down. What has me worried is she's panting a bit (I'm guessing she might have a bit of a fever from eating God knows what in there) so I'm over at Mom and Dad's. The more eyes on the pup, the better. Just ignore that it's almost four in the morning. Gah!
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At this point, I'm honestly not sure if I can make it or not. My usual back up plan for when Ginsie is this bad is to leave her with Mom & Dad since they know what to do as well. However, they are in North Carolina so it wouldn't be an easy drop off.

The seizure last night though has given me some hope. Even though she did have another seizure, she came out of it very very quickly. There wasn't any of that lack of recognition time this time. She let me carry her downstairs. I placed her on the floor (so I could get the door to let her out) and she just took a "breather". She scrambled to get up, let me help her, and recognized me immediately. The entire "Dorthy" period was maybe two or three minutes, and then she was fine. That most likely means that the medicine is working.

If she does well today and tonight, I'll be there. I'll see if one of my brothers can take the pint sized pup for the day. If not, I won't be able to come. I'll probably have to take her to the vet to make sure there isn't anything else going on other than the epilepsy.
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So I wake up at 3:30 in the morning and think Ginsie is throwing up, again. She threw up a couple of days ago right on to the comforter. That was an instant strip-the-bed and throw it all into the washing machine night. So, preparing for that, I sat up and noticed the sounds changed. She was in a full blown seizure.

for those that aren't interested )
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So, I let Ginsie out thinking it's time to go to bed and she'll just go outside quickly because it's raining. No.

fuming at the dog )
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I took a nap at about three today and woke up to Ginsie whining around 5. I thought it was for dinner, given the time, but I woke up to see my bedroom floor covered in blood. I freaked out, naturally, but all it is is a UT infection.

I took Miss Ginsie over to the emergency vet and that was not fun. Ginsie can't control herself much (anyone who has had a UTI or kidney infection knows the feeling well) and ended up having small puddles of blood everywhere. I gave her the medication the vet prescribed but it will take a day or two to kick in fully. Not fun. For now, I'm having to let her outside every half hour. So much for sleep! Luckily, the pup is totally worth missing a few zzz.
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Ginsie is finally not itchy! The medication has been working but she was still itching because the bare spots were irritated. I got some Vaseline to put on them and she's all better. She wasn't sure about the stuff at first (it was amusing to watch her sniff her knees and tummy) but I think she likes it. The reason I decided to get some Vaseline was simply because I wanted something safe for pets (if she eats it, she won't have any ill effects) but something to help for her dry skin. The skin had gotten dry and she basically had "winter itch" after all the stupid mites died. (not fun, btw) So, she's all better and smells like baby powder.


Oct. 26th, 2008 06:21 pm
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This suit is just too cute! I just love it. Unfortunately, according to the website, it's already sold. Just look at the back with the little bow. I should probably just make one like it. Hmmm....uncut corduroy? Maybe something thinner like a cotton twill? silk with red velvet trim? Or black wool? I have black wool.....and red velvet trim. The last thing I need is another sewing project but this is just too cute!

If you haven't seen the vintage clothing website I found that suit at you should totally check it out. The prices are pretty decent for the most part but most of the stuff looks sold. If nothing else, it's a great site for inspiration.

In other news:Hero dog risks life to save kittens from fire

And in yet more news: I went to Great Falls today with Mom, Ginsie, and Shiloh. I took pictures and Ginsie discovered what "snake" smells like. We were walking along the main path when Ginsie suddenly stopped and was sniffing something. I looked down and saw the black snake slithering to get by right beneath Ginsie's nose. I yanked Ginsie back and the snake when beneath a tree, out of Ginsie's reach. So, I'm pretty sure it was nothing more than a black racer and Ginise did not get bit so nothing traumatic. I'll post the pictures to my Flickr account later.

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