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I used the February Baby Bonnet pattern for my nephew's Christening bonnet today. I made it last night and it took a full five hours to get the entire thing done. I used your basic acrylic soft white yarn from Wally World since my brother and sister in law (and everyone else in the family) just wanted something to cover the kid's head that would keep him warm. It didn't have to be any of the fancy yarns. :-)


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Oct. 3rd, 2008 09:26 am
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I forgot my embroidery bag at the hotel in Hampton. Eek! Luckily, they found it and are mailing it up today.

I have 1/4 of a blanket done. I'm knitting the tye-dye wool I got at Jamestown 2007. It's really gorgeous stuff and I wish I had gotten a lot more but it was hand spun, dyed, and cost about $20 a skien so... I need to get some blue-green wool yarn to finish another 1/4 or maybe some pink. Etsy, here I come!

I'll need to finish cleaning up my house tonight and then go to the renn fest with one of my very good friends tomorrow, hopefully. I'll probably work on a couple of projects tonight (hopefully not start anymore!) and post pictures!
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What I've been knitting while riding the metro
Can you tell what this is supposed to be? Does it look okay? Is this any good?

Suggestion/Comments/Ect very much encoraged because this is the first time I tried using two colors and I designed the designs on my own. This is totally patternless and just based (loosely) on the 14th c relic bags.
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I still have no idea when I'll be teaching this weekend but I will be teaching about 16th c Italian dress (and outfits!) at Sapphire. My guess is Sunday (hopefully) but I really don't know. Feel free to come, sit in, and point and laugh with your sewing/knitting needle. :-)

I took the knitting pouch partially apart. The Greek key is still very much there. I added a couple of rows of white and I'm starting on Spike in blue. I just really don't want to run out of yarn and since I have a ton more of the white (I swear, this is the endless white yarn!), I want to go with a white background instead of the blue.

I worked on the dress and the partlet last night. I need a lot more gold ribbon for the partlet so I'm going to Michael's. The scary Joann's didn't have any. I might try Wally World as well. I need food anyway and that's the only place that sells the 100 calorie Reeses' snacks. :-)

Anyone else watch NCIS last night?!?
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My 14th century relic bag. I'm going to take a few rows out because I just don't have of the blue wool yarn I spun. I have plenty of the white mohair. So, rather than a white Spike on a blue background, I'll have a blue Spike on a white background. The blue and white greek key stays though...
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for those on ravelry, you probably know I wanted to make a *something* with my handspun yarn. I made a good 300~400 yards of yarn which is enough to make a *something*. I decided I liked the medieval relic bag the best and I started it on the metro. It looked like it was coming along fine. I added the second color, some nice white mohair, without any problems. I start on my fourth row for my greek key design only to discover...the entire bag is twisted. Oh yes, the entire thing is twisted in such a way the only remeady is to take the entire thing apart...again. This is the third time I've tried to do *something* with this yarn and had to take it back apart. This is annoying.
What I WANT to do is do a few rows of plain blue, a greek key in white and blue, and then Spike in white and blue with another row of greek key above that. Now if I can do things like make sure the entire knitting isn't twisted, that I cast on correctly, and have enough yarn to actually finish a project, I might get this done in June.
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The bag I was knitting is almost done. I once again need like a foot more of yarn to actually finish the project. That's pretty common for me. Although the first pattern I was going for didn't come out great, the overall affect is quite lovely (or so I think). I made the "honeycomb" pattern the flap for the bag. The rest of the bag is done in a basketweave pattern (k6,p6, k6, p6, k6 repeat for 6 rows then p6, k6, p6, k6, p6 repeat for 6 rows, continue on that pattern forever...) The basketweave came out GORGEOUS. It "fades" to white from blue on the bag.

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Apr. 22nd, 2008 12:30 am
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yeah! I'm finally on Ravelry under JubileeL. Now, to figure out how the heck to read a knitting pattern...and figure out how to translate it into actual knitting....


Apr. 9th, 2008 10:14 pm
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Yes, I sewed. I cut out the fabric for the red Dangerous Beauty inspired gown. It's pretty much sewn up now too! I need to sew up the inside the bodice seam and sew the eyelets (I agree completely with [ profile] trystbat on eyelets but I can't bring myself to use grommets even on a totally fantastical gown anymore...) So, sew up the inside, sew the eyelets, sew on the trim...and then I'll have a gown!

I'm adding one eyelet on either side of the gown's waist as well to add ribbon to hold up the skirt...kinda like in the 18th c. Not that this is anything like any historical gown from any period but just that I like have the skirts UP with all that rain. I don't know if I'll get to the pants. I have my red cords that will do in a pinch or my old "gypsy" pants out of red silk...either way, I have a back up plan.

Probably should add that I'm probably going to take the knitting of the liripipe apart. It isn't that the knitting is bad or anything (it's actually looking quite spiffy), it's just that I don't have enough yarn for gauge 4 needles. I know I can make something else with it, I just don't know what yet.
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If anyone wants to know about the work front, feel free to email. I have a feeling that no matter what I write it will sound "bad" -and it is- but not the kind of bad that it had been for the past couple of months. It's one of those things that makes me think that this entire year is cursed for everyone again...that kind of bad.

On the sewing front, I took apart my super quick corset to fix it. (For something made in two hours, it looks great. But I want to shorten the front neckline and make the bias a lot neater to make it look like a good, decent, all around corset...) I did a bit of knitting and I physically took the fabric out, the pins out, the scissors, and the pattern...but yes, no actual cutting of the fabric. I know, I'm bad. I'll go to my room now (and sleep!)....
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No, Instead I had the brilliant idea at oh 8 pm or so to start knitting a liripipe...out of the turquoise wool I handspun a couple of months ago... I really REALLY need to cut out the gown for this weekend and sew that up tonight.
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Okay, so I did something really dumb while knitting. The shawl I had been trying to create is not a shawl. I used one entire skein of green fuzzy yarn to create...a great big diamond. Ya know, I really should have figured out the geometry of doing increases in the center of the knit rather than on the ends would create a giant diamond. ::Sighs:: So, now, Marxer, my nephew, has his own little lap blanket. This makes Jeannie happy. My brothers loved the color and were surprised that I made it. At least I finished it correctly which is a big improvement. (I've only been knitting for about two years if anyone is wondering.)

I mowed the lawn, finished the diamond, almost finished another skein of yarn for my own blanket, and I'm about to cut out the Regency gown. I also went shopping (Hot Topic is having a sale! Woohoo! Like I could pass up a hot pink Little Mermaid sweatshirt.), saw Mom, and, of course, got the freakin' internet fixed. Turns out the modem died a horrible death. The poor cable guy had to try three different modems until one worked. Internet good. Shopping good. Sewing good. A day off of work to get things done? Wonderful.
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