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Of course, Fort Fred is next week.  I can probably just fix the green jacket and wear that rather than trying to make the cotton striped dress like I wanted to.  We'll see.

May 6 is Atlantian Crown and I'm very excited.  There are few people I'd like to see win and a few people I hope just get the stuffing knocked out of them quickly.   :-)The site allows pups so Miss Abigail will be there.  I'd like to make her a simple cape and finally finish my embroidered chemise (parts are done) but I have no idea how much I'll get done.  

The weekend after that is las Vegas so nothing will get done that weekend.

I also need to finish up my Grad Papers (at least one tomorrow will get done) and update my blog.   I've been working 10 hour days (10 1/2 today) to make up for missing work on Easter Monday.   Since I want, desperately, to have a half day for my birthday, I'm working at least 9 hour days M-Th this upcoming week.  We'll see how much I get done grad school wise.

I bought a new radio transmitter for my iPod in the car.  The old one died - it wouldn't charge the iPod anymore- so I had to get the new one.  It seems to work well enough so far.   I'm really glad I got it because dealing with just sat radio and it's 100+ channels was so a first world problem I didn't like.  :-D  

I bought a ton of silk in the latest fabric mart sale.  I can't pass up $5.99 a yard silk.  It's just not possible.  I now have tangerine and forest green dupioni (5 yards each) and a lovely soft "sunlight" yellow dupioni as well as a couple of yards of red and mauve checked taffeta.  The yellow dupioni is slubbed in such a way that it looks more like raised stripes than slubs.  I'm thinking kirtle still for it or maybe a nice fitted gown?  Wools work better for the fitted gowns though...

Also, I might suck it up and finally fix the a/c in the truck and get the transmission fan installed.  I'll call up a few places tomorrow to get estimates....  I know how much the parts are and I know how to install the transmission fan if I really need to.  I'd much prefer a professional did it though....The a/c has been broke for umm...three years?  Maybe four....  I'm not sure.  However, I think the a/c being broken contributed to the transmission overheating so...if I want to tow, I need the a/c fixed.
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