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If anyone wants to know about the work front, feel free to email. I have a feeling that no matter what I write it will sound "bad" -and it is- but not the kind of bad that it had been for the past couple of months. It's one of those things that makes me think that this entire year is cursed for everyone again...that kind of bad.

On the sewing front, I took apart my super quick corset to fix it. (For something made in two hours, it looks great. But I want to shorten the front neckline and make the bias a lot neater to make it look like a good, decent, all around corset...) I did a bit of knitting and I physically took the fabric out, the pins out, the scissors, and the pattern...but yes, no actual cutting of the fabric. I know, I'm bad. I'll go to my room now (and sleep!)....


Apr. 6th, 2008 09:59 pm
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Mom decided I needed kidnapping today. We took Dad to the airport and then went to Tysons (Corner Mall, 8th biggest mall in the USA). The Hallmark store there was the only store left (that I've found) that has(d) the "New World Candles". It was a group of candles that Yankee Candle brought out in 2007. Mom LOVES the Mediterranean Cypress and I love the Moroccan Rose (It smells like Egypt! Honest.). I also like the Indonesian Ginger (it smells yummy). So, we each bought a ton of candles (Pennsic will smell really nice this year!).
I took Mom around the mall which is always interesting. We went home and I got a bit of sewing in (I brought my 18th c stays with me and worked on those) as well as some knitting (it's looking like a blanket!!!). I also played with the baby and told him all about the contrast and comparisons between the old Charlie and Chocolate Factory and the new one. (Hey, it was on! We must integrate the child into pop culture sooner or later. Who cares if he's only three months old and thinks Aunt Sissy is amusing?)
Also, it looks like I will be teaching a class at Sapphire Joust. This should be will be on early 16th c Italian styles (How they vary from region to region, the variations in the first 30 years or so, how to recreate them, ect...) I'll bring (probably be wearing at least one) a few examples and all..

I've decided that I finally know what I'm going to do with the maroon velvet that I've had for four years or so will be a coat. Specifically, the coat on page 122 of your Janet Arnold book as well as page 174 of your Historical Fashion in Detail book. I have pink silk (somewhere. I think it's in Harry Potter's room.) I have silver lace with spangles (Thank you India! I've gotten some amazing trims from people in India...). All that with the maroon velvet should make for a similar looking garment....
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There are some gorgeous icons up that I think a few others might like. A lot of them are very costume-y related. The icon I'm using with this post is one of the ones I kidnapped. 18thc yumminess.

I made a 16th c corset Friday night because I was bored. It's sidelacing and it's most defiantly not the best (I used a machine to stitch it up. That's fine for the boning channels but not when working with bias tape...) but it will work under gowns and no one will see it so I'm not too worried. I have to sew up the eyelets and then it will be wearable. (The problem with side lacing is it means you have more eyelets to sew up. Nearly 50! Ack!)

I also wanted to wish everyone a very

Happy and Blessed Easter


Mar. 17th, 2008 09:22 am
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At work. I'm not really sure why I'm here other than I don't have much sick leave left and I don't have a fever anymore. Ugh.

Sewing stuff: I worked a bit on the 18th c stays the other day. I finished the channels for the back of the stays and should have something reasonably resembling stays by the end of the month...I hope. They are red silk on one side and green silk on the other. I'm using the green silk as bias tape around the edges. It should look interesting.
Mom's coat will be done soon soon as I find those darn buttons! I know I have well over 100 somewhere...I just can't remember where. I've been too sick to tear the house apart but I should be able to go through a few things later today. Assuming I don't crash....

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