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Mom got this lemony yellow tunic and pants set as a gift...and it's yellow. Very yellow. Mom showed it to me and I immediately told her she couldn't get rid of it even if was yellow because it's 100% linen. Oh yes, she got a (modern) linen tunic and pant set. There was no way I was going to let her just give THAT away.
So, a few days ago I managed to kidnap the outfit. I've already decided I'm going to embroidery the top. It's your generic 3/4 sleeve tunic. It will look really cute on Mom once I get the embroidery done on it. The pants are your generic drawstring pants. They have elastic in them as a back up (ack!) and pockets on the back but I'm planning on telling Mom to use the pants with her Middle Eastern outfit I'm supposed to be working on in a couple of weeks if the freaking mail ever gets here. Back to the post office tomorrow to demand the package...again.

Anyways, I figured I'd re-dye the pants and make 'em purtty...rather than lemony yellow. I probably should dye the tunic as well. So, I used RIT (laugh, go ahead) and tried the powder version first. Ummm yeah...okay so the bottom of the pants looked like a perfect sky blue but the rest came out tye dyed. I tried to use a dye remover and that didn't I then went back to the store and got the liquid RIT (Royal blue) and that worked! It looks BEAUTIFUL now.

My camera makes the tunic look more see-thru and more pale yellow than it really is. If you combine the picture below with the tunic picture you get an idea of how lemony yellow it really is.

The pants are really about two shades darker than the picture. It's a nice medium wedgewood blue. They'll work for generic medieval/Renaissance pants. Hey, they are linen which is better than most starter garb. :-)

Date: 2008-03-03 06:18 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
If you have to use RIT, the liquid type is the way to go. I always get tye dye when I use the power also.

Date: 2008-03-03 11:48 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
The sad thing is that the pants were this perfect sky blue at the top and I first thought it had worked. When I picked them up to put them in the dryer, I saw the "dark blue paint splatter" on the cuffs and up to the knees. It looks like the liquid one, somehow, evened the blue out (maybe because it was still very wet and not really that set yet?).
I'm so using the liquid one for the top. I just can't figure out what color to use. Maybe a light green with pink embroidery? That might work...

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