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so, yeah, this is what I was going to wear today with a black/navy blue wool skirt and a bumroll but it looks like it's going to be a TV and cell phone day today. ::sighs::

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much grumbling because I'm still sick )
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Tudor Gown: About half done. I should be able to finish it easily tomorrow. I got the hard part done, those evil sleeves!

Tent: It's cut out. It won't take long to sew up. Last time it took me a day to sew up the tent and then my sewing machine broke. I doubt that will happen this time!

client's gown: will be done soon. Really. By Thursday night.

Women's Elizabethan Doublet: A little over half done. I've done the frogs, the under "corset", and cut out the overlayer. I'm guessing two hours, max, to get it done. The skirt to match will be very easy...30 minutes if I'm really lazy. I can pleat like anything it that darn gathering that gets me everytime!

So, by tomorrow I should have a lot more progress. Most everything is half way there...a lot of it was just getting things cut out! After that, it's easy for me.
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Oh, somebody was in BIG trouble yesterday. )

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