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To post pictures

To post any picture copy <img src="" width="350"> Post this in the "html" part of the post and not the "Rich Text" part (there is a tab that switches back and forth). Once you add the code with your image address in the anywebsite part, you should be able to go back to the editor and play with it more. It's a pretty easy cut and paste once you have the address of where the image is hosted. Just make sure you have the image address (normally, it's a right click, copy image address) and not the entire webpage.

If you want to post your own images, Photobucket and IPernity both have their own "cut and past HTML code" so you don't even have to copy and paste the above. Just upload the picture and then, in iPernity, go to "actions" on the right hand side of the image. Under that, there is "share html/bbcode". Go to that link and copy and paste the HTML. For photobucket, the html is always over to the right hand side to copy and paste. I recall flickr having something similar but I don't use that complete lack of service anymore.

Glittersweet has a good write up with additional information as well on how to post pictures. I'm just offering the quick and easy coding way. I've always used the HTML version because it gives you the ability to size the photos appropriately.

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