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For those that don't automatically recognize it (:-) ), it's similar to the fabric used in the Ever After just breathe gown. The only difference is that this is gold rather than silver. I think with the silver crinkle silk I have, though, it should off set enough to be a reasonable reproduction of the gown. You can see the actual gown upon on [ profile] padawansguide's website Ever After Costumes. See? Very silver. Hopefully, the white satin silk I have will work as well to dim down the gold enough to make it look like the original...
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...that I have to do before the end of the year. I cut out the Viking last night over at a friends house. Everyone was giggling. "Isabella's cutting out a early stuff?" Well, until they realized I was doing the multi-piecing period cuts and then they gave me the "You are no fun look" :-)

So, Viking and Gothic Fitted gown are both on the list. I need to get both done by the end of the MONTH. Fun. Actually, It shouldn't be too bad as long as I cut a bunch of patterns out this weekend and then I can sew through out the week.

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So, that's my sewing update for now.
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I don't have a fever anymore which is a plus. I managed to sew up my Elizabethan wool skirt, put most of the psuedo Ever After Just Breathe gown together, and pretty much finish my Tudor gown that I've been working on slowly forever. I just need to put some hooks and eyes in it and it should be okay to wear tomorrow.

I probably won't stay for more than a couple of hours at the faire tomorrow. I'm still not great and I know the food there will make matters MUCH worse. Mom, Gwen, and Nicolas should all be coming. Dad might come too but I don't know right now.

In other news:

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now...time for bed and hopefully I'll see some of you tomorrow.
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I finished the outer skirt for the "Just Breathe" gown that I'm going to sell. The material is cyrstal organza and this really pretty pearl seed beaded chiffon. I'm almost finished with the inner skirt which is satin crepe. I might be able to finish most of the gown by tonight or tomorrow.
Yesterday, I actually worked out in the lawn. My yard was starting to look scary...which isn't necessarily a bad thing considering Halloween is right around the corner. Thanks to the drought I lost two of the small azalea bushes in the corner garden. They weren't exactly lively to begin with but dead plants like that really made the yard look horrible. So I dug them up, put some top soil down, and planted three mums, a pansy, and that pink flowered plant (I have no idea what it is) that one of my neighbors gave me. I also put in a scarecrow but, like one of the guys at the mall said, it's not gonna scary anyone.
So, the lawn is mowed, the garden looks nice, and the gown is almost finished. Now, hopefully I'll find out if I can transfer to the unit I really want to be at in my job this afternoon.
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I'm mostly finished with the Tudor gown. If I finish the hand sewing I might just wear it tomorrow at Renn Fest. I haven't decided yet.
I've cut out the fabric to make a psudeo "just Breathe" gown (Ever After) that I want to sell. I might finish that before Tuesday.

Also, This looks like it might be evidence of patchwork cloaks. I was thinking of making one simply because I have tons of "sample" fabric thanks to one of my friends and I wanted to make something other than quilts with it. If I find another depiction of "patchwork" like this, that should be enough for most documentation, right?
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and you happen to want shoes like those in Ever After for the "Just Breathe" gown, I think these will do nicely

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